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Born 1955 in Huntington WV, but actually lived my first 5 years in Hurricane WV in a "Garage Apartment" that was located directly over my FAMILY'S CHEVROLET DEALERSHIP! Can you say kind of got it in my blood? Guess so........We sold out in 1960 (Big Mistake!) and moved to the big city of Huntington where my Dad rode his 1963 Silver Pigeon Motor Scooter to work when he could. This was my first exposure to the powered 2 wheeled world and I loved it. That led to a mini bike in 1966 and finally a '65 Honda Super 90 a few years later. This escalated to the point that I have owned over 40 motorcycles. I didn't forget the 4 wheelers either. I was constantly trying to persuade my father to let me 'modify' our '60 Impala. It had a nice 283 V8 but 4 doors. I installed a chrome tail pipe extension on the side exit pipe anyway, along with various stickers (STP/Wynns Friction Proofing). I learned to drive on that car, but we moved on to a Mopar in '67 and that Newport 383/4V was one hot ticket. It would pass just about anything but the gas station. I passed my driver's test in this car and had a few "interesting" episodes with mysterious tire smoking problems. I was set on a '71 Nova SS when I turned 16, even had a nice savings just for it, but there were none in stock so I went for a '71 Malibu 307/AT. It was OK, but after 3 months I was in my first cool ride: a totaled '71 Mustang Mach 1 w/302/3sp (rolled). I learned a lot with this one, both mechanical and body repair (we painted that one 3 times for various reasons that I do not need to reveal). It was surprisingly quick for a 302/2V. It only had 12k miles so it was factory fresh and I was not afraid to take on anyone. No, I didn't always win, I can certainly remember that 396/4SP Nova shutting me down, but nothing looked better on the street in'71 than that Mach! I graduated from Marshall University and landed an accounting job, but never forgot my other hobby. I've kept up both 2 & 4 wheel hobbies, enjoying some casual off road trail riding, a few amateur dirt bike competitions, and the occasional street ride. (note 'occasional': 3 colleges give Tallahassee FL over 40,000 students so accidents and congestion are typical.) I belong to the local Mopar club and participate in most all the local shows and cruise ins.

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