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program size description 88KB 10-05-96 (v2.1) OneDIR Pro - Color DIR w/many opts Powerful color dir cmd w/Win95 LFN support. Files can be located using multiple patterns along with size date or attrib filtering. Displays the size of subdirs. Generates batch files which perform cmds on each file listed. Auto detects no. of rows. Complete DIR cmd replacement with subdir searching and redirectable output. 24KB 02-06-97 Delete.Exe is what DEL Command in MSDOS box of Win95 and WinNT 4.0 should have been. It simply deletes files and send them to recycle bin. The file(s) to be deleted are passed to it as parameters. The rules are just like those for standard DOS DEL Command except that DELETE does not support the "/p" option. Delete supports WildCards and I presume it supports almost all conventions of DEL command usage
DOSTRAY.ZIP 18KB 03-27-98 DOSTray version 1.0 This program was written to enable me to open a dos shell quickly. I used to have a shortcut pointing to the dos prompt on my desktop, but that was often covered by a window, rather than have to move all my windows around - or Navigate the start menu I decided I wanted some other way to open a program. Just type "dostray" at a dos prompt to load the program, then its icon will appear at the side of your taskbar. To operate the program, and open a "DOS box" simply double click upon its icon 38KB 04-02-98 LFNDir, Version 1.0
is a command line program that lets you view long filenames under DOS. Its syntax is almost identical to the DOS DIR command, and its output looks like what you get when you issue a DIR command in a Windows 95 DOS box.
PEDIT310.ZIP 213KB 02-04-98 PEDIT 3.10 - short for Program Editor is similar to the DOS EDIT program but more powerful and with many additional features for programmers. It includes pop-up tables column support macro key undo copy & paste to other Windows applications !LONG FILENAMES! 28/43/50 lines mode word wrap spell checker thesaurus and much more 33KB 07-11-98 QSORT -- Version 3.20 Text File Sorting Utility QSORT was first designed to be a replacement for and to overcome the limitations of DOS SORT but has been enhanced a number of times and moved to new compilers twice. The current version will sort files whose size is limited only by available disk space. File name(s) may be given explicitly or QSORT will sort from standard input to standard output and so may be used in pipes or with redirection. Multiple keys may be specified. Binary files with fixed-length records may be sorted provided only that keys are ASCII character strings. ** advanced users only ** |

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