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©1998, Lockergnome LC. All Rights Reserved. Subscription inquiries are answered below. Content written by Chris Pirillo. Website hosted by DigitalDaze. Ability is a good thing but stability is even better.



01.04.1999 - GnomeREPORT

First off, sorry that you guys (and gals) didn't receive two daily issues last week (we ran into a few minor snags). And no, it had nothing to do with Y2k; things should be back to "normal" now. Thanks for hanging in there! Some of you should be receiving last week's Text Digest in a few hours, too. Now, if you'd like to see the issues which weren't mailed out last week, just swing by these URLs:

Now, after Lockergnomie Alex Radzinski registered the Lockergnome star, several of you wrote in to ask how to get a star of your own. However, others informed me that the whole "star naming" business is a sham. Well, as I discovered (unfortunately), some of you were correct; the only group certified to name stars is the International Astronomical Union. Lockergnome was registered through the International Star Registry. If you'd like more information on the star scams, just take a look at these links:

That being said, I still think that this was a FANTASTIC gift... it was truly the thought that counted. I say we all pretend (if only for a few hundred years) that there's still a Lockergnome star in the heavens above--what can it hurt? Pull out your telescope and have a look when you can't find anything decent to download!

-- Chris Pirillo        


PalmPilot Emulator v2.0 Beta 3 [291k] W9x/NT FREE
Found by Brent Miller

The first PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) I ever owned was the Sharp Wizard. Of course, I was a high school student at the time, so there wasn't much I had to keep track of back then. PDAs have come a long way since the early '90s--and now you can emulate one on your Desktop! This will work as long as you have a PalmPilot ROM handy (which, if you own one, shouldn't be a problem). There are even skins available at the third-listed URL! I wouldn't suggest trying to put a Desktop system in your pocket.


Permedia 2 Driver Updates for W9x/NT

Download the latest video drivers for the Permedia 2 W9x v2105-0361 and the Permedia 2 NT4 Alpha v2.12-0486 (beta version). Remember that your computer is (usually) only as good as its fastest driver.


World's Largest SoundFonts
Found by a Lockergnomie

A few weeks ago, I told the Daily subscribers about my misadventures with Creative Labs' Sound Blaster Live! card. Then, I told everyone how to get better sound from their MIDI files in a recent GnomeTIP (visit the past issues page to get it). A few days ago, a few Lockergnomies told me about these GREAT (and large) SoundFonts available at this FTP site. I was amazed when I heard the samples from these puppies. So, if you've got a SB card that can handle SoundFonts, get these!


MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet
Found by Dave Bosoty

My dad asked if I could pull in radio stations with Manny. I told him I couldn't, though I know there are "Radio Tuner" cards available for Desktop systems. It seems rather useless to install the hardware for receiving radio signals on your PC when sites like this already exist. There are links to over 7,500 radio stations which are currently broadcasting their stuff over the Internet! And there are non-US stations listed here, too... browse through them in a variety of ways. Even submit your own!


FONT: Nocker [15k]

What tickles your fancy? Or is your fancy even ticklish in the first place? I suppose I shouldn't even ask that kind of question, but inquiring minds wanna know. I've never been one to dress up in fancy clothes--give me a tee shirt and I'll be happy forever. Nocker is very much an anti-flannel font. You'd most likely see it dressed up in a tuxedo... hanging around the punch bowl at all the big parties. Oh, and it would drink its tea with a pinky extended. Quite annoying. Quite.


Lockergnomie Terry K. has this tip for online gamers: "To speed up play for Internet games, try disabling error control. Open the Control Panel, click on the modem icon, select the installed modem, then click the Properties button. From there, choose the "Connection" tab, then click the 'Advanced' button. Be sure that the "Use error control" is unselected (no check mark). When you're not playing Internet games, be sure that you come back and select error control (with a checkmark)."