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program size description 161KB 08-14-97 They flash. They wiggle. They jump off the screen! Animation Explosion gives you 42 Web-ready animations premium-quality animations
aolp20_32.exe 3MB  
BUDDY.ZIP 897KB 08-04-97 HTML BUDDY v1.2 is a freeware HTML Editor with several wizards& helpers i.e. color picker image browser or character table. It includes a HTML Reference in Windows helpfileformat and several sample graphics.
BUTTONS.ZIP 73KB 06-15-97 This is the self-contained version of the Magic Buttons tutorial-ette. This tutorial will help you add clickable "Magic Buttons" to your web pages using a few simple JavaScript commands.
CD2HTML.ZIP 270KB 05-15-97 CD2HTML v1.0b8 A very handy program that automatically makes html pages out of directories complete with links to the files icons of the files descriptions and if appliciable the index files even within rar zip or arj files. (This page was created using this program. OD) 69KB 01-15-98 CHECKWEB v1.1 - HTML links analyser : Scan HTML pages explore all the links and generate a log file with all errors Freeware. finds your BIG files and calculates average web download time. keep your pages small and lean - small - fast - free
CLEANUP.ZIP 994KB 04-07-97 CleanUp is an off-line algorithm for dumping unnecessary Web stuff from the WWW Author's Personal Computer. Using the Software over LAN is OK assuming co-workers are not sharing stuff that YOU don't need!!! The program will remove any unnecessary Images HTML Media and Audio files that you have (undoubtedly) in your Web FOLDER and will inform you about any missing WWW stuff. 121KB 03-02-96 A simple but quite slick CGI counter for win95 / NT
COUNTER-.ZIP 85KB 03-25-98 fly is a C program that creates GIF images on the fly from CGI and other programs. Using Thomas Boutell's gd graphics library for fast GIF creation it provides a command-file interface for creating and modifying GIF images.. 599KB 01-29-98 Crystal SiteUpdater - "The Digital Webmaster". One of the most boring things with having a website is to validate its links and update its files. This can take hours to do manually but with Crystal SiteUpdater you can do these tasks in seconds!. - Just tell the program where your website is located and it will automatically validate all the links on the site and update the site contents on the FTP server if you have changed it locally!. 66KB 08-10-97 The Java Applet to make rippling waves appear beneath any pic 38KB 07-08-97 The Gate Keeper is a cool snippet of JavaScript code that you can use to restrict access to some or all of your web pages without the need for any CGI scripting. Anyone who wishes to visit the protected pages will have to know the password. 62KB 12-27-97 HashInclude is a program which allows you to embed blocks of text in an HTML file before you place it on the server. The tasks which can be performed include: Including the same scrap of text in a number of files This is particularly useful for example to include the same menu copyright message or JavaScript code in all your web pages. If you change the text HashInclude will update all your files to reflect the change. Including the current date or the current time in a number of files 244KB 272KB 09-17-97 FREE version The HTML (Un)Compress tool will compress your HTML pages up to 20% without changing its look and feel in a browser which results in faster download times. If you want edit it afterwards once again you can uncompress it and the outlining will be done automatically. So it's also an ecxellent tool for formatting your pages for easy editing. 5KB 1015KB 11-03-97 HTML Executable includes a wizard called "HTMLExe Wizard" which creates executables with all your web pages and files (HTML pictures sounds videos text...). To create your presentations publications newspapers tutorials helps why not use the HTML possibilities ? With HTML Executable create a single file with all your web pages !!! Password protection dialogs personnalization custom messages default web pages and compression with ZIP technology.
HTMLPIX.ZIP 42KB 06-03-97 Bill Reid's HTML Pix 1.1 for Windows95 HTML Pix is yet another application that creates a HTML index of a folder of images offering the user a convenient method of generating thumbnail contact sheets. The thumbnails can be reduced to your choice of sizes and provides a hyperlink to the actual file.
IG32.ZIP 318KB 03-17-97 ImageGen for Windows 95 ImageGen is a freeware Windows 95 program that produces HTML Web pages consisting of small in-line JPEG or GIF images. These images can be clicked on in a Web browser (like Netscape) to see the full sized JPEG or GIF picture. It also creates clickable icons that link to files of any type.
INFOEVAL.ZIP 1MB 03-20-97 An easy free program to check out the links on your pages to find your own bad links yourself 28KB  
JQUOTE.ZIP 25KB 01-11-97 Bill Reid's JQuotes is an easy way to insert Javascript based "random quotes" functions into your web documents with a minimum of effort. Love those web pages that have a random "quote of the day" or "tip of the day"? Bill Reid's JQuotes will do the work for you. 98KB 07-31-97 LFS: LineFeed Stripper v1.10 a little tool I made to help me with my HTML files. It takes a file and removes all the linefeeds and returns in order to shrink the file down as much as possible. You end up with a one-line file. LFS will also remove html comments ( ) if you want to shrink the file down more. Note: LFS does recognize JavaScript and Server Side Includes and will not remove them when you specify to remove all HTML comments 791KB 09-19-97 Linkman is the URL manager you were searching for. Features: Load save convert sort and synchronize Navigator Bookmarks InterNet Explorer Favorites and the own file format generate webpages launch the links in the default browser highly configurable. 1MB  
perform.exe 28KB 1MB 11-02-97 Psyral Phobia I'll say this plain and simple: Psyral Phobia ENCODES your HTML document so that potential thieves can't steal what you have worked for. Your browser will then DECODE it when loaded.
PSTYLE12.ZIP 2MB 04-28-98 Prime Style Version 1.2 is a program which generates style sheet code through easy-to-use entry forms. It supports external style sheets (.css files) and inserts the code straight into your HTML or CSS documents 607KB 09-04-97 RegURL lets you register a site with the most importante search engines and directories. The program asks you to fill in a form off line. When you are done it will load your web browser and execute all the registrations at once. You will save up to 70% of the communication time. 137KB 09-04-97 RTF2HTML converts any RTF (Rich Text Format) file to HTML for web page designing. This means that you can use Microsoft's WordPad or Word to create an RTF file then convert it to HTML with RTF2HTML and out comes your web page. No need to know HTML!
SRHTML.ZIP 130KB 12-21-96 Handy utility to Searh and Replace EVERY instance of "xzy" into "xxyz2" in EVERY file in your html directory at once 380KB 01-04-1998 Table designer version 1.00 The purpose of this utility is to aid in building HTML tables filled with formatted data. HTML table designer lets you adjust cell padding cell spacing border width turn border on or off adjust the number of columns and rows add captions and center the table. The biggest advantage to this utility is the ability to use data from a text file using spaces as a delineator like Excel spreadsheets 68KB 09-28-97 Tek Gradator creates unlimited fantastic colorful gradated graphics without using any other applications. It is easy to use with its GUI and you can freely add texts and borders to the created image which can be copied to the clipboard and saved as BMP format as well. You can also save all the setting parameters of the image made by Tek Gradator based on which other works can be created 6KB 09-18-97 This is a utility that converts all long filenames to lower case. Every time I have been messing around in my web work directory from DOS the filenames has been changed. It's a pain to manually rename them to lowercase so the web server and html stuff will recognise them. It renames ALL files in the given directory or the current if nothing on command line.
TOOLINST.ZIP 224KB 07-27-97 HTML Toolbox (HTB). HTB is a collection of tools to help in the creation of web pages. It is NOT an HTML Editor. General HTML is a program that sets up the BASIC framework of a web page. Expert users may find this too simple for their tastes but it is great for a new HTML user to just set up the basics. 122KB  
TTM32_15.ZIP 910KB 05-01-98 TeraLogic Texture Maker 32 v1.5 generates seamless truecolor hi-resolution textures and background tile 7KB 03-21-98 URLcook v1.0 "cooks" URL-encoded data and results "prepared" decoded data . Often you receive URL-encoded data when someone submits an HTML form which uses a "mailto:address" action. URLcook lets you decode that data so you can read it. URLcook can be customized with a number of options. URLcook runs under Windows 95 98 NT 4.0 or any Win32 environment..
W2T32V12.ZIP 131KB 04-05-97 Web2Text v1.2/32-bit for MS Windows 95/NT HTML to ASCII text converter. Produces correctly-laid out documents keeps URLs visible better than any other converter that I've tried :) 382KB 10-02-97 PWM is a live video and audio server that looks like a web server to web clients. The audio web client client is a Netscape plugin and a mixer library
WEBPAGE1.ZIP 659KB 02-19-97 DESCRIPTION: An easy to use web page authoring tutorial written especially for Newbies. It will guide you gently though all the basics of html and web page design. 529KB 102KB 05-02-96 An NT counter - Count 2.3 for NT (intel) 637KB 11-04-97 XDLgen v. 1.1 Search Engine Generator and Links Checker XDLgen is the fastest way to build a search engine for your web site and give the good night kiss to the broken links nightmare. Although intended mainly for using in a web site you may find it useful to organize your HTML files in your local machine. No CGI required

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