Rabin Prusty, MSCE
Scientist and engineer
International Scientist of the Year 2001
Man of the Year 2004

"A significant percentage of our population, due to their genetic makeup, are less tolerant to toxic chemicals. Most of them will develop MCS through exposure to toxic chemicals being used in our society."

Mr. Rabin Prusty, a scientist and engineer specializing in the field of toxicology was born in India. He received his Masters of Science and Masters of Civil Engineering (Environmental major) degree from West Virginia University in 1979. As an environmental engineer, he is actively involved in environmental pollution control projects including analyzing the effects of toxic chemicals on human for establishing health based safe disposal limits for toxic waste. He is also actively involved in MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Sensitivity for more than fifteen (15) years. His knowledge of toxic chemicals, and more than fifteen years of experience in directly dealing with MCS and EMF Sensitivity makes him one of the most knowledgeable scientists in the field of MCS and EMF Sensitivity.

Mr. Prusty was named International Scientist of the year 2001 and Man of the Year 2004.

As of today Mr. Prusty has not only written numerous articles on MCS, but also has developed an excellent website MCS Homepage: www.nettally.com/prusty/mcs.htm . MCS Homepage has distinguished itself as one of the most popular Live Directory Sites in its category. He has also published many articles in various computer magazines.

Mr. Prusty possesses a great interest in environmental pollution control, effect of environmental pollution on human, environmental illness, genetic engineering, toxicology, and alternative medicine. His interest in genetic engineering involves study of alteration of gene and cell structure in human body, due to exposure to toxic chemicals.

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