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program size description
CRYPTER.ZIP 422KB 02-15-98 The CrashCourse Crypter This program will add the option to encrypt or decrypt files to the right-click menu of any file or files you currently have highlighted. This program is written in 32-bit Delphi for Windows 95 only
CryptoFile.ZIP 163KB  
DL499.ZIP 2MB 04-14-98 Desktop-Lok is a utility developed to lock your desktop when you walk away from your computer or when your computer starts up. When running it displays a Virtual desktop as a camouflage making it seem as if the desktop is not locked. When the user clicks on one of the standard icons a dialog will pop up prompting the user for a password. This utility also disables all multitasking keys so the user wont be able to access the Taskbar Task Manager or any application on the desktop. Please note: Make a backup of your registry files in case you forget your password or misspelled it you can have access to your system. 52KB 04-07-98 JBoot 6.1! for Windows 95 is the updated FREEWARE security system for Windows 95! ** ADVANCED USERS ONLY ** 24KB 01-26-98 Mince 1.0 Right click on a .txt file in Windows Explorer and select Mince-Encrypt. Type in a password type the same password again in the second box and click on Encrypt. Mince will now encrypt your file and give it the mce extention. These files can be decrypted by doubleclicking them and entering the password (and clicking the Decrypt button). Caution! It's IMPOSSIBLE to decrypt a file if you don't remember the password! 104KB 05-15-97 Encryptor 4.1 is designed to give you the power to keep your confidential files - confidential by allowing you to encrypt your files using the method of your choice. Several of these are among the most powerful known to date. These include DES Triple DES and IDEA (TM). I have also included my own personal creation JLG. Encryption using combinations of methods are also included. The encryption methods used in this program were chosen because the strength of the encryption is based on the key (password) length. 16KB 11-29-97 RESCUE is a Windows 95 Recovery program.backup and restore the following files :Autoexec.bat Config.sys IO.sys MSDOS.sys Protocol.ini System.da0 System.dat System.ini User.da0 User.dat and Win.ini. RESCUE automatically runs every time your computer is started. 75KB 192KB 02-05-98 Do you realize that much of your ClipBoard contents (Copy Cut and Paste operations) could have got into your Windows 95 swap file from where it may be retrieved even after your PC has been shut down? Are you aware that much of your data loaded into the RAM only could have landed up in the swap file where it may stay for a long time? Are you concerned with safety of your login data including ISP accounts Hotmail FTP and PGP passwords and private or sensitive documents? The solution is simple - overwrite your swap file!
SHREDDER.ZIP 181KB 06-22-97 when you really absolutely positively want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a file is gone gone gone 128KB 01-22-98 A windows 95 (only) shell lock program - protect your desktop
SWAPFOVE.ZIP 191KB 02-02-98 Swap File Overwriter for Windows 95 - Safe removal of your Windows 95 swap file to protect your passwords and other sensitive and confidential data

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