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program size description 267KB 08-03-97 File Annotater Shell Extension ANNOTSX is a shellextension for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 that helps you organize your files. It enables you to save anntotations to every file on your computer in an easy and intuitiv manner. It adds a page to your files property-folder were you easily can manage your comments.
ANTROCD_.ZIP 266KB 01-26-98 AntroCD Many people "backup" several programs to a single CD-Rom these days. AntroCD is a simple menu system which can be set up and burned onto the CD for a convenient list of what is on the CD as well as the ability to execute the installation procedure for the software and even keep track of the program's serial/registration information for easy retrieval 199KB 797KB 12-23-97 --+ BatchLoad 1.0 +-- Freeware by uLTIMATUm pRODUCTIONs - handy drag-n-drop BAT file maker - simple
CDCOPY.ZIP 177KB 10-14-97 CDCOPY 3.606 Copy CDDA to disk by M. Barth ( Copy audiotracks from CDROM/CDR to disk using ASPI or WIN32 interface Save files in AU RAW WAV MPG or MP3 format full CDPLAYER and CDDB-support. Save several tracks into one file overread defect sectors. Track excerptions jitter correction MP3-ID TAG DAO-CUE sheets 10KB 09-11-97 Change Case v1.0 for Windows 95 changes filenames automatically. It provides three methods: Upper case Lower case and Captical case. Change Case is a CARDWARE from Zeal SoftStudio. VB 5.0 Rumtime DLLs are required. 20KB 01-15-98 Change Case v2.0b for Windows 95/NT is a utility used to change filename case automatically. It is specially applied to transfer files between different OS and upgrade to Windows 95/NT from MS-DOS. It provides four methods: Upper case Lower case Capital case and Word capital case. Support Explorer drag & drop. It can search & change in subfolders. 756KB 02-14-97 Chgname 2.0 Functionality: Chgname is a fast 32-bit file management program designed for Windows95/NT which renames changes the date and attributes of up to 32767 files. The new filenames are composed by wildcards or enumeration. The files are either moved into one directory left where they are or copied into one single directory.
COA32.ZIP 297KB 01-09-97 Change of Address/32 is a 32-bit Windows version of the popular PC Magazine utility COA which is for 16-bit Windows. COA32 which runs under Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51or higher lets you change the drive or directory of a Windows program without having to reinstall the program. It works by searching for all references to the old path and updating them to reflect the new path. 31KB 06-24-97 'Comedy' is an acronym for 'COntext Menu EDitor utilitY' i.e. 'Comedy' simply adds an entry to the Explorer's context menu which is displayed when right-clicking on a file in the Explorers right pane any file in any folder of the Win95 shell or within the shell itself. Its main purpose is to provide an easy way to access any file with an editor of your choice. 34KB 07-08-96 ConCat is a Windows 95 context menu extension that provides 2 complementary facilities: 1. A file concatenation facility that performs the same operation as the command line "copy file1+file2 [+fileN] fileA" operation. With ConCat you can append any number of files and store the result as a new file or overwrite one of the original files. 2. A file split facility that lets you easily convert a single large file into several smaller ones. You can copy these smaller files onto floppy disks or send them through email facilities that will not cope with large files. Once transported you can reassemble the original file by using ConCat's concatenate facility.
CSDIFF.ZIP 821KB 12-21-97 Component Software Diff (CSDiff) V2.0 free advanced file difference analysis tool for Windows 95/NT. Use it to analyze what have changed between two revisions of the same file or folder. CSDiff is usually used to analyze program source files HTML documents and MS-Word documents..
CUT21.ZIP 159KB 03-13-98 Cutter-Joiner a program that cut's large files into smaller packs that you can later join them with the same program
DECEXT.ZIP 110KB 01-09-97 The Decode Shell Extension v2.3 adds a Decode menu item to your Windows 95 or NT 4.0 Explorer context menu (right mouse button menu) and File menu. It is visible only when exactly one file(not folder) is selected.
DIRNOW!.ZIP 29KB 02-04-97 Ever get lost trying to remember where you put that directory? Are you spending precious seconds mindlessly wandering through an Explorer window trying to find a specific directory? DirNow! provides speedy access to your directories. Just type in a few characters for the search and DirNow! will pop up with all the directories that match it. Choose the one you want and Explorer opens at the directory you want! DirNow! is tiny sits at 70kb. Since it requires almost no installation DirNow! doesn't require those huge InstallShield-like programs. DirNow! uses the System Tray too!
dirnow! 501KB  
DISCO.ZIP 261KB 04-22-98 If you happen to have a lot of diskettes and Cdroms you know that it can be really time consuming when you want to find a file(s). Discomania is a utility to create catalogs of removable Cdrom and local drives. You can create catalogs using different options. Catalog the entire drive use file filters and specify whether or not you wish to catalog subdirectories residing in the target drive. It also comes with search options - search the catalogs by a name, file extension, and by date. You can copy items to clipboard to open them. You can give saved catalogs meaningful names rather than having the program give it a name like Dsap00032. It is easy to use and does not require a 100 page manual. 2MB 12-23-97 Disk Span 1.2 This is a simple utility that comes in handy. It adds a choice to your SendTo menu called DiskSpan. When a file is sent to it the file gets compressed and copied to the A: drive. If it is too big for one disk it is automatically spanned. 47KB 05-04-97 DOSLFNBK: Win95 Long Filename Backup. Backs up Win95 long filenames and attributes from DOS or a DOS window. This allows you to use older DOS-based backup and archive programs with Win95. It also makes it possible to recover from a catastrophic disk crash without re-installing Win95 first. Runs in DOS or Win95 99KB 4KB 09-01-96 File Eraser Takes a plaintext file and deletes the files listed in it. Optionally deletes the plaintext file afterwards. Will warn if a file couldn't be deleted. 620KB 07-06-97 EZ-Split V2 (16-bit) is an easy to use file splitter for Microsoft Windows 3.x/NT 3.x. The purpose of EZ-Split is to take a large file and split it across multiple diskettes or into smaller pieces on a hard drive. 25KB 07-30-97 EXE to CAB converter ver 3.1 Convert SFX CAB (EXE) files distributed by Microsoft to non-SFX CAB files. For Windows 95. By Yuri Niyazov. FreeWare So you can tell what the hell is in an exe before running it 1MB 06-11-96 File Fission Wizard for Windows 95. A file splitting utility for Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51+
FI121.ZIP 222KB 01-15-98 File Investigator 1.21 for Win 95/NT: Identifies over 300 types of files by content rather than filename extension. ShareWare version. Extracts information out of many file types: image resolutions document titles etc.. Has background info on each file type. Identifies files that Windows doesn't recognize. Can correct wrong file extensions. Includes uninstaller 102KB 01-16-97 FiLister v0.3d lists files in dir structures to an external file liste.txt by dir\filename or by dir\filename and full file information (see above) (liste.txt: located on the temporary directory path).
FILECOMP.ZIP 492KB 05-14-98 Directory/File Compare Utility Version 4.98.150 Allows you to take a snap shot of a Directory/Sub-Directories and store them to a file. Then after running an install program or updating to new version of software you can load the existing Dir structure back in and click the 'Compare' button and it will show you all the files that have been changed added or deleted since you saved the structure 15KB 83KB 06-22-96 Change File Type the title makes this app pretty self explanatory. Basically its a Windows 95 Shell Extension that takes advantage of the Windows 95 Shell including obtaining shell icons and reading the registry for File Types. 759KB 11-14-97 File Manager Editor for Windows 95/NT - Ver 1.0b Built in Zip Manager Multiple Image Viewer Editor for Editing text files up to 60MB in size HTML Viewer and Editor + much much more and all from within the same program. Superb program for going through your web cache directory. 37KB 10-17-97 FileSplit v1.1 A utility designed to split large files into smaller files so that they can be placed on floppy disks or making downloadable files for users with slow modems. 90KB 09-07-97 GetDiz is a simple .Diz Viewer. 109KB 11-11-97 GetInfo is a simple .Nfo Viewer. 107KB 01-24-98 GTInstaller it`s a installation program that will created with Delphi 1.0. Using GTInstaller it`s very simple. 132KB 09-09-97 Klik-A-Dir is a program that offers a quick and easy alternative for exploring and maintaining your system. When using Klik-A-Dir you can browse your harddisk in a way that closely resembles the workings of the Start Menu. Just one click to start and one click when you reach the desired folder. 3KB 06-20-97 PathGrabber for Windows 95 There is still a few programs out there that make you type in a path and filename this can be a headache if its buried in sub-directorys. PathGrabber allows you to grab the path and filenames buried deep into sub-directorys so you dont have to try and type them out. 11KB 12-09-96 PEEK Version 1.1 for Windows95 and WindowsNT 4.0 Contextmenu Extension providing simple text extraction for any file. PEEK is a Shell contextmenu extension which allows you to extract only the text portion of files. 216KB 10-07-97 PropertiesPlus Windows 95/NT4.0 Ver1.58 PropertiesPlus is a free add-on for your Windows 95 Explorer. It adds additional functionality to your right-click menu under the menu option PropertiesPlus. Here you'll be able to modify file attributes file extensions and the time stamps of single files multiple files or files contained within the folders. Display the bytes allocated and the disk information. This program is simple to install and easy to use. 17KB 7KB 03-11-98 Recase 1.0.0 is an easy to use filename case-convertion tool. All upper all lower or mixed
RENGEN.ZIP 15KB 04-11-96 Move directory heirarchies that contain long filenames from one system to another using RenGen the file rename generator. Just prior to pkzip'ing the directory structure run RenGen at its root and redirect its output into a batch file. Zip this batch file up with the directory. On the receiving end unzip the directory then execute the batch file. All of your long filenames will be restored! 5KB 01-18-98 Splitter PRO for Windows 95 - command line edition v1.00 The command line edition of Splitter PRO does not need any special 'Runtime files' 6KB 09-18-97 This is a utility that converts all long filenames to lower case. Every time I have been messing around in my web work directory from DOS the filenames has been changed. It's a pain to manually rename them to lowercase so the web server and html stuff will recognise them. It renames ALL files in the given directory or the current if nothing on command line. 12KB 09-18-97 TREE200.EXE is a simple to use string (text) search and replacement utility. Running TREE200.EXE you can search for a specific string (text) case or not case-sensitive in any text file. With this program you can select any files anywhere on your computer or on the network and do search and replacement on them. If you like you can even replace a string in all the files in the current directory and in all the files in all the subsequent subdirectories - which I call tree-wide string replacement. 95 or NT 802KB 06-16-97 WinNc32 is a 32-bits File Manager for windows 95 (and NT). It has 2 panels where you can copy move edit files to and from. You can also connect to network resources. It can compress from and to files. Compression standards are included like Zip Winzip Arj Lha Mscompress Zoo Pak and Rar.

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