Midnight Thorns Coat of Arms

Midnight Thorns Guild Hall

     While wandering around Tribal Street, you find a path leading north towards a gated courtyard. As you peer through the open gates, across the courtyard, an incredible sight of a majestic mansion catches your gaze. Slowly you enter the grounds looking around. You discover that the grounds are enormous and the entire grounds seem to be surrounded by a seemingly impenetrable wall. Just within the wall, a tree grove wraps around the entire grounds, leaving a clearing big enough for the mansion straight to the north of you, and the courtyard in which you are now standing in. The path you are on, leads north, straight through the courtyard and to the front doors of this mansion.

     As you approach the mansion that the path leads to, you are greeted by the smiles of two guards at their post, one on each side of the archway that holds the oak double doors leading into the mansion. The doors have an intricate emblem carved into them, a crescent moon wrapped in a thorn bush. You have just stepped up to the Guild Hall of the Midnight Thorns. One of the guards addresses you, “Greetings friend. Please, go on in and relax a bit.”

Enter the Midnight Thorns Mansion