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What is LEGION?

LEGION is an application designed to help you make your Internet experience faster and easier to use. Every computer with Windows 95™ or Windows NT™ that connects to the Web, an Intranet or even some WANs can benefit from using LEGION. ** IT WORKS AND IT'S FREE ** It has many features that make it attractive not only to the single Internet user, but also Internet administrators who manage many TCI/IP connections. LEGION is not dependent on any single browser technology. It is compatible with Microsoft Explorer™, Netscape Navigator™ or Communicator™ as well as many on-line services such as America on-line™ and CompuServe™.

How does LEGION work or A Brief History of the Internet

Long ago before dynamic IP addresses, using TCP/IP meant having large files that kept a list of all the IP addresses that a single computer could access. Needless to say, this was a real pain for everyone involved. As the Internet grew, some other solution was necessary and hence the DNS was born. A DNS, or Domain Name Server, is a host computer that other computers ask about IP addresses. When you wan to visit a web page or FTP site, your computer asks its DNS to give it the IP address that matches the address you specified. This system works very well and keeps the long IP lists to minimum, but...

As the Internet gets bigger and bigger, more and more IP addresses have to be placed in these centralized DNS files. The larger the file, the longer it takes to find the right address. The more people using the net, the longer it takes for your request to be processed. Not to mention the fact that your computer, although hard-working and leading-edge, has to ask a DNS for the address every time you change pages. What if it were possible to keep a smaller, condensed DNS host file on you computer? You would have all the addresses you needed right there and the wait would be nanoseconds not several seconds.

The TCP/IP protocol is built to handle a local DNS host file. All Microsoft Windows™ operating systems use TCP/IP as their protocol to the Internet. That means they can use a local HOSTS file to store all the IP addresses you want. If you frequent a few dozen site, just put their IP address in there and watch the speed increase. There is, however, a catch. You may know where you want to go, like, but do you know how to get there? Just knowing the domain name of your destination is not enough information for a HOSTS file. You also have to know the IP address. Sure, there are several IP look-up programs all over the place and yes you could get one and find the right IP. But where does it go and how do you it? That's where LEGION comes in. LEGION is designed to take the muss and fuss out of local HOSTS file management. Not only will LEGION look up an IP address for you, it will put in in you HOSTS file and categorize it too! Now how much would you pay? But, wait, there's more...


LEGION gives you total control over your HOSTS file. Adding and deleting IP addresses is just the start. LEGION does IP look-ups, Domain name look-ups, IP and Domain verification. It has a nifty Find feature for those of you who never discard anything. It puts your addresses in special categories that make them easier to manage. It supports drag-n-drop for the typing impaired. LEGION will launch your default browser, e-mail program or news reader just by double clicking on an address. LEGION will import existing Microsoft Explorer™ Favorites, Netscape™ Bookmark files, and comes with over 400 preset URLs of the most popular sites on the Internet. And for you Admin types, LEGION has local IP masking and a special category just for local addresses. And on top of all that, every IP address you tell LEGION about will increase you browsing speed by an average of 2 to 6 seconds per hit! Add that up over a few two or three hour sessions per week and you can save enough time to vacation in the Bahamas.

The Bottom Line

No matter how hot your computer nor how fast your modem, your ISP is slowing you down. Your 23 million megahertz machine with your 50 gigabit satellite connection doesn't mean squat when it takes 5 or 10 seconds for some over-worked DNS to give you an answer. LEGION can and will remove that bottleneck. That's all you ask and that's what LEGION does, period.

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