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Dungeons & Dragons

Welcome to the RPG site of G.L. Dearman. This site exists to provide pen-and-paper roleplaying gamers with all sorts of supporting material. I hope to eventually have general advice on roleplaying and gamemastering, notes on specific systems, open game material for the D20 system, and useful game links here.

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General Roleplaying

These pages will contain tips on gamemastering and gaming in general. This will all be non-rules-system-specific stuff (i.e., it won't be “crunchy”). Right now, I am preparing some pages on how to be a better gamemaster to be uploaded. Until then, there are no pages in this section.

Fantasy Wargaming

This was a fantasy RPG released in 1981, that promptly bombed. It was never widely played, and has now completely disappeared. It was heavily criticised for being badly written, overly complicated, preachy, and politically incorrect. It did have some intriguing points, however, and I’ve always been curious. I’ve talked my gaming group into giving it a go, for a laugh. This section has background information for them, plus details on our FW experiment.

Dungeons & Dragons

Right now, this is empty. If I publish any d20 open game material, I'll put it here. I'll also put house rules here whenever I run a game again.


Useful RPG links, divided by category.

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