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Over the years I've downloaded literally thousands of freeware programs - and found a few worth keeping. I often find myself working on a "foreign" computer and don't have the one little 24k application I desperately need that I know damn well I have at home. So I decided to post my collection so I'd never be without my "tools" again. You won't find every piece of freeware in the world here. This collection is really for my own use and is just the stuff i liked and kept. If you find something useful within, then all the better.

If you see red every time you shell out good money for a simple program that you know only takes four lines of code, look here. If you've been searching for that Windows App to handle the chores that you thought nobody ever bothered to write, then think again. Everything from handy little Apps to Full Blown Full Feature Packages can be found.

Dad's Mail BoxThis is not a collection of links. Everything you find here is FREE and available for immediate download from my personal server. If you find that special app you've been hunting for, please drop me a line to say thanks! Chatting with Dad can be beneficial as not "everything" in my personal collection is available for public download at this site.

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