September 20-21, 1996

A good time was had by all! The 30th year reunion of the Class of '66 was deemed a huge success by all who attended.

Sept. 22. Special To The Internet. We sorely missed those who could not make it. The weekend began on Friday night, September 20, at 5 PM at the Silver Slipper Lounge. Free hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar were available. This "drop-by" gathering brought approximately 125 classmates together. Name tags were purposely missing to challenge people to try to figure out who others were. Periodic finger-pointing and whispering was noticed around the room as people got together to determine names of others.

Saturday morning at 9:30 brought 100 classmates to Leon High School for coffee and a tour of the building. It was scheduled to last until 11 AM but the group was enjoying themselves so much that many stayed until 12:30 PM.

Although the weather did not permit the 20 classmates who had pre-registered to enjoy swimming at the pool at the Capital City Country Club, it did not deter the 10 golfers who played. Only one tennis player signed up to play but was not able to make the weekend. It would have been hard to play without a partner anyway!

Saturday night was a definite "blast from the past!" Although 212 people (classmates and spouses/guests) had pre-registered, over 250 people attended the cocktail party and dance at the Country Club. Name tags with pictures from the annual were a big hit! Women's maiden names were included which made it even easier to identify others. A big screen TV was set up in a corner showing videos from the 20th reunion and the 1965 homecoming game. Decorations depicting "Route 66" reminded graduates of the same theme for their Senior Party. These imaginative decorations were provided by the LHS Honor Art Society

A great program was conducted which included recognition of the planning committee, interesting trivia from 1966 (i.e. a gallon of gas was 32 cents), awards for classmates (i.e. with the most children, coming the longest distance) singing of the Alma Mater led by members of the Melodears and cheers by the cheerleaders, and statistics from those who responded (collectively # of lb. gained since graduation, # who dye their hair, # of marriages and divorces. etc. Only one anonymous classmate admitted to some type of plastic surgery!). Over 40 door prizes were distributed throughout the night. These prizes were obtained mostly from classmates who now own businesses. Also, Leo the Lion paid a surprise visit. When Kay Sue Mohler Lewis removed Leo's (her) head, one classmate was overheard saying, "So she was Leo!"

There were lots of pictures being taken with cameras and videos. The biggest picture was taken by Karl Rehbaum of the entire class. This proved to be quite an undertaking and many are anxious to see how it turns out!

Our appreciation is extended to those classmates who helped in planning the reunion:

Ben Boynton

Bob Brooks

Kathy Williams Doolin

Mimi Brown Douthit

Bonnie Clark Harris

Katy Sue Mohler Lewis

Sue Burns McGrew

Sheila Sharkey Melton

Jo Messer

Chip Mitchell

Lennon Moore

Barbara Palmer

Karl and Sharon Mims Rehbaum

Cris Williams Speer

Edith Cummins Trotman.

Special gratitude is extended to Bonnie who collected addresses and sent two mail-outs to graduates, Sheila who planned the coffee, coordinated the decorations, hired the band, etc., Jo, who handled all registration, planned the Saturday night event and made name tags for the weekend, and Barbara who planned the Friday night event and the recreational activities at the Country Club as well as serving as MC for the program.

Informal discussions were held during the weekend about the possibility of a 35th reunion. Some preferred a similar weekend while others were interested in a weekend cruise. Stay tuned!

--Jo Messer