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(Updated April 1, 2007)

My musical tastes are hugely eclectic with interests in rock, blues, ska, jazz, country, etc. A long history of broadcasting has exposed me to a wide range of artists. This page gives me the opportunity on a weekly basis (or as time permits) to show you some CD's I recommend.

The current pick

Artist: The Meters
CD Title: The Very Best Of The Meters
Released: 1997, Rhino Records

Favorite cuts: "Cissy Strut," "Tippi-Toes", "Hey Pocky A-Way", and "They All Ask'd For You'"

I have been a fan of The Meters for many years. I actually heard their music before I knew who they were. Let me explain. When I was a kid, my parents were driving us back from a mini-vacation spent in New Orleans. As we were getting closer to our Mississippi home (only a few hours from New Orleans) my Dad tuned into a radio station he normally listened to. An easy listening station. Bored me to tears but he was the boss and he had put up with me listening to WRNO ("The Rock of New Orleans") long enough. One song the easy listening station played was a cool song that I correctly deduced was called "They All Asked For You" and the announced said it was performed by Bobby Sherman. It was a funny little ditty.

A couple of weeks later, my Dad asked a person he knew that had a little in-home recording and production studio if he could make a custom 8-track tape for me. I gave him a list of songs I'd like to have on the tape and he said he'd try to put as many he could on there. When I got the tape back, the song "They All Asked For You" was there but it wasn't the white-bread Bobby Sherman version but a much funkier, cooler version that I liked a lot better. However my Dad's friend didn't put a songlist on the tape case so I didn't find out who did that particular version. Needless to say I played that 8-track tape a lot until it finally got eaten by an old 8-track tape player.

Now on one of those later trips to New Orleans I had the distinct pleasure of watching a free performance by the Neville Brothers in Jackson Square. This was sometime in the mid to late 70's (I can't remember exactly when) and I seem to remember it coinciding with the Jazz Fest (or whatever it was called back then - it was a lot smaller back then compared to how huge it is now). I fell in love with their sound, their performance and their songs so I started getting as many of their lp's as I could find around the small town I loved in (which wasn't that many).

Many years later as I started getting CD versions of the vinyl lp's in my collection, I got more Neville Brothers albums. And when the internet made it easier to find out information about artists, I discovered that Art Neville was in The Meters. I figured that if it had one of the Neville Brothers in it, it had to be good. My instincts were absolutely correct. So I started getting their CD's as well. During this time I was employed at a business that allowed me to have my own office and as such I played CD's all the way through. While one of CD's by The Meters was playing I suddenly realized that the song I was hearing was "They All Asked For You" (found out the correct title is "They All Ask'd For You"). Suddenly memories of my childhood listening to the song came flooding back.

Anyway, for those who are unfamiliar with The Meters, this "Best of" album from Rhino Records is an excellent introduction to their funkiness, their hipness and their coolness. But it's not enough. It's a good start, though but if you get hooked on their sound like I did all those years ago, you're going to have to search out their other albums which were remastered and re-released by Sundazed Music.


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