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program size description 410KB 05-06-96 This Program's Name is 'AllSee Beta 8 '. It's Name Pronounced In My Language is 'DaVoYer'. It is Simple! & Easy! to use. Please Check the option 'Show HintBubble' for Help. It support JPG GIF TIF BMP PCX DCX PIC Image File. You can See Image explorer like user interface.
CAPTURE.ZIP 166KB 07-02-97 capture.exe is a program for capturing portions of the screen and saving them as Window's BMP files. This version of the program is freeware (if you really wish to send me money I will gladly take it :-) Very Easy Very Fast Very FREE Happy capturing! 34KB 03-26-96 CU-Doodle is a screen capture driver for Windows 3.1 for use with CU-SeeMe. Instead of capturing video from a frame grabber or digitizing board CU-Doodle captures whatever appears in a 160x120 'capture area' on the screen. A camera is not required. 20KB 10-16-97 DLand (3-D Landscape generator) Draw a 3-D landscape (land/lakes only at the moment) When the landscape is animating press space when you see one you like. The program will then glob and smooth the landscape and render it in 3D. Hit space when you've seen enough then Enter to quit.
ICONX32.ZIP 107KB 03-11-98 Icon Extractor loads and displays the ICON resources found in a file and allows you to select icons to be saved as individual ICO files. You can also copy the currently selected icon to the Windows Clipboard. Icon Extractor reads DLL EXE ICO ICL IL and NIL icon file formats.
IVIEW280.ZIP 296KB 05-05-98 - ** GET THIS ** IrfanView32 is a fast FREEWARE image viewer/converter for Win95/NT. Reads EVERYTHING. Supported file formats: JPG/JPEG GIF BMP DIB RLE PCX PNG TIFF TGA RAS/SUN ICO AVI WAV MID RMI WMF EMF PBM PGM PPM IFF/LBM PSD CPT MPG/MPEG MOV and Photo-CD(Overview Photo-CD support). features: Preview option Drag&Drop support fast directory view (fast moving through directory) slideshow batch conversion print option change the color depth scan support cut/crop and many many more 114KB 03-27-98 "Another Lens" displays a magnified view of the area of the mouse cursor. Quite handy, for example, for drawing software. The window contents can be locked, and saved to a file or copied to the clipboard for taking screenshots. Several additional options, like crosshairs, resizing the window and hiding the caption bar and/or main menu. Stays on top of other windows optionally. Note for fellow programmers: Full source code included (Delphi 2.01).
QRES0100.ZIP 36KB 01-22-97 qres version 0.4 beta - change your windows resolution on the fly 1MB 12-01-96 The program RT is a raytracer with the following features: ( Ray Casting and Ray Tracing ( Antialiasing ( Depth bitmap for stereogram ( VRML 1.0 output ( Texture mapping ( from bitmap Windows .bmp with 24 bit color ) Models of illumination ( Phong Sources of light ( Lamp ) ( Point ( Cone ( Area Geometric Models ( Box ( Sphere ( Cylinder ( CSG General ( Boundary Representation ( with Phong interpolation ) ( Bezier mesh ( Polyline The program reads a text file which describes the scene and returns a bitmap file.

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