Christiane Tourtet, B.A.




 Well-known, Award-winning, Author, Artistic Photographer, Poetess, Photo-Journalist, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) Activist, Founder/President of INTERNATIONAL MCS/EMS AWARENESS, former Publicity Model, Commercial Actress, Radio Producer/Air Personality, Artist, Teacher, College Instructor, CHRISTIANE TOURTET was born in Grenoble, France, daughter of renowned  award-winning, abstract painter ANDRE TOURTET and his wife Maria Tourtet. Her father, ANDRE TOURTET, a Master abstract painter, won many Honors and Awards, for his fantastic abstract paintings, at numerous Arts Exhibits, in France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and USA. He has been honored numerous times by French Government Dignitaries. Some of ANDRE TOURTET’S most notable Awards and Honors are:


 Commandeur de l’Ordre du Mérite 1975

 Ordre National du Mérite

 Etoile d’Or du Mérite Mondial

 Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite National

 Médaille d’Argent Arts-Sciences-Lettres

 Trophée d’Argent du Grand Prix du Festival de Cannes

 Médaille de Bronze du Grand Prix de la Ville de Nice

 Médaille d’Officier du Mérite Belgo-Hispanico

 Médaille d’OR du Grand Prix de New York

 Médaille de Bronze Ve Grand Prix d’Eté de Nice 1969

 Trophée d’Or Grand Prix du Festival de Cannes 1970

 Medaille d’Or VIe Grand Prix d’Eté de Nice 1970

 1er Grand Prix international de l’U.A.F.E. à Fregus 1973

  Délégué Arts, Sciences, Lettres.


CHRISTIANE TOURTET, who inherited the numerous great talents from her father, was a child prodigy, who wrote her first poem at age 6, and showed outstanding writing, singing, acting, painting, and musical talents. She won:


1st Prize, Solfège, at Concours Artistique de Paris”, Paris, France, 1957

1st Prize, Solo, Accordion, Académie d’Accordéon de Grenoble, Grenoble, France, 1958

3rd Prize of France, Bronze Medal, Solo, Accordion, at “ La Coupe de France”, Lyon, France, 1958

1st  Prize, Gold Medal, at la” Coupe de France”, Accordion, Quintet, Paris, France, 1959

COUPE D’EUROPE, Accordion , Symphonic Orchestra, Strasbourg, France, 1959

 2nd Prize, “Grand Prix de la Chanson”, Grenoble, France, 1961.


At age 15, she was designing ladies hi-fashion, dresses, and coats. She appeared many times on French television, and publicity posters, as a model, in Grenoble. She worked as an Hostess, interpreter, translator of English and Italian, at the Service International Exchange, at Credit Lyonnais, from 1963 to 1965, and received a certificate as an Interpreter, translator, of English and Italian languages, from Berlitz School, in Grenoble.


            She came to the USA in 1965, and taught French at Albany Academy for Girls, in Albany, N.Y, from 1965 to 1966. She was also elected President of “Le Cercle Français.” From 1966 to 1967 she taught French literature, and was Assistant of Language Laboratory at College of St Rose. In 1969, The International Correspondence School awarded her, Diplomas in the courses of Modern Woman as a Supervisor, and Industrial Psychology, with highest Honors. She taught French at Bartram School in 1970, and at Florida Junior College from 1971 to 1974 in Jacksonville, Florida.


She studied at Florida Junior College, and was the first and only woman to have worked simultaneously on two college degrees, an Associate in Science and an Associate in Arts and successfully completed them respectively in 1973 and 1974 with highest honors. Holding also a Certificate of Completion in Humanistic Psychology, Ms Tourtet went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree, at Jacksonville University, in 1975. In recognition of her Academic excellence, she was honored several times on the Dean’s List and inducted in the Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa.


From 1977 to 1979, Ms Tourtet served as Producer, Director, Radio Personality, of the French Program “ Les Actualités Françaises”, on WFAM Radio in Jacksonville. From 1980 to 1983, she worked as an interpreter, translator, of French in commercial, legal, and court cases, for the Language Bank in Jacksonville. During her career, Ms. Tourtet, served also as a French tutor, for private and small study classes, and has been a model for publicity advertisements, posters, brochures, major magazines, and newspapers, including the New York Times, and a  model and voice over talent on TV Channel number 7, in Jacksonville , Florida. She has appeared as an actress, in over 28 television commercials, and in the movie “Something Wild” featuring famous actress Melanie Griffith.


She has been Guest of Honor, and Lecturer at many Universities, Chamber of Commerce, Modeling Schools, Associations, and gave many poetry recitals, notably at Gateway Mall, and appeared as a Television guest, on the Phyllis Fouraker Show, in Jacksonville. She has been a Publicity Officer and Judge for Fashion Shows for the India Association of Tallahassee, and Judge for Talent Contest for The Chemical Injury Information Network.


 She has been a writer and editor for Leon County Food CO-OP, for Back to School Magazine, New leaf News, and Florida Flambeau. She also served as a writer, editor, and publisher of MCS Disability up date, and Medical and Environmental Corner, and has been a writer for AARP Chapter 376, Tallahassee Area Church News, Tallahassee Alliance with Disabilities, and Columnist for FS View.


Her work as an artist is known internationally. Christiane Tourtet’s paintings have been exhibited in Grenoble, Cannes, Nice, Monte-Carlo, Paris, (France) Albany, New York, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee (USA) and numerous other places. She is the author of a poetry book “Fruits of life” for which she was awarded the Silver Medal of Arts, Sciences, and Letters in Paris, in 1977, from Governmental Dignitaries.


She has been a member of the American Public Health Association, an Associate member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, a Publicity Officer for the India Association of Tallahassee, a member of the Human Ecology Action League, International Platform Association, American Medical Writers Association and National Association of Sciences Writers.  Ms Tourtet is a member of Chemical Injury Information Network, and of American International News Service (Press).


She has received from French Government Dignitaries:


 The Medal of Chevalier of the Order of Merit 1977.


 The Medal of National Merit in Paris in 1976.


 The Medal of the City of Grenoble, France, in 1977.


 The Medal of Dauphiné County, in 1977.


 The Medal of Chevalier of French Courtesy as an “ Ambassador” in the United     


 States, of Courtesy, Humanitarianism and Achievement, in Paris, in 1977.



 She was also awarded:


  The Title of International Woman of the Year 1991-1992.


 The Title of International Woman of the year 1996-1997, for which


 she was crowned by Romanian Prince Paltin Sturdza, Princess Cornelia Sturdza,


and their Son, Prince Michael Sturdza.


The Diploma of Meritorious Achievement (1993)


The Twentieth Century Award of Achievement (1992)


The Silver Medal of Honor (1992)


The Title of International Woman of the Millennium (2000)


The Title of International Personality of the year 2001.


The title of  Woman of the Year 1993.


 The title of Who’s Who of the year 1993.


The Diploma of Five-Star Leader (1998)


The Key of success for Excellence in the Arts (1993)


The Key of success for Excellence in Global relations (1994)


The Key of Success as a Notable Author (1992)


Inducted in the Women’s Circle of Achievement (1992)


The Title of Woman of the Year 1995.


The Title of Woman of the year 1998.


Four Certificates of publication pictures awards (1998)


 Three certificates of publication picture awards (2004)


The Lifetime Distinction of Honor for Photographic Achievement (2004)




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On  December 25th 1996, a star was named in her honor in the name of The Honorable Christiane Tourtet and was published in The International Star Registry.


As an award-winning artistic photographer, Christiane Tourtet’s photographs have been shown in many exhibits and galleries and have been published in many magazines, notably in Today’s Photographer International.


 She was awarded:


  2nd Place and two 3rd, Place,  Category Photography, Fine Arts Exhibit, North Florida Fair 2002,Tallahassee, Florida

  2nd Place, Category Photography, Fine Arts Exhibit, North Florida Fair 2003, Tallahassee, Florida

 Two 2nd Place, Category Photography, Fine Arts Exhibit, North Florida Fair 2004, Tallahassee, Florida

 Three 2nd Place, Category Photography, Fine Arts Exhibit, North Florida Fair 2005, Tallahassee, Florida

 Three 1st  Place and  one 2nd  Place, Category Photography, Fine Arts Exhibit, North Florida Fair 2006, Tallahassee, Florida

 Two 1st Place and two 2nd Place, Category Photography, Fine Arts Exhibit, North Florida Fair 2007, Tallahassee, Florida.

 One Honorable Mention, Category Photography, Fine Arts Exhibit, North Florida Fair 2008, Tallahassee, Florida.




At the request of the HONORABLE ALLEN BOYD, Member of Congress of the United States, The American Flag was flown on the Capitol, in Washington DC:


On february 15th 1999, on President’s Day and Susan B. Anthony’s Day, in Honor of Christiane Tourtet for her Integrity, Courage, and perseverance for the betterment of society.


On june 18th 2000, to Honor Christiane Tourtet as a writer, photographer, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) activist, for her extraordinary achievements, her title of International Woman of the Millennium 2000 and her Induction in the Millennium Hall of Fame.


On august 20th 2001, in the Honor of Christiane Tourtet, for her outstanding achievements, contribution to society, and for her title of International Personality of the year 2001.


 Christiane Tourtet has been appointed as an AAAA Press Photographer, Photo-Journalist, for American International News Service. She is also a well known author for World Sentinel, American Chronicle, California Chronicle, LA Chronicle, California Political Daily, Catalina Chronicle, Florida Chronicle, Fresno Chronicle, Illinois Chronicle, Irvine Chronicle, Los Angeles Chronicle, Long Beach Chronicle, Maryland Chronicle, Palm Springs Chronicle, Pennsylvania Chronicle, Porcupine Pete, Riverside Chronicle, Sacramento Chronicle, San Diego Chronicle, San Jose Chronicle, Santa Barbara Chronicle, Santa Monica Chronicle, World News. Christiane Tourtet’s articles can be read at:


Christiane Tourtet B.A. is pursuing her career as an Author, Photo-Journalist,  Founder/President , INTERNATIONAL MCS/EMS Awareness, Artistic Photographer, Poetess,  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electromagnetic Sensitivity ( EMS) Activist.




 Christiane Tourtet’s Personal Achievement Philosophy is:


Faith, Honesty, Talent, Hard work, Determination and Perseverance are the Keys to Greatest Achievements.


As a role model for Society, her Biography has been published in the Millennium 54th Edition of Who’s Who in America which was chosen to be included in the White House Millennium Time Capsule, because it establishes a benchmark that will be used by future biographers and historians for understanding our Nation’s greatest achievers at the turn of the Millennium.