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The Party

Character sketches for each PC will be coming in the next couple days, followed by character sheets and full character descriptions.

The Norman Lady (played by Esther): The daughter and only child of a Norman nobleman. She has broken with traditonal societal values by taking up the arms and armor of a knight. The party leader.

The Runic Sorcerer (played by Tim): The bastard son of a Swedish landesmann. He is small and weak, but has begun studying runic magic.

Alfonso, the priest (played by Charles): A Basque priest, far from home. He says that his father was a knight in the Kingdom of Pamplona, and that he, himself, took up arms against the Muslims despite being ordained a priest. But he hides a terrible secret in his past.

Einar, the archer (played by Jose): A viking from the pagan Jarldom of Orkney. He has followed in his father's footsteps as a poor, but free, warrior who serves as an archer on the ships.

The Peasant Visionary (played by Mike): The son of an Anglo-Saxon churl. He has humble origins in a peasant village, but he has seen holy visions of saints and angels. This has led him to take up holy orders, and begin training to be a priest.

The Monk (played by Dan): The son of an mostly-unemployed layabout in a German town. While he isn't the brightest guy, he didn't inherit his father's laziness, and is a novice in a monastery. God has gifted him with miraculous powers.