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Sorry Folks - out of the Hundred Plus programs I got last week only these 20 were worth posting.

Remember - NEW mean New programs I've found - Not necessarily Newly Written Programs. Don't let "old" software fool you. Some of my most trusted apps are years old, but do the trick every time.

program size description
32PAFT.ZIP 1MB 05-16-98 AutoFTP is client software for transferring files over the Internet. FEATURES: Schedule auto-transfers for future date/time Automatic dial connect Activity log Installs on Icon Tray Assistant will guide you through the process of uploading downloading and scheduling transfers Multiple simultaneous transfers
BBAD100.ZIP 975KB 05-29-98 Binary Boy Attachment Finder searches internet newsgroups for pictures sounds and other attachments matching your search criteria then downloads and decodes the files. Features: A scheduler for unattended downloads. Easy searching and filtering using AND OR and NOT. Fast - Typically discards 1,000 or more unwanted articles in minutes on a 28.8k connection. Search and filter globally within a list of groups or specific to a newsgroup. Assembles split uuencoded files.Decodes MIME base-64 74KB 02-25-98 (v1.6.3) Blat - Windows NT utility to send SMTP mail from the command line (Intel version) Useful for sending mail from automated jobs HTML CGI scripts etc. Includes source code
CLOSE_PO.ZIP 8KB 06-16-98 Close Pop Up - Closes those annoying automatic popup brower windows that Geo-Cities and other sites loves so much
COPYREG.ZIP 34KB 10-02-95 ** ADVANCED USERS ONLY ** COPYREG v1.90: Copies registry subtree from one computer to another (inc. dynamic loading and unloading of hive files)
COVERNS4.ZIP 171KB 01-14-98 Cover Your Tracks for Windows 95. The purpose of this program is to clear the location pull-down bar in Netscape 4.x and thus insure your own privacy. This program will allow you to clear the URLs in the bar completely or replace them with one of three sets of "decoy" URLs. Use this program to keep the sites you've visited secret from the eyes of others
DIRW10.ZIP 129KB 05-12-98 Directory Watcher is a useful program if you wish to know what changes are made to a program in your directories. You can select which folders to watch. Run the program once. And then run every time you want to see what files have been added deleted or modified in your directories. (for example: You can know which "dll" files are added to your system setup program.
FASTNET.ZIP 3MB 05-22-98 FASTNET v2.0 is a freeware Internet utility designed for Windows 95/98/NT. Using Fastnet you will speed up your web browser every time you want to connect on Internet by speeding up DNS lookups. If you have a Windows 95/98/NT based system that runs a TCP/IP stack to communicate you can enjoy Fastnet
HIDEME11.ZIP 232KB 05-18-98 HideMe is a small application to make your desktop more roomy. This utility allows you to hide away any window from desktop and taskbar. Sometimes its very useful and even necessery. For example such windows as CD Player or Download window are often useless on the desktop. Now its very easy to get they off from eyes. Just stir up HideMe
K-CMOS32.ZIP 39KB 09-27-96 Bypass forgotten CMOS passwords or corrupt CMOS settings - KillCMOS basically "resets" your computer's CMOS settings to the factory defaults. Works with ALL CMOS. KiLLCMOS only changes checksums & values that makes the motherboard CMOS revert back to factory defaults. ** IT DOES NOT ReProgram your CMOS like a FLASH ROM Writer does. ** IT DOES NOT DAMAGE Hardware. KiLLCMOS reads/writes to areas of the CMOS that gets written to everyday the difference is the VALUES that we give it(cmos)
KILLDOCS.ZIP 11KB 03-11-98 Kill Docs v1.02 Double click tray icon to empty documents folder. Can optionally empty the documents folder every 1 minute 2 mins 3 mins 4 mins or every 5 mins
KILLER.ZIP 9KB 06-14-98 File&FolderKiller for Win95 and Win3x (not tested on Windows NT) was written to delete temporary files which will not be deleted by the apps that have created them. Some people have also written expensive programs to search and delete temporary files. All this is not necessary when you create a folder that is used for all temporary files (the temp folder). The next step is to tell your system where this folder can be found. The last step is to delete the folder contents any time you start your system. And exactly here appears the problem because many installation programs also create temp files to use after you have restarted your system. File&FolderKiller gives you the option to cancel the delete process during your restart (i.e. when you know that you have installed a new application). It is also possible to setup different configurations in kill-files
LOTRMAP.ZIP 629KB 06-08-98 V4Software LOTR Map for Windows '95 v 0.6 LOTR Map is a digital atlas of Middle-Earth the imaginary world created by JRR Tolkien. LOTR Map has lists with places in 2 languages. Searching for places on the map is very easy. The files that contain the lists can be edited with the program in an easy way. Freeware 46KB 03-07-97 Netdate v. 2.00. I wrote netdate to synchronise my desktop PC's clock with my Unix server. The program requires that you give it a host which is providing the time service on Port 37 (most if not all unix boxes although some may block this service). Getting time from a unix box you know is using NTP will give you the most accurate time on your desktop PC. This program seems to be accurate to within about +/- 1 sec.
NEWFOLDE.ZIP 5KB 06-10-98 NewFolder for Windows 95 (not tested on Windows NT) Version 1.30 NewFolder was written for the people who have ever missed the option for creating a new folder from the context-menu of an Explorer drive or directory. NewFolder works with an invisible running batch file which will create up to five new folders after you were prompted to type in their names.
PASSGEN1.ZIP 211KB 06-15-98 Password Generator 1.0 is a utility which produces Alpha Numeric and Pseudo Word Passwords. It will produce passwords with mixed upper or lower case letters. Password Generator is Freeware for Windows 95/NT4
SCRAPPY.ZIP 562KB 05-29-98 Scrappy '98+ Pro With this small application you have a program which * Gives five pages to Paste/Copy/Cut text to and from. * Opens text pages you have selected to save automatically at startup. * Resides in the system tray next to the clock. * Launches six predefined programs and allows you to add two other applications to the QuickButtons. * Allows you to set a simple reminder alarm
SURFER14.ZIP 326KB 04-07-98 Secret Surfer is a password tracker for your web browser that remembers the different logins for all your favorite sites. Instead of the usual "pick a site from the menu" password utilities Secret Surfer scans for keywords and fills in your customized login for those sites. And Secret Surfer works transparently without needing your interaction
TEXVEW10.ZIP 263KB 05-27-98 TexView 3.0 - Free fast texture browser. Allows easy viewing of tiled texture or background bitmaps in .BMP .JPG and .GIF formats. Includes some sample textures
TRANSPAR.ZIP 40KB 06-12-98 Transparent v4.0 This utility will turn your Windows 95 or NT desktop icon text backgrounds transparent; allowing your wallpaper to show through. Starting with version 4 you can also change the icon text color! It's completely free with no splash and is only 19k. It can optionally stay in memory to automatically fix the transparency if your desktop gets changed or reset.

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