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program size description 247KB 12-15-97 a handy little app to remove leftover entries from the add/remove programs list once you've already removed the actual program 29KB 08-15-97 StartMenu Cleaner is a freeware utility which cleans the Start Menu by removing unneeded shortcuts and folders. Most applications adds folders and shortcuts to the Start Menu. The problem is when you remove the program its folders and shortcuts sometimes remains in the Start Menu. This can make your Start Menu somewhat messy. StartMenu Cleaner scans all shortcuts in your Start Menu and removes empty folders and shortcuts which points to files that no longer exist.
CLEANDOC.ZIP 3KB 02-12-97 CleanDocMenu (C) 1997 RonSoft.Here's how I use this one.Make a shortcut to it on the Start Menu.Go to properties in that shortcut. Choose Run Minimized.Now You just have to go to this icon in the start menu and voila it's cleaned !. 15KB 12-01-97 CLEAR is a simple program that CLEARS the files out of the folders cookies, history ,recent ,a.k.a. start menu documents, temp, temporary internet files, in Windows. 584KB 03-19-98 ** ADVANCED USERS ONLY ** CleanMenu comes as a complete substitution for the standard "Add/Remove programs..." dialog box. in addition to the familiar Add/Remove button this utility provides two more functions: Delete the selected entry will remove the currently selected entry from the list without performing uninstallation of any kind to remove those invalid and left-behind entries "Clean List" will scan through the list and remove all invalid entries automatically. ** READ THE README.TXT BEFORE USING - IF YOU DO NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS PROGRAM IS DOING THEN DO NOT EXECUTE IT ** 69KB 09-12-97 Clean System Directory - v1.5 This program scans your system looking for all references to DLL files in your Windows system directory. Those DLL files in the system directory that have no programs calling on them can be moved out of the system directory saving disk space and improving system performance. For experienced users. Win 3.1 & Win 95 171KB 02-13-98 StartEd gives you direct control over programs activated from the Windows95 registry whenever your machine is rebooted. The key areas are Run and Run Services from which such products as schedulers servers and mouse add-ons are typically loaded. StartEd shows you what's currently in those boot operations with the power to edit delete or add to the entries. You can use this tool to simply view what is being loaded from the registry without having to change any information.
SFO1.ZIP 191KB 02-02-98 Swap File Overwriter for Windows 95 The purpose of the program is Safe removal of your Windows 95 swap file to protect your passwords and other sensitive and confidential data
SMCLNR.ZIP 2MB 10-30-96 Don't know if you have already seen how grows Windows 95 while using it. That's because many programs let temporaries files on the hard drive. So we decided to make a program that delete them all for us. As we were satisfied by this program we decided to give it to all people who were in the same case as we were. So if you use Windows 95 if you never clean your system then you need Smart Cleaner

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