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program size description 255KB 05-19-98 As Fast As Possible Audio DSP. This program takes sound (eg MIC LINE IN MIDI and CD) and puts effects to it (eg DISTORTION VOLUME BOOST a ROBOtic kind of DISTORTION removes NOISE lets you PITCH up and down and allows you to BUMP of the beginning or end of the soundbuffer) in REALTIME 19KB 11-05-97 ClipTalk v1.0 Welcome to ClipTalk v1.0 a shareware application to allow you to speak the text currently on the clipboard.
CLNTK200.ZIP 613KB 07-29-96 This is a freeware version of the Clip&Talk 2.0. Clip&Talk adds speech abilities to Windows applications. It works like an add-on part to your favorite applications so they can produce speech as well as visual output. The total reading length of the freeware version is limited to about 600 words.
MIDAS95.ZIP 76KB 03-29-97 Midas'95 is a module player based on the midas sound system (by sahara surfers) it plays protracker MOD screamtracker S3M and fasttracker2 XM modules and runs under windows 95 and windows nt 3.51+ (4.0 compatibility assured) ** NOT as good as modplug **
modplugie.exe 160KB  
modplugin.exe 163KB  
modplugns.exe 165KB 218KB 03-01-98 ** GET THIS ** ModPlug Player is a freeware mod player - with spectrum analyzer - mixers - more - supports *.669: UNIS 669 669 Composer modules - *.IT: Impulse Tracker modules - *.MED: OctaMed modules - *.MOD: ProTracker modules (4-32 channels 15/31 samples).- *.MOL: Module lists compatible with MOD4WIN. - *.MTM: MultiTracker modules.- *.NST: NoiseTracker modules.- *.S3M: ScreamTracker III modules.- *.STM: ScreamTracker II modules. - *.ULT: UltraTracker modules (in alpha).- *.WOW: Grave Composer modules. - *.XM: FastTracker modules. - All the above when zipped (*.MDZ *.S3Z *.XMZ *.ITZ *.ZIP). 138KB 120KB 03-02-98 Notify CD Player for Windows 95 / NT 4.0 Version 1.51 CD player for regular audio CD's (including mixed data/audio) and resides in the systray. Built in support for the Internet based CD database CDDB which currently has more than 100,000 CD entries. ( Fast operation of the most commonly used actions by left-clicking a configurable number of times on the icon 2MB 06-11-96 SOUND EVENT EDITOR '96 v1.0c for Windows95 Freeware Utility to add Open Close Maximize Minimize RestoreUp/Down sound events to nearly any program in Windows 95. 371KB 12-21-97 SayTime 95 v4.05 - Talking/Alarm/Messenger Clock for Win 95. 120KB 11-08-96 WavAudit v1.0 This program allows you to select a group of Wav files in a folder play them one at a time and prompts to keep or delete the wav.

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