Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta

The Smith Regatta is a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society, raising over $100,000 in the last 26 years. All of the money goes to charity and it is a helluva lot of fun. Stephen Smith was an avid sailor at Shell Point as well as a professor at FSU. He died if cancer at 27. This event is held in his honor.

We raised over $20K this year and auctioned off 11 boats.
Thanks again Stan!

The Nude Erections Beer Truck Team ran the Beer Truck again for the event

Thanks to Adam, Blake, The Beer Chicks and Dave (Second Erection) for all the help this year. If not for you guys, there would BE no NEBTT

If you weren't there, you missed a good time. PATRICK!

Remember next year to come down and get involved. We have a ton of fun and are integral in the amount of fun everyone has at the Smith.

The fee for us, Non-Racing Participants is $30 for the weekend. Beverage band, which is good for drinks for the weekend, dinner Saturday night and a killer Regatta T-shirt. OR $25 for a single day, good for lunch on the beach, beer and a T-shirt.

Remember, it's all for a good cause

All I'm gonna say is 25 kegs...
... and I have the keys!

The consumption of alcohol may leave you wondering how the hell the
beer truck crew ended up decorating the truck with your bra.

SCSMR site
Shell Point Sailboard Club site


Dick is honored for his many years of good service to the Smith Regatta
Some of the many who have worked the beer truck over the years. Little Steven, Sal,
Nacho Bat and Dirty Bill Bill
Grill Team 2000
Friday afternoon and all is well at the beer truck
Cheryl's first Friday night
at the Smith
Nude Erections
Beer Truck Team 1998
SPSC 2000 Saturday Nite
Sheel Point Beach
We ARE the people our parents warned us about!
John and the Beer Chicks
Stan, Perry and Deb
Don't try and outdrink
Another youngster bites
the dust
Grill Team 1995
MB and MB
aka Flash and Bob


Adam gets his own solo shot.
He's worked his ass off for us and is now officially part of the team.

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