Quaker Songs
Created by Kathleen Carr
When we realized, with our first Quaker (1987), how easily they picked up speech, I made up two "flock" songs and ever since then have sung them to all the Quakers we've owned. 

The birds love to listen to us sing the songs, and they also sing them, for the most part, in their entirety. If they're feeling insecure, they are tremendously reassured by all of us singing together. All four birds recruit my husband and/or me to sing with them with the phrase "wanna sing?". 

Here  are the lyrics: 

I'm a Little Quaker 
(sung to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot") 

    I'm a little Quaker, green and stout,
    Open up my cage and let me out.
    Better pick me up or else I'll squawk,
    Rub my tummy and then I'll talk.
Hear Beaker and Boo-boo sing the song. 
(178 KB wav file)

Hug the Quaker, I Love You  
(sung to the tune of "London Bridge is Falling Down") 

    Hug the Quaker, I love you,
    Yes I do, yes I do.
    Hug the Quaker, I love you,
    Hug . . .  the . . . Quaker.



click to listenAlso hear Beaker sing the theme song (260 KB wav file) to
Star Trek: The Next Generation.