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All the Cars I've Loved Before

1972 Plymouth Duster, 360/AT/3.55 from Chester, SC
2015 Nissan Rogue from Detroit
1969 AMX, 390/AT from LA
1940 Chevy PU Hot Rod from Tampa
1968 Plymouth Barracuda, slant six/AT, from Original Tallahassee owner
2012 Ford Focus SEL, >2500 miles Ebay/Texas Direct Auto
2007 Ford Mustang convertible
1968 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback
1972 Plymouth 'Cuda fairly solid, 360/AT
1969 Dodge Dart 2 dr coupe/slant 6 AT
1973 Dodge Challenger 318/AT Local one owner, but just too rusty
1968 Plymouth Barracuda coupe slant six/automatic
1945 Ford Pickup Street Rod - 4 car trade from Indiana
1970 Plymouth GTX, pro drag racer from Mississippi
1973 Plymouth Cuda, pro street - AAR clone
2000 Honda Civic EX, Just what Clint wanted, from Atlanta on the net
1998 Corvette Coupe, Georgeous Blue/Gray, Potent 375HP 350ci, a world class car!
1968 American Motors AMX, 343/AT, Rare "short" Javelin Performance car
2003 Pontiac Vibe, Envy Green, weird color and style, from PA on the net
1999 Ford Ranger XLT Xcab/ 4 dr / flairside
2000 Toyota Tacoma PRERUNNER PU, fake 4WD, for Clint
1968 Plymouth Barracuda coupe 340/4 sp/4.10 surgrip rear, cool, quick, and loud, from NJ
1974 Plymouth Barracuda 340/4barrell/AT, but came with a cherry 6PAK set up in the trunk!
1968 Dodge Dart GT slant 6 /AT, didnít finish this one, but didnít lose either.
1971 Plymouth Barracuda One rare/expensive Ebody, 340/4 sp sold for 16500!
1968 Plymouth Barracuda coupe, 360/AT from Lauderdale
1966 Dodge Dart GT (parts for '67 below)
1996 Ford Explorer, for Clint, way cool ride, had 100K, I finananced and repossessed it once...
1967 Plymouth Barracuda coupe bought as a basket for $500 in TX, sold for 4700
1997 Chrysler Sebring Conv, Purple/black but really Iris, very sleek/smooth, 2.5 V6 made in Japan!
1992 Ford Mustang LX FHP car hot rod 5 sp, taught Clint to shift!!!!! Kind of?
1993 Ford Mustang Convertible,4cyl/AT, nice stereo, Clints first ride
1946 Plymouth Street Rod, one of my most popular, one quick Purple Hot ROD!
1972 Plymouth Duster 340, nuimbers matching car,was rusty but came out nice
1973 Dodge Challenger - 360/AT Great looking hot rod, sold to MI guy
1995 Ford Ranger Xcab, a loaded repo
1994 Ford Taurus, another great one, top MPG, orig battery went 7 years
1980 Dodge D150 PU Clint's project, we painted and worked together, he didnít fall for the auto hobby
1979 Ford F100, had valves done, but oil pump was the problem
1985 GMC Jimmy, S15 4WD, 2.8 v-6 junked motor, Chuck and I changed
1994 Saturn SL2, surprisinly quick/ours new from JAX @ $14990, not sold in Talla
1986 Honda Prelude, cherry from Pattis friend Janice
1990 Plymouth Acclaim, 2.5 4 cyl, one of my favs
1984 Nissan Maxima, sun roof, plush velvet interior, 1st talking car!
1968 Pontiac Firebird 350/4sp, Convertible
1970 Ford Mustang 302/3sp on the floor, surprisingly fast
1986 Plymouth Voyager Mini van, drove 7K miles to California, perfect!
1987 Dodge Dakota PU, bought new in Jax, regular cab a bit tight for us, so...
1978 Toyota PU, baby Clint didnít like it when it broke down.
1972 MGB Conv, neighbors car, pushed home & fixed: bought for $400 sold for 1200!
1980 Chevrolet Caprice, hi miles, I financed the sale, lost a bit...
1965 Ford Mustang, 289/at, duals
1966 Ford Mustang 2+2, SHELBY GT350
1986 Oldsmobile Calais, Patti ordered! Beautiful dark red/gray
1979 Dodge Van/slant 6/AT, Ex City of Talla work Van.
1978 Ford Fairmont wagon, a Woody, straight 6, a decent ride
1979 VW Rabbit Diesel, different and cool, great MPG
1964 Falcon Futura, duals black/red int, my 1st paint job, ORANGE PEEL!!!!!!!
1970 Mercury Cougar conv, 351 Cleveland/AT
1966 Ford Mustang 2 + 2, 6 cyl, AT, Pony Interior, Clint & I blew motor due to low oil, I rebuilt
1967 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible, 350/AT, partially restored but sold early for nice $
1978 Toyota Corolla Delux, AT, Pattis first new car, "dull" gray all around
1971 VW Beetle Convertible, super beetle, beautiful baby blue car, sucessfully ate a carb part
1976 Chev LUV PU, (re-badged Isuzu) 4 sp/headers, mags w/wide tires/custom paint and stripe
1968 Pontiac Firebird Convertible, 350/AT, much cool, I did extensive restoration
1975 Toyota Celica, 4 sp, rebuilt total, I crashed into a WV State Policeman in the snow!
1975 Chev Monza, V-8 AT, Dual Exhaust, sharp, rebuilt total
1967 MGB convertible, dual carbs, only engine I've blow, unreliable but cool?
1966 Chev Van, 3 sp, 1st engine I rebuilt, cool cycle curtains, great blue/silver paint job
1967 Chev Van, Window Model, 6/3sp, smoked something awful
1967 VW Karman Ghia, Great handler, sweet looking in Kelly Green
1969 Chev Impala, 2DR, 327/3 on the tree, NO PS!, Different???
1965 Ford Mustang coupe, 289/at, refurbished, played, learned, sold!
1971 Mustang Mach 1, 302/3sp, FAST, we 'rebuilt from totaled", Mucho mods!, one of my favs!
1971 Chev Malibu, 307/AT, my 1st, Installed 1st stereo
1967 Chrysler Newport, 383 TNT, Passed drivers test in, 1st Mopar
1967 Chev Impala, 327, family's car
1960 Chev Impala, 283 family's car, my learner!
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