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Announcement 8/11/09:  Overstock.com has two beaded headpieces from India on its website for under$40.  I'm not sure how well they'd work for costuming, but it can't hurt to try.  Also good for the Renfaire/SCA crowd!


If you're in the Florida Big Bend area, Halimeda is the best supplier around.  She'll be your personal shopper and even does custom sewing!  Consignments.  Of special interest:  custom plain harem pants and circle skirts to your measurements (fabric permitting) in YOUR fabric for $25 - $45 (plus postage, naturally, if you mail order).

If you live somewhere else, try the links below.

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Bellydance costumes:

New!  ShimmySista currently has hip scarves up to 74", bottoms and tops up to 3X, and will soon start carrying coin belts up to 74"!

We3 has some items up to 3X.

Isis Exchange carries custom-made Egyptian bedlahs starting at $99, with an additional $17.99 charge for DD or DDD cups and +$15.99 for 50 - 55" hips.  I don't know how long this special will be running.

Simply Stylish Belly Dance carries goddess sizes and even double goddess!  I e-mailed the owner, and here's the info she gave me:
"1.  Tiered skirts start at 84".  Circle skirts are a custom fit.  Usually the goddess sized dancers need more panels (half circles), so there is an extra charge for each panel.  Pants -- there is no extra charge for goddess sized pants.  I am currently working on a double goddess sized pant that does take up extra fabric most of the time.  The double goddess starts at a 74" hip and can go up from there.  Beyond that measurement the legs are tapered down to avoid tripping on all of the fabric.  The crotch rise is 37 inches . . . I charge an extra $15-20 for this size.  If I can have the fabric in a 60" width then I don't need to charge extra (unless I need to make the hips larger).  2.  Not on the web site yet, but I do make a double goddess sizes top.  The regular goddess measures 48" at the rib cage and the double goddess goes up to 75".  The price for the double goddess is $35."

Diana's Belly Dance Bazaar carries a variety of sizes, and she'll do custom sewing.  She also sells costumes and pieces on consignment and gives condition and measurements for each piece.

FromLuxor is on Ebay and carries *some* hip scarves up to 75", as well as hard-to-find D-cup and DD-cup coin bras.  For hip scarves, check the measurements under each listing; for coin bras, click on the link above and search for "D/DD" (without the quotation marks).  There is, of course, a catch:  shipping from Egypt isn't cheap.  You'll also need to pay through PayPal, money order, or cashier's check, since they don't take personal checks or credit cards (except through PayPal).

Dramatic Possibilities carries custom bellydance wear up to U.S. size 26.  She's based in Australia but will ship anywhere.

Egypt-Latin Bazaar is on Ebay and routinely carries hip scarves up to 84" and 2X costumes, with the occasional 3X.  Search now:
Plus Hip Scarves      1X  2X  3X    All Plus Items
Updated 6/10:  The owner replied *quickly* to my e-mail.  Her suppliers have made costumes in bra sizes up to DD and hip measurements to 75".  There is a $10-$15 surcharge for hips over 60". 

Creations by Angelia will make costumes up to 10X (80" hips).  She offers bulk and troupe discounts.  She now offers Ghawazee coasts and Turkish vests, including a lace-up vest that's reversible.  She can also make the Ghawazee coats reversible, presumably for an extra charge.

Parasol Heaven is on Ebay and carries several items in XL (~40" hip), as well as tops in D / DD.  On her handmade bras with ribbon ties, the ties are 22 - 25" each. 

Desert Dreams Dancewear is on Ebay and specializes in tribal style.  See listings.

Dahlal Internationale has finally started carrying plus sizes up to 3X (56" hips).

Zara's Emporium will custom-make hip belts that fit 43- 72" hips. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to carry anything else in larger sizes.

Moondance Bellydance Supply seems to specialize in skirts.  Most fit 42 - 46" waists, but at least one (the chiffon double layer) goes to 60", as do the pantaloons with insert.

Cottage Emporium makes costumes out of sari material.  Their skirts average 58" waists, and their bra tops average 67" around, including ties.

King of the Nile carries hip scarves up to 2X.

Babylon Breeze's website is still under construction, but they advertise that they carry "goddess size" costumes.

India Bazaar carries costumes and components up to 4X, and they'll sew to your size.  The catch:  shipping from India.  Reasonable prices otherwise.

Lady Lahazine specializes in bellydance costumes on Ebay.  She carries plus sizes; check measurements for each listing.

Scarlet's Lounge has a website (though it takes awhile to load) and is on Ebay.  She'll make bras up to 40D and other items without a surcharge for plus size!  List  Store

Artemisia Dance Designs is on Ebay and has circle skirts up to 4X (60" waist).  Auctions   Store

MideasternDance.com has used plus-size costumes on consignment, but as I type this the largest size in stock is a 20.

Belly Dance Istanbul carries most costumes up to ~51DD and ~51" hips.  They only take credit cards or EFT, you'll need your measurements in centimeters, their prices are listed in Euros, and, as if you couldn't tell from the name, you'll have to pay shipping from Turkey.

Gypsy B's
Down, we all hope temporarily.

Pink Gypsy
Carries unspecified "larger sizes" for a slight additional charge.

B Coole Fashions
Specializes in clothing for reenactors but carries harem pants up to 3X.

Fat Chance Belly Dance
E-mail them about custom orders.

Sugar Petals
Leotards with mesh midriffs up to 3X (46-50" bust and 49-52" hips).  "Crop Tops" up to 2X.

Turkish Emporium has extra-long hip scarves, some up to 74".  They will make any of their costumes in plus size for $49.95 additional (up to 48" ribcage or hips or DD cup bra).  They've also recently started carrying coins and embroidered cotton caftans that should fit up to a size 24.

Meleea's Bazaar -- All costumes, all the time!   My link goes right to her "Plus Size" section.

Theora's Bellydance Boutique offers custom sewing.  Of special interest:  Ghawazee vests and cholis up to 44DDD.    

Baladi Boutique
Custom costuming and accessories.  She doesn't give measurements for in-stock items on her web page, but she'll work with you.  She'll also make bra and belt sets in ANY size.

Salome's Tent
Costume components for 40-50" bust and hips FREQUENTLY in stock; custom orders welcome.  Hip scarves up to 80"; cholis up to DD.

Skye's Bellydancing Costumes
Costumes and components made to order and routinely available up to 4X.  Carries a "gypsy" line that would be particularly flattering for BBW's.  Check her Ebay auctions.

Sunara's  Now offers cholis, gypsy pants and skirts, and drool-worthy tassel belts up to 6X.

BellyRoll Costumes has everything you need for American Tribal style.  They take custom orders.

Domba will do custom sewing by special order, and they offer a payment plan for orders over $100.

Belly Dancing Bazaar has cabaret-style costumes with hip belts up to 47", which IMHO barely qualifies as plus-size.  All their hip scarves are 70", though.

The BellyDance Shop has plus-size hip scarves and a few costume components that will fit smaller BBW's.

Oasis Dance Company will alter any of their "professional" costume sets or pieces for a $20 - $35 surcharge.  They now carry caftans (including Julie Benac's). 

Madame X carries patterns, including one for a lace-up beledi dress that can expand up to 72" hips and a ghawazee vest that can be adjusted for 30 - 72" hips.  If only she sold the items and not just the patterns!  *sigh*


General Dancewear in Plus Sizes:

The Dance Shop has a limited number of plus size garments at discount.

YouGoGirl dancewear carries Danskin and Pizzaz in plus sizes.

Reflections of Dance carries plus-size leotards up to 3X, circle skirts up to 48" waist, tights, and other dance essentials.

LadiesOnlySports.com has sportswear, including bras, shorts, and workout wear.

Pampos.com has a few plus items, including palazzo pants, circle skirts, leotards, and tights.

Bellydanceshoppe.com carries mesh-midriff unitards up to 3X and Hermes sandals in larger sizes.  Some other items up to 1X.

Leotards up to 4X.  Bike shorts, capris and pants up to 4X.  Sports bras, tops and tees up to 4X.  Tights to 4X (54-60" hips).  Size Chart.

 River's Edge Dancewear

Leotards, tights and other dancewear; some styles available up to 4X.  It seems each of their manufacturers uses a different size chart, so please review the sizes carefully.  Of special interest:  dance briefs up to 4X (49" hips), flamenco skirts up to 7X (55" hip), 68" sequin sashes. 

Rensaissance Dancewear
Tights and leotards up to 2X.  One of the few places that carries "stout" tights.  For a setup fee of $20, they'll set up a pattern just for you and make items any size.  They have the most extensive range of tight styles and fabrics I've ever seen, including soled, double-soled, vented and footless, in fabrics ranging from a Lycra blend to metallics and stretch vinyl(!).  Bargain bin.

No longer carries dancewear, but they have activewear (bike shorts, leggings, tops, capris, etc.), some up to their 6X (63-65" bust, 56-58" waist, 67-69" hips).  Bargain page.

Danskin items up to 4X; Big Attitude items up to 3-4X; One Step Ahead items up to 6X (65" bust, 56 1/2 " waist, 67" hips).  Each manufacturer uses a different size chart, so please verify measurements before ordering.  Closeouts.

New York Dancewear will make just about anything in a custom size, including leotards, unitards, tights, tops, bottoms, Flamenco skirts and dresses.  There is a surcharge for plus-sizes.

Sock Dreams carries the biggest selection of socks, leg warmers, and related items I've ever seen.  Tip:  After the page loads, scroll down to "Quick Search" and select "Plus Sized" to see what they have for you.  Their "Super M" thigh-high socks (that's right,
SOCKS!) fit up to 23" thighs.  Free shipping on U.S. orders, and they take PayPal.

Non-traditional Sources:

IndiaSpecial carries plus-size cholis and tops on Ebay.  1X   2X   3X (46" bust).  Shipping from India starts at $9 to the U.S.

Lotusinthemoonlight vends on Ebay and carries batiked kimonos (long and short), caftans, pants, skirts, and -- of special interest -- long dresses that don't show the midriff, some of which fit up to a 5X (66" bust and 102" hips).  Watch the length -- these are only LONG dresses if you're short like me!  Store  Auctions

Africa Imports carries African clothing, some up to 4X.  Of special interest:  caftans and fabrics, if you're interested in developing an African theme for your costume.  They're in New Jersey, so you won't have to pay shipping from Africa.  The owners, oddly enough, are white.  They also carry basic plain cowry belts.  (Note:  Their programming wouldn't allow me to put links to each page, so you'll have to go to the main page and browse manually).

ShopIndia carries caftans and salwar kameezes up to 7X!  (Sorry, the link was too long to paste here; just click from their website instead).  Clearance:  1X  2-3X.  Some of their items are in the U.S.; the rest will have to be shipped from India.

Salwarqameez.com will custom sew Indian clothing starting at $49, without a surcharge for plus size, and free shipping worldwide.  (Their website hasn't been updated since 2005, though).

Love Your Peaches will custom-make bikini tops to 6X (70" bust), some as low as $35.  When you think about it, a bikini top is basically a sleeveless choli.  :)

Big on Batik carries string bikini tops (limited colors) up to 7/8X .  I've e-mailed them to see just how big that is, since 7/8X isn't on their size chart.  Their 6X fits up to 70" bust.

Maeve's Unmentionables carries Renfaire garb.  Take a look at her 8-panel and 6-panel skirts that fit up to 76" and 42" waists respectively.  She also has something called the "Feluna Bodice" for $99 (no sizes given) that *might* work for a ghawazee vest if she'll leave the boning out.  It's also reversible!

FunkyGarb.com  has hippie/urban gypsy/Boho-style clothes -- just type "Plus" into their resident search engine (without the quotation marks).  They give measurements for all clothing.  They take PayPal and credit cards and also carry unadorned crocheted cotton hip scarves for $14.

Renuka Silks carries Indian garments up to 7X (72" bust and 80" hips), evidently without a surcharge for plus size.  Their "Polysilk" and "Bangalore silk" saris are affordable at $35 - 40, but the fabric looks like that horrible slick stuff that'll slide around under your sewing-machine foot like nobody's business.

Decent Exposures
Custom makers of the "Un-Bra," which can be worn as outerwear or underwear.  They can fit up to a 54J.  Available  in  several different fabrics and 15 colors!   Their bras are very comfortable but will not stand up to beading or heavy decoration.  They also have Leotards/Unitards and Leggings up to 4X (57" hip).

Dharma Trading Company
Carry a wide variety of  "clothing blanks."  Some go up to 2X and 3X.  Of  course there's a catch--all of their clothes are white, so  if  you want a different color, you have to dye it yourself.  This  is a  great chance if you've been wanting to experiment with tie-dye!  (They call their plus line "Bigger" sizes, FYI).  Of special interest:  plain silk undyed veils from $7 (35 X 84") to $16 (45 x 108" semicircle).

Thai Silks
Good prices on silk fabric, if you make your own costumes. 

You never know what you'll find here...
Search Ebay for Bargains or New Listings now.
Moroccan Magic carries batik and ethnic clothing, sometimes up to 6X, including the "Moroccan Magic Dress."
Browse African Heritage's plus-size auctions; full outfits starting as low as 99 cents!  Even some for men.  Paypal.
From India 4 You carries plus-size salwar kameezes.
They take Paypal.  Shipping for one outfit to the U.S. and Europe is a flat $16 - $20.
Search Ebay for peasant/gypsy styles. 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X

Make custom Indian clothing with busts up to 53".  Note:  They are based in Australia, so their prices are in Australian dollars.  You'll also have to pay shipping from India. 

Clothing; a few styles up to 4X (58" bust, 22" shoulders, 45" shalwar  length).  Ethnic shoes  1  2 .   Browse clearance (not necessarily plus-size).  Interesting note:  They're based in Texas, so hopefully you can avoid international shipping (if you're in the U.S.).

Some outfits up to 3X (52" bust).  Their upper line is very expensive.  Right now they're running a sale on selected salwar kameez, 3 for $99 USD, plus a 20% surcharge for 3X and 4X, with free shipping.  04/12:  The sale is still going on, and the forms have been updated to show they carry up to U.S. size 28.  They have a similar special on saris (3 for $95 and no shipping charges).

Real Bodies
Imported clothing from Bali.  Some items up to 3X (28/30).

Pardesi's.  Routinely carries Indian clothing, including a "Folk Dancer" outfit that doesn't expose the midriff, up to 5X.  I don't see a size chart on their web pages.  Other sizes available by custom order.  Pardesi's Dance Page.  Their Dupatta Tutorial

Body Webs carries clothing with cut-outs up to 3X, if you're looking for something more goth contemporay.  Want to check their Specials?

Salwar Kameez India has traditional Indian garments and will do custom orders without a surcharge for plus-size.  They take PayPal.

Satin Stitches can make just about anything you can imagine, and their size charts go up to 6X.

Baubles, Beads, Bangles, and Belts

Beaded Jewels  
Jewelry made to your measurements!  Including some nice beaded gauntlets.

Ron's Rhinestones  

Nice, non-tacky  (and extremely expensive) jewelry in plus sizes.  He can make rhinestone bras in any size, but I don't know how they'd hold up to the rigors of dance. 

Jewelry Findings Online

Brass stamping and coin alternatives.  Sale page.

Ambush Wholesale Beads & Findings
More brass stampings and charms.  You'll need a resale certificate to get wholesale prices, but they also sell retail. Closeouts.

Has some unusual charms, including African and Egyptian designs, filigrees , coins and amulets, and  bells .   Check out their lotus blossom dangles!  You'll need  Acrobat Reader  to see their catalog.  In spite of what their catalog says, the items are *not* shown real size, at least when you look at them on the screen. 

Fire Mountain Gems carries an assortment of coins and bells.
Bulk chain (aluminum; 25-foot spools available).  Coin driller.
Drilled cowriesCut cowriesNew!  They've started carrying coin or coin-and-bell belts with a 25-inch decorated length, and at their prices, you could buy several and hook 'em together!  Antiqued gold pewter 1Antiqued gold pewter 2Antique gold pewter 3 (note:  coins are attached at *both* sides -- they won't jiggle well!).  Didn't have a chance to see if they still have these in stock for the 4/12 update, FYI.
Antiqued copper steelSilver-plated steelBlack velvet with cowries and a green stone White/off-white nylon belt with cowries and turquoise and brown accentsExtra-wide (over 2.5 inch) black belt with crystal AB seed beads

HHH Enterprises has some hard-to-find beading items, including acrylic cabochons and mirrored and jeweled buttons.

Treasure Jewelry carries very inexpensive cowrie or beaded belts.  They're not fringed or plus-size, but at these prices you could easily buy two or more and attach 'em together.  Warning:  Most items have a minimum order of 6 or more, and shipping starts at $14.95.  No minimum order on the cowrie belt with mirror work (unless it's an oversight on their part).

Africa Bookstore has braided leather belts with 3 rows of cowries for $12.  Not plus size, but at that price you can buy two and attach 'em together.

TribalBeach has several basic belts with mirrors or shells for $10-12.  Unfortunately, they're based in Thailand, so shipping starts at $9.  (I'm having trouble getting links to their site to work, so go to their main site and click on the "Belts" link in the left column to see their selections).

If you're looking specifically for Middle Eastern ethnic jewelry, try the sister site, Affordable Kuchi.


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