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Everybody has opinions. However, precious few people are interested in other peoples' opinions; it's either the same as their own, or it's wrong.

I am interested in other peoples' opinions, but only if those people can support their opinions with logic and reason. In fact, little pleases me more than when someone else can make me understand a viewpoint I had not considered before.

On the assumption that others may feel as I do, I present several of my opinions here -- all with accompanying explanations and reasoning. I seem to think about things more than the average person, and often come up with unusual ideas or conclusions. I will also warn that I tend a little towards the Machiavellian, and some of my opinions may seem cold or harsh to those who think more with their hearts than with their brains.

I present several proposals for amending the U.S. Constitution .

Wanna know the difference between liberals and conservatives ?

I have some thoughts on love and marriage -- well, on marriage anyway.

I present an alternative to the U.S. Welfare program that solves a couple other problems at the same time.

I offer several ways to improve the Health Care situation in the U.S.

I present an unusual, possibly unique, viewpoint of the "Energy Crisis" .

Everyone has an opinion on our system of education , and I am no exception -- but, once again, my opinion seems to be unique. I also have opinions on teacher's pay and teacher overwork .

I present a guideline for the correct interpretation of statistics -- which are a large portion of the information we are bombarded with every day.

I present a discussion I call "Employer's Rights".

And one crime issue .

I don't like light pollution .

I don't like billboards .

Here's a dirty word for you: eugenics .

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