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program size description 150KB This desktop tray accessory provides the user with a pop-up biorythms screen. Graph shows Emotional Physical & Intellectual slopes over a 2-week forecast period. Updated version New features added! 24KB 10-18-97 NTInternals Blue Screen Screen Saver V1.0 One of the most feared colors in the NT world is blue. The infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) will pop up on an NT system whenever something has gone terribly wrong. Bluescreen is a screen saver that not only authentically mimcs a BSOD but will simulate the blue screen seen during a system boot complete with a fake chkdsk of disk drives that shows errors! Use Bluescreen to amaze your friends and scare your enemies! 192KB 10-14-97 Cobian Biorhythm Commander Version 2.0.1 67KB 01-02-98 PC CHEAT INFORMANT Version 1.1 a large database of cheats for over 300 games (and counting). Using the Cheat Informant you can easily search and print all the cheats you want for your favorite games.
CHEATS.ZIP 149KB 10-23-95 PRO CHEATER 1.0 -------FREEWARE------- Cheat your games with PRO CHEATER!!!! PRO CHEATER is a large database of cheats tricks and more.. for your games and applications. This version contains cheats to 583 games/programs. Totally FREE no registration needed. NEEDS VBRUN300.DLL to run. 211KB  
DIALWORD.ZIP 168KB 07-02-96 Dial-a-word was written in Visual c++ 4.0 and takes a phone number and displays all permutations of the phone letters available. Will also show you the number you need to request for a word(s). Plays tones for the phone keys andallows for saving the results to a file.
DIFFRACT.ZIP 144KB 07-18-96 Diffract Windows 95 only - This program generates color-enhanced pictures of diffraction patterns which I will call diffractals. One might guess that a diffractal is some kind of fractal but this is not quite correct. If you have ever looked through a toy microscope on high power you must have noticed the wild colorful speckled patterns and rings which resist any attempt to focus. Have you noticed the strange patterns of a street lights through the finely rippled glass of a bathroom window? 19KB 11-17-96 Hack-It! is a little program the I made for myself and a friend mainly for use with another wonderful program (I didn't write it but it's still a great program ;) Wintalk which brings up a small chat window and connects to another personon the net also running wintalk. We wanted to make it so the small chat window would stay above all other windows so we could work on other things without losing sight of the Wintalk window. 2MB 10-11-97 Ultra Hal (version 6.0) is a very good Artificial Intelligence (AI) Natural Language program. What does this mean? It basically means you can have a conversation with your computer! You can now chat with your computer! It is very fun! Ultra HAL can SPEAK LEARN and he even has EMOTIONS! Ultra HAL is very smart. Another great feature of Ultra HAL is that you can tell HAL to run programs that are on your computer! Ultra HAL is full of graphics and animation. He has his own voice and an animated face that show emotions! Ultra Hal can be used as an entertainment program an educational program a utility to run programs or if you take advantage of HAL's learning abilities you can even use him as an address/phone book
HP3FULL.ZIP 7MB 10-31-96 Home Planet is a Microsoft Windows application which calculates the position of the Earth Sun Moon planets asteroids comets and Earth satellites with high accuracy - very nice interface 311KB 04-12-97 Murphy97 is a compilation of hundreds of laws corollaries axioms rules maxims and other truisms. Place Murphy97 in your StartUp folder and it will present you with a different pearl of wisdom from Murphy and his cohorts every time you start Windows.
PCCHEAT.ZIP 143KB 04-13-98 Welcome to PcCheats (PC Games Cheats Codes) In this version you have 109 PC Games cheats codes.All the files must be in the same directory.Click on the button called 0-9 and PcCheats load the text file called 09.txt and he view all the cheats codes in this section. Continue with A B etc........... 1MB 03-01-98 Using the Snappy Answer Generator is easy, simply load up a .MAG file and click the "Random Answer" button to create snappy answers to questions like "What made the program crash.", etc... Make your own lists by typing into the list box's and pressing ENTER to add a item to the list. The you can save and distribute your own "Snappy Answer" files. 161KB 08-25-97 Super Chicken theme This is a Win95 (but not necessarily for only Win95!) theme based on a cartoon featuring yeah Super Chicken and his butler Fred (a lion). 12KB 06-06-97 Stars 6 (Scrolling Starfield) is my latest scrolling starfield It features: Multilayer stars Up to 12000 stars on screen! Buffering to eliminate shearing fps counter 495KB 11-07-93 This is version 18.21 of Fractint for Windows. Fractint for Windows requires Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or some Windows 3.1-equivalent environment (I've tested it under Windows for Workgroups and Windows NT).

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