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Episode: 0402
Title: A Christmas Carol
(adapted from the Charles Dickens classic)
Air Dates: First Run - December 24, 1975
Repeat - December 24, 1976
Repeat - December 24, 1977
Repeat - December 24, 1978
Repeat - December 24, 1979
Repeat - December 24, 1980
Repeat - December 24, 1981
Plot: E. G. Marshall stars as Scrooge in this classic dramatization of Charles Dickens' immortal tale. A miserly old man is visited by three spirits that show how heartless he is and the potential consequences of his evil if he does not change his ways.
Actors: Marian Seldes
E. G. Marshall
Ian Martin
Evie Juster
Robert Dryden
William Redfield
Writer: Ian Martin