Andrew Jackson  1984 - 1997

Please take a moment to mourn the passing of my dearest friend, lap buddy and web surfing companion. Andrew was rescued as a kitten from an animal shelter and was raised and pampered to the ripe old age of 13. Many of you know Andrew from my most common IRC line, "be right back - his highness demands attention" or from the extra characters that so often appeared on my pages from his great love of waltzing across my keyboard while my back was turned. Little did I know, Andrew suffered from a common ailment of older cats, kidney failure. After being assured that no more could be done to prolong his life, Andrew was released from his suffering. He died in my arms Saturday September 20th and is now peacefully sprawled out on the hood of Gabriel's car or happily chasing squirrels with the angels. I love you Sir Andrew. The web will not be the same without you. Otter Dad.

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