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program size description 36KB 12-09-97 AutoBrowse is a free small tray utility for Windows 95/NT 4.0 which monitors the Windows clipboard for URL selections. When you select a URL in a text edit field of an application or in a text editor such as NTEmacs or (yow!) Notepad then copy the URL to the clipboard AutoBrowse will send that URL to your browser either automatically or after confirming the autobrowse. 103KB 02-10-97 AtomTime95 is a 32-bit Win95 Internet (Winsock) application which will connect to the Atomic Clock time server in Boulder CO and fetch the current atomic clock time value. It compares this value to your PC time and displays the difference. You then have the option of updating your PC clock to match the atomic clock value.
BIFF4WIN.EXE 35KB 263KB 509KB 710KB 05-15-97 Columbine Bookmark Merge v2.9. Netscape Microsoft Internet Explorer Mosaic and Opera accessory for merging editing sorting print and converting bookmark favorites hotlists and HTML files. Launch browser. Capture URLs. Create/delete/edit folders/URLs. Requires Win3.1 Win3.11 Win95 WinNT Netscape 2.0 or later or MSIE 3.0 or later or NCSA Mosaic. 1MB 03-30-98 Cyber-Info E-Mail NotifyCyber-Info E-Mail Notify (freeware) is an e-mail notification utility that can check multiple accounts for new mail and optionally delete spam. A pop up message with sound lets you know that mail has arrived or you can use various visual effects. You can launch an external mail reader or quickly view delete and send e-mail without having to load your full e-mail package. HTML-formatted mail can be viewed and there are a variety of spam filtering options available. You can also send Internet faxes. 123KB 11-20-97 ClickMail32 is a small program that lets you send an e-mail fast (well the e-mail doesn't go faster but creating it does). 22KB 10-04-97 simple program to check for Netscape Bookmarks - NOT for IE
CPURL201.ZIP 30KB 05-01-97 CopyURL is little FREEWARE shell extension for Windows95/NT4 that helps you to copy different information from your Internet Shortcut files to clipboard. Then you can simply paste it from clipboard to your e-mails HTML editor or other documents. It adds commands Copy URL Copy Link and Copy Name to the context-menu of Internet Shortcut files. 217KB 01-16-97 Dunce v2.52 Dial-Up Networking Connection Enhancement. Adds features to your DUN connections such as bypassing Connect To Auto Reconnect Automated Connections and Run Items. VERY SIMPLE - DEPENDABLE AS A ROCK 67KB 10-19-97 ** GET THIS ** Dial-Up Connection Meter is a small utility which will plot a real-time bar graph of actual transfer rate of your dial-up connection. * VERY small (it takes about 50K on disk). * Windows 95 does NOT work under NT * (i wish it did = this is one handy program - REALLY see what your modem is doing)
DYNAMO.ZIP 375KB 11-08-97 Dynamic DNS Registration Tool - Having a dynamic IP has been a real pain in the ass for a long time so I was pretty excited to hear about Monolith's project with Dynamic DNS. Different configuration problems made the other available clients not work for me so I developed my own. Have a Perm Net Address for your forever changing IP address. ** Otter-Dad Relies on this App - It Works **
EREMOV20.ZIP 177KB 04-26-98 Email Remover 2.0 A small yet efficient Win95 utility that will help you deleted unwanted mails without the hassle of having to download entire messages. It works by retrieving only the mail headers and let's you preview the first few lines of your messages. This program supports multiple accounts and can launch external email program upon exit
FASTCHAT.ZIP 901KB 2MB 08-26-97 freeDUM 1.10 introduces a new explorer style interface and an advanced new dialer which replaces the Windows 95 dialer automation used previously. The dialer can dial silently in the background while you do other tasks and then notify you by playing a defined wave file. 850KB 03-20-97 Welcome to fpArchie version 0.9 beta 1. fpArchie is an Archie client for Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51 or higher
GAUGES13.ZIP 475KB 01-22-98 Gauges Version 1.3 This program is designed to access weather information from over 2500 sites all over the world. Only US sites have forecasts so far. The gauges will display the Temperature barometric pressure relative humidity wind direction and speed. The gauges are only presented in English or Metric 201KB 12-14-97 allows private chat for CUSEEME - PC only 258KB 3MB 12-10-96 Ghost Mouse 1.1a GhostMouse records and plays Windows 95/NT system -level mouse events. Applications can be launched and terminated by GhostMouse as it runs as a separate task.
HSI386.ZIP 196KB 02-29-96 EMWAC HTTP SERVER 0.991 for Windows NT Version 0.991 of the Freeware EMWAC HTTP Server for Windows NT 2MB 11-22-97 ICQ is a revolutionary user-friendly Internet program that tells you who's online at all times. No longer will you search in vain for friends or associates on the 'net. With ICQ you can chat send messages and files play games or just hang out with your fellow 'netters while still surfing the net.
IETP.ZIP 16KB 06-10-97 The Internet operates over a variety of protocols such as HTTP FTP Gopher etc. One of the protocols that the Internet also incorporates is the Echo protocol. The Echo protocol which runs on port 7 allows the server and client to test connection by circulating messages. IETP (Internet Echo Test Program) allows you to test your echo connection without knowing how to use the Echo protocol. 3MB 02-05-98 Legion - The Host Master - Be Your Own DNS - No matter how hot your computer nor how fast your modem your ISP is slowing you down. Your 23 million megahertz machine with your 50 gigabit satellite connection doesn't mean squat when it takes 5 or 10 seconds for some over-worked DNS to give you an answer. LEGION can and will remove that bottleneck. That's all you ask and that's what LEGION does period. 373KB 02-10-98 Linkman helps you manage the bookmarks or favorites that you've collected from the Web. It lets you load save convert and sort links as well as search and generate Web pages. Certain tasks can be performed automatically. Links are launched in your default browser. Many of the options in this program are highly configurable giving you added control over your link management. An url database with 2500+ links is included. 227KB 06-11-97 Email Manipulator features: - Preview your messages without downloading - Select any mail to delete from your server remotely instead of fetching the entire batch - Delete your mailbox contents - up to 10 messages per second - Send out a brief email without loading a formal mail program 148KB 10-21-97 The AOL Message Tosser - get rid of that damn aol - "do you wish to stay connected" after 45 minutes crap 794KB 12-20-97 Internet Relay Chat MIRC version 5.3 92KB 19KB 01-27-96 MODEMSTA LITE 1.0: A minimal modem status indicator for Win3 and Win95. FREEWARE! 178KB  
MULTINET.ZIP 435KB 05-09-97 MultiNet is a small program that sit on your Win95 System Tray (Beside the taskbar clock) and background check your mail accounts for new messages detect your Net connection and then launch your favorites apps or adjust adjust your PC clock using a Time Server! It also run as an Identification Server(IdentD) calculate the time you spend on the 'Net and also include a ClipBoard URL Watcher feature This version allow to connect an existing dialup networking connection to check mail 2MB 12-16-96 This program will post your Internet Address in dot notation ( to your Internet Service Providers (ISP) web server (i.e. where your web pages are located) via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 147KB 10-05-96 NetMon is a replacement for the modem lights provided by Microsoft Windows 95. When NetMon is activated it collects and stores data about the throughput of your internet connection and displays it in a real-time graph. 29KB 1MB 08-21-97 ** GET THIS ** Net Vampire 2.4 This program is a fully automatic FTP and HTTP file downloader. It will start at the time you specified and make as many attempts to download the file as you tell it. Net Vampire resumes broken connections and restarts download at current position for both FTP and Web servers. To start file retrieval just drag-and-drop a URL from your browser!
NX201.ZIP 259KB 02-17-97 News Xpress Version 2.0 (NX) is a USENET news reader for MS Windows 95/NT. It was designed to provide as many features as possible while keeping its interface simple for ease of use. Features of NX - Supports threads. - Conforms to MIME. - Supports killfile. - Supports multiple signatures. - Supports UUdecode and Base64 for decoding binary attachments automatically. - Displays inline JPEG image. - Accesses URLs embedded in articles simply by double-clicking them
PINGPLUS.ZIP 1MB 08-03-97 PingPlus is a new freeware Internet utility designed for Windows 95 and Windows NT. It is an easy to use fully configurable and multithreaded program with a great user interface. PingPlus allows an Internet user to: - ping a remote host over the network - trace the route to a remote host over the network - look up a domain name from it's IP address or an IP address from it's domain name - check up the localhost and the Winsock data 23KB  
PPV10.ZIP 148KB 06-24-97 Are you constantly being disconnected from your ISP due to inactivity? PingPong is a utility which will keep PPP connection alive! PingPong will ping a server at a random user editable interval with a random packet size between 32-64 bytes. Just the thing to keep those PPP connections alive. 74KB 12-31-97 SOLWAY'S INTERNET SEARCH v1.7: A small and fast FREEWARE program enabling you to search up to ELEVEN search engines simultaneously or display the results of up to FOUR search engines on one screen (provided that your web browser can handle frames). ** WITHOUT ALL THE STUPID ADS ** 192KB 06-11-97 Task Trooper dials your Internet Provider performs a variety of tasks then hangs up automatically. No user input required! Just set the time to dial in what actions to run once connected and start the timer. Task Trooper handles the connection downloads mail checking plus disconnection fully automated. run programs - download news - download weather maps (very handy) Download World Wide Web file 7KB 03-21-98 URLcook v1.0 FREEWARE by Oleg Rekutin URLcook "cooks" URL-encoded data and results "prepared" decoded data. Often you receive URL-encoded data when someone submits an HTML form which uses a "mailto:address" action. URLcook lets you decode that data so you can read it. URLcook can be customized with a number of options. URLcook runs under Windows 95 98 NT 4.0 or any Win32 environment. 47KB 08-17-97 VSOCKS Light is a simple basic SOCKS firewall proxy server. Install it on a Windows 95/NT PC with a modem connection to the Internet and a connection to your LAN and you can use the Internet from anywhere on your LAN (you need the TCP/IP protocol on your network).
WD22ENG.ZIP 195KB 07-03-97 The main goal of Web Downloader is to copy some HTML pages with images and links to our Web server. A Partial / Full Site ripper 34KB 06-16-96 Watchdog Mail Monitor Windows Sockets E-Mail Client Application Watchdog Mail Monitor is a POP3 mail checker. 124KB 16KB  
WG1317.ZIP 265KB 10-17-96 WinGate is basically a multiple proxy server Telnet server FTP Server SOCKS (V4.0) server and extra bits rolled into one. WinGate will allow users on a Local Area Network (LAN) that is not directly connected to the Internet to access the Internet via a single machine on the LAN which is connected either via a dial-up modem / ISDN connection or second Ethernet interface. ** if you have two machines the license is free ** 95KB 01-06-98 WinBouncer 1.0 Beta Port redirector for win32 useful for redirecting to IRC etc. Ident server included. 85KB 07-17-97 Winping 1.1 for Windows NT/95 by Rob van de Fliert (the Netherlands) 01-1997 238KB 08-21-97 This program is designed to access weather information from over 2400 sites all over the world. Only US sites have forecasts so far. 2KB 08-17-96 ZealStat for WARftpd (c) 1996 Zeal A neat util to auto-create TopUploader list for WARftpd.

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