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program size description 88KB 10-05-96 Powerful color dir cmd w/Win95 LFN support. Files can be located using multiple patterns along with size date or attrib filtering. Displays the size of subdirs. Generates batch files which perform cmds on each file listed. Auto detects no. of rows. Complete DIR cmd replacement with subdir searching and redirectable output 394KB 03-06-95 Utility for reading 2M's formatted disks under Windows95 109KB 11-30-97 ADrive shows free space on your drives without mouse click and doesn't take place on the desktop - just run your mouse to the left edage and its there - quick and handy 116KB 01-26-98 ** GET THIS ** ADrive shows free space on your drives without any mouse clicks and doesn't take place on the desktop 24KB 08-27-97 Bill Reid's DriveSpaceChek provides a convenient means to monitor available hard drive space. its simple and small - i like this :) 19KB 06-08-97 lets you see and alter your Windows Disk Cache Settings ** FOR EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY ** 167KB 08-15-97 A desktop tray accessory which provides the user with a pop-up screen displaying free disk space & percentages for each drive connected to your computer.
DISKMM19.ZIP 129KB 04-08-98 Disk-Mem Panel 1.8 a very small panel that displays the free space remaining in your disks. It stays on the top of the screen or/and on the system tray. You can move the panel anywhere on the screen. It refresh the display every 5 seconds. It also can display the memory (Physical and Swap file) free and total in your system. 48KB 19KB 10-11-93 Installs MS-DOS device drivers from the DOS command prompt eliminating the need to edit the CONFIG.SYS file to include device= statements and then reboot. 202KB 04-01-98 DiskState v1.13 This program reports the current state of your disks: total MegaBytes and GigaBytes the amount of space used and free and the useable swap space (memory usage under WinNT) ; it browses through the folder structure and displays a pie chart of the usage results. DiskState can also eliminate space wasted after program crashes or by temporary files no longer needed. It tracks down duplicate files using powerful 128-bit MD5 technology. Even if file names are different it identifies duplicates by content and displays a comprehensive list. It's a simple program really. Just try it!! 301KB 01-06-97 A v. cool little app. for reading/writing floppies to 1.72Mb format and more. Nice 'n simple this one 22KB 01-07-98 A small utility that display the free hard disk space in the Windows 95/NT taskbar. 144KB 12-25-97 Klik-A-Dir is a program that offers a quick and easy alternative for exploring and maintaining your system. When using Klik-A-Dir you can browse your harddisk in a way that closely resembles the workings of the Start Menu. Just one click to start and one click when you reach the desired folder. Klik-A-Dir is always showing the actual harddisk-structure. No need for scanning your harddisk after changes have taken place. Klik-A-Dir does not create any datafiles. 15KB 01-03-98 LOWCOPY This program makes perfect logical copies of hard disks. You can backup a drive restore it or make hard disk copies istantly.
MDISK41.ZIP 264KB 03-01-98 MAXIDisk The Original Floppy Disk Expander version 4.20 - MAXIDisk will format 360k disks to 420k 720k to 800k 1.2 meg to 1.4 meg and 1.44 meg to 1.6 meg or 1.7 meg 2.88 meg to 3.2. MAXI is also a full featured disk copier. Also supports Macintosh disks. For use with Windows 3.x or later. ASP shareware from Herne Data Systems Ltd 3KB 26KB 06-18-96 Quick Disk is a small Windows 95 utility that add an icon (a hard disk icon) in the Windows 95 Tray. This will enabled you to get easily free space information for all your drive. Note that you can choose which type of drive you can add in the main window.
REMI113E.ZIP 39KB 05-03-98 REMI - Removables Eject and Mount Intelligence version 1.13 Auto Eject/Open/Close of removable device (with hardware ejection mechanism). Not only SCSI but also IDE/SoundBlaster/etc. connection drives too. - Since media can be made to eject automatically at the time of Windows end It can prevent forgetting to take out media - stays in a task tray - is operated via WinASPI devices (tape streamer etc.) not recognized by Windows as a drive are also controllable - Since REMI acquires the device information and it controls on the basis of it a setup of REMI does not need to be changed even if it changes a drive letter (A: B: etc.) 481KB 11-03-97 SpaceTracker A Windows 95/NT 4.0 utility that monitors all the hard drives available to your computer including network drives and lets you know when they drop below a user-defined limit. Monitors both local and network drives. Located in the system tray out of the way until you need it. Notifies you of limits reached without interrupting your work. Quick access to monitored drives. (Only a double-click away!) Simple configuration. Drive logging of program events. Works on Windows 95 Windows 95 OSR2 and Windows NT 4.0 Workstation or Server.
STATS97.ZIP 377KB 04-17-97 Stats '97 Disk Statistics Utility - collects numerous disk statistics for Windows 95 including file types file ages age distribution file size distribution. Works over multiple disk drives. All graphs are 3D and very easy to read. 41KB 12-27-97 SubFolders allows you to create a subfolder within another folder by right-clicking the parent folder and selecting SubFolder. This method has several advantages: It is quicker than the usual File->New->Folder - The program is faster than Windows95's built-in method - If you have a selection of files you won't lose the selection when you create the folder. You can select your files then create a new directory for them then move them there.
SYNCER.ZIP 9KB 08-23-96 Syncer! v1.0 I wrote this program because I needed a simple file synchronization program for my programming projects. When working on multiple machines and taking your work with you on a laptop a synchronization program is a must. After discovering that the majority of shareware programs that fit my needs were grossly overpriced I kicked out this program 157KB 06-23-97 T R E E S I Z E Every harddisk is too small if you just wait long enough. Treesize tells you where your precious Clusters have gone to. From the context menu of a folder or drive TreeSize shows you the size of this folder recursively including the subfolders. Scanning is done in a thread and the wasted space can be displayed so it is easy to find areas on the disk where a lot of space is wasted. The results can be printed in a report. 38KB 07-01-97 Replaces DIR. Adds numerous features but still retains full syntactical and visual compatibility with DIR. Fully user customizable colors for each extension. Displays the contents of ZIP ARJ LZH and RAR archives and width*height*colors for JPG TGA PCX GIF BMP and FLI/FLC. Info on WAV sounds is also shown. Long filenames in W95 if present are displayed.

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