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0001 - 0100

0001 - The Old Ones Are Hard to Kill

An old woman takes on a border who is ill. As he dies, he makes a strange deathbed confession that gets her into trouble.

0002 - The Return of the Moresbys

A man kills his wife after he finds out she gave all their money away. He is sure she has come back to life as a cat to torment him.

0003 - The Bullet

A man accidently dies and is sent back to Earth to exchange places with the intended victim.

0004 - Lost Dog

A woman's husband doesn't understand her fear of dogs. After he brings one home, she turns it against him.

0005 - No Hiding Place

A man who is about to become CEO of his father-in-law's corporation is blackmailed for a horrible misdeed in his past.

0006 - Honeymoon with Death

When a young woman comes home from her honeymoon, her husband vanishes and her sister tells her the entire marriage was a dream. She tries to convince a young cop that her husband was murdered.

0007 - I Warn You Three Times

A woman's husband gets out of the car in a snowstorm in New York city to clear the car windows and vanishes into thin air. The reasons for his disappearance are compelling.

0008 - Cold Storage

When a man finds out his deceased mother is actually alive, he locks her in the basement so he can inherit her home and her wealth.

0009 - Death Rides a Stallion

A Lothario is tormented by the ghost of a woman he used who later died in a horse riding accident.

0010 - The Resident

A retired woman moves from the city to the country and is tormented by a cat and a young woman who move in against her will. The cat's name is Evil.

0011 - Accounts Receivable

A son brings his ailing, paroled father home from prison. Meanwhile, he must find $15,000 to buy out his business partner or lose his business.

0012 - You Can Die Again

A man is convinced that he murdered his wife. He is also convinced that he has been having an affair with another woman. However, he can't convince a police detecitve of either.

0013 - A Ring of Roses

While visiting a friend in the country, a young couple stumble across a ghostly scene of a man trying to whip a little girl. They find themselves wrapped up in a family curse and an old murder -- tied to a ring.

0014 - The Girl Who Found Things

A couple takes in a young delinquent girl with a talent for finding lost objects -- and dead bodies.

0015 - The Chinaman Button

A man desperate for money is offered the chance to make a fortune. All he has to do is commit an anonymous murder where he won't even have to see the victim.

0016 - Dead for a Dollar

Two men meet at a bar and plot to murder the businessman who swindled them. When they are pre-empted by somebody else, they are left to pay the price while receiving none of the rewards.

0017 - A Very Old Man

A very old man has the power to see through people and heal them with his touch.

0018 - And Nothing but the Truth

A college professor confesses to a hit-and-run accident to cover-up the fact that it was his son that was driving the car. A young detective suspects the truth, but can't convince his boss of it.

0019 - Deadly Honeymoon

On her honeymoon, a woman learns that her husband may have killed two other wives on their honeymoon.

0020 - Speak of the Devil

A young bride is tormented by a demon after attending a seance just before her wedding.

0021 - The Ring of Truth

A father destroys his daugter's relationship with a man by forcing her to offer testimony against him in a vehicular homicide case. Several lives are ruined.

0022 - Time and Again

A clock repairman finds a strange clock that grants him an extra hour each day. The price is just a small amount of blood.

0023 - Three Women

A writer's publisher wants him to change the end of a book to more fully exploit the heroine. He is afraid because he fears the character he created is really alive.

0024 - The Man Who Heard Voices

A successful attorney is haunted by the voice of the wife he killed in a mercy killing ten years prior. It threatens the relationship he is having with his new girlfriend. He started an affair with her shortly after his wife had fallen ill.

0025 - Mother Love

A young woman, unable to conceive, seeks out a fortune teller who says she can help her have a baby for $6,000 and a strange favor.

0026 - The Man Who Asked for Yesterday

A man is gunned down by his wife. When he arrives in the afterlife, he begs to be allowed to live the last part of his life over.

0027 - Dead Ringer

A woman finds a man who looks exactly like her husband. She uses him to help murder her husband.

0028 - A Ghostly Game of Death

A ghost hunter tries to drive the ghost of an old sea captain's wife out of a house so a new buyer can tear it down to build condominiums.

0029 - The Sign of the Beast

An impetuous female archeologist violates the customs of a local tribe by offering them praise. Then she steals their artifacts and suffers the wrath of the Gods.

0030 - Here Goes the Bride

A woman arrives at her new husband's estate to find the spirit of his former wife, who died under suspicious circimstances, still haunts the place.

0031 - The Lady Was a Tiger

An out of work newspaper reporter is framed for murder in Paris, France by a georgous double agent spy.

0032 - After the Verdict

A young lawyer finds out the man he defended for murder is actually guilty. He must decide how to put things right.

0033 - Conspiracy to Defraud

A federal drug agent goes to France to trace heroin shipments. A Greek drug dealer torments him and his new love interest.

0034 - The Deadly Hour

An insecure man goes insane after finding out that his wife is having an affair. He does not speak for many years. Then, when he does speak, he confesses to a psychiatrist that he trapped a couple in a cave to listen to them die.

0035 - Dead Man's Mountain

A developer wants to develop a cursed mountain. Everyone who climbs the mountain loses what they love the most.

0036 - A Dream of Death

A college professor becomes convinced that he is reincarnated. He is worried that he will be punished for breaking a 200 year old engagement.

0037 - Dig Me Deadly

A lady detective is asked to work on a case that involves a woman's hands attached to an ancient skeleton when archeology students uncover a strangely decomposed body in the Arizona desert.

0038 - Under Grave Suspicion

A rocky marriage takes an unexpected and frightening turn when a hurricane hits their sea side cottage.

0039 - A Lady Never Loses Her Head

After a whirlwind romance, an American woman marries an aristocratic Brit. When she moves into her husband's manor house, she is haunted by a headless specter on horseback who bears a striking resemblence to herself.

0040 - The Walking Corpse

A Banana Republic dictator uses an army of zombies to take over a small island country. An American couple on their honeymoon stumble into his plot.

0041 - Blizzard of Terror

A couple with marital difficulties are forced to seek refuge from a blizzard in a remote cabin. They find it inhabited by a man who might be a serial killer.

0042 - Sea Fever

A jealous sea captain sends men to their deaths for even looking at his wife. Unfortunately, some men just can't resist.

0043 - The Walls of Jericho

A steward of a mens club finds that he is able to conjur ghostly apparitions from his imagination that get out of control.

0044 - The Horla

A man becomes obsessed with a ship in the harbor he is convinced contains a terrible evil that is the doom of mankind. He believes that his body is being consumed by an invisible presence.

0045 - The Horse That Wasn't for Sale

A woman is forced to sell most of her father's horses after he dies. She holds on to the best horse -- much to the consternation of her father's competitors.

0046 - The Edge of Death

A farmer finds a mysterious case and a man without a mouth who is looking for it. He is sure it holds a miracle cure for the illness that is killing his wife.

0047 - A Choice of Witnesses

A professional balckmailer is targeted by his victims who hatch an elaborate plan to get rid of him.

0048 - Out of Sight

A female astronaut is sure their flight into space is doomed because of her presence. They are tormented by aliens they cannot see.

0049 - Prognosis Negative

A fake medium takes in a military-created psychopath to enhance her con game. She is playing with fire while the military searches for their lost soldier.

0050 - This Will Kill You

A demonologist puts a curse on a newspaper writer who gives his book a bad review. The only way he can get rid of his death curse is to pass it along to someone else.

0051 - A Long Time to Die

A criminologist and an American Indian swap lives and find they are unable to deal with their new and strange surroundings. One must testify before Congress, the other before a tribal council.

0052 - The Sending

A college professor uses black magic to gain years for his wife at the expense of unwitting co-eds whose souls he sells to a demon.

0053 - The Creature from the Swamp

A man rescues a woman from quicksand in a swamp. She claims to be chased by a swamp creature.

0054 - The Thing in the Cave

Two couples are trapped in a cave with its notorious resident.

0055 - A Sacrifice in Blood

A pair of archeologists find a baby boy in an Aztec temple of evil. They decide to raise the boy as their own -- much to their regret.

0056 - A Little Night Murder

A serial killer stalks women in the city to fulfill a promise he made to them when he was a child -- a promise to kill them.

0057 - The Fall of the House of Usher

Adaptation of Poe's classic tale of a madman and his catalyptic sister. Her illness and his fears bring about not only the fall of a house, but the fall of a family as well.

0058 - Sea of Troubles

With the help of his brother, a man plots to murder his wife for her money while crossing the Atlantic on a ship.

0059 - Frankenstein Revisited

A news team plans to cover the 400th anniversary of the death of Baron Von Frankenstein. When they get there, they find that Dr. Frankenstein and his creation might still be around -- and looking for fresh blood.

0060 - The Ghost at the Gate

A man continues his love affair with his wife and his mistress after he is dead.

0061 - Ordeal by Fire

A man and his daughter end up in wheel chairs with 3rd degree burns for refusing to give a million dollars to a man with strange control over fire. She asks her boyfriend to try to help her father who is turning his home into a fortress.

0062 - The Diary of a Madman

A judge chronicles his secret life of random, dispassionate murder.

0063 - Death by Whose Hands

Set at the turn of the century, a surgeon transplants the hands of a gifted musician to the man who was his rival. The consequences are deadly.

0064 - It's Simply Murder

A mouse of a man who dreams of getting away from his domineering wife gets caught up in a plot to kill her, rob a bank, and run off with an admiring woman -- all in one weekend.

0065 - The Unearthly Gift

The cook for a lumberjack camp has the ability to foresee events. When she has a horrible premonition involving the new man in camp, she decides to act to prevent another death.

0066 - The Black Cat

A man marries a woman for her money then finds life with her and her cat unbearable. The cat convinces him that he will murder his wife.

0067 - The Pharoah's Curse

A 4000-year-old curse plagues an archeologist and a singer as they try to recover a fortune in jewels from an Egyptian tomb.

0068 - Die! You're on Magic Camera

An aspiring photographer obtains a special camera that takes photographs of future events. He soon finds that the people who made the camera want it back. So do those who were photographed.

0069 - The Thing Inside

An artist and his wife acquire a glass paper weight at an antique shop. The artist develops a fixation on it, and when a greedy developer dies the woman suspects that her husband has been taken over by an evil spirit.

0070 - The Locked Room

A newly married couple are harrassed by the girl's mother because she is sure that the man is marrying her ugly daughter for her money. She plans a special surprise for her unwelcome son-in-law.

0071 - The Murder Museum

A wax museum dedicated to criminals becomes the scene of the re-telling of a real murder when the relative of one of the exhibits protests his placement in the museum.

0072 - Out of Focus

An advertising executive tries to photograph a model but only gets blank pictures. He falls for her and she seems to be his dream woman -- until she reveals her true, evil purpose.

0073 - Strange Company

An old woman with a large stash of money is tormented by visitors who no one else can see. Her nephew and his wife are unsympathetic and use the occurences to slowly rob her.

0074 - Only the Dead Remember

War buddies conspire to kill a fellow POW who ratted out their escape attempt from a Korean POW camp. They want to avenge the death of one of their own 20 years after the war's end.

0075 - Men Without Mouths

A mobster takes in the daughter of a dead compatriot and raises her as his own. As he approaches his twilight years, he's haunted by visions of creatures without mouths. His adopted daughter and son-in-law try to help him.

0076 - The Horror Within

Following the death of his girlfriend, a young man prays for special powers to prevent future pain and suffering in the world. But as his faith weakens, his desire to use his powers grows.

0077 - A Portrait of Death

A man suddenly becomes a great painter, except everything and everyone he paints dies. That worries his step brother because the man intends to paint his wife next.

0078 - The Wishing Stone

A little girl says an angel gave her a wishing stone and finds that her wishes don't turn out as she thought they would.

0079 - The Ghost Driver

A ghost driver that killed the past owners of a country inn is after the new owners as well as the guests who stay there.

0080 - The Hand

A man receives a human hand through the mail and believes it to be a sign of doom.

0081 - Sunset to Sunrise

A woman recounts how her mother became a vampire.

0082 - All Living Things Must Die

A woman's domineering husband lets her have little contact with the outside world. The only friends she is allowed are her houseplants. When he threatens to take those away, her friends fight back.

0083 - The Venus d'Ile

A down-on-his-luck gambler who marries for money carelessly puts his wedding ring on a statue of Venus. He is shocked when the goddess demands his love or his life.

0084 - The Death Bell

A man researching his family heritage runs afowl of the IRA who think he is a cop.

0085 - Dracula

A re-telling of the Bram Stoker tale of the undead. A woman is having her blood drained and they must kill the vampire to save her soul.

0086 - Murder with Malice

A brother attempts to hypnotize his sister into killing their father.

0087 - The Suicide Club

A high stakes gambler joins a club where he may be asked to commit someone else's murder, or be forced to commit suicide.

0088 - The Breaking Point

A scientist working with thought projection becomes involved in some dangerous experiments. He targets his wife's subconscious to influence her to murder -- to murder him!

0089 - A Tiny Drop of Poison

A former hippie radical, now a respected politician, sufferes guilt for a murder she committed 5 years prior. Her detective husband has been assigned the case.

0090 - The Lodger

A series of brutal murders of women scare a boarding house lady who thinks her new lodger may be the killer.

0091 - Voices of Death

Actor Jason Phillips can hardly believe that every time he turns on his television, the apparition of Peter Truro, a recently deceased producer, appears and suggests that Phillips kill his wife, Claire. After consulting a medium and a psychiatrist, Phillips is inclined to believe that Truro's ghost is real enough and he must use all his wiles to avoid killing Claire every time Truro sets up a situation to make it possible.

0092 - The Forever Man

A young loser is offered free cars, apartments, and money in exchange for his body. An old milliionaire wants to trade souls with him so that he can have a young body again.

0093 - The Trouble with Ruth

A kleptomaniac trying to go straight is blackmailed when she relapses. Jewel thieves demand that she steal a diamond pin for them or they will tell her husband who will divorce her.

0094 - The Crack in the Wall

A couple grieves the loss of their daughter in a house fire. A crack in the basement wall of their new house cannot be repaired despite several tries. They begin to hear the cries of their deceased daughter through that crack.

0095 - The Longest Knife

A woman vows revenge upon the third world dictator who killed her son.

0096 - The Bleeding Statue

When a magician disappoints most of his heirs by leaving his entire estate to his daughter, he promises her protection by means of a statue in the courtyard. When she goes to his estate, she finds his magic and his will still live.

0097 - Mirror for Murder

A woman tired of living in her husband's shadow and playing second fiddle to his job believes her reflection in the mirror. She must rediscover her sense of self.

0098 - The Phantom Lullaby

A mother and father rent an expensive apartment for their daughter who is coming out of a bad relationship and an abortion. She is soon consumed by the spirit that haunts the apartment.

0099 - Dressed to Kill

An out-of-work actor plans a scam where he fakes his own death and then impersonates his wife in order to claim the insurance.

0100 - To Kill with Confidence

A newlywed couple who are traveling across the country has car trouble. They stop in a small town for repairs. She leaves him to go have lunch. When she returns, her husband, the mechanic, and the garage are all gone.

0101 - 0200

0101 - An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

A Confederate spy escapes the hangman's noose at Owl Creek Bridge. He flees through enemy territory, headed back to Dixie.

0102 - Deadly Darling Dolores

A scientist discovers a plot by the metals to exterminate all animal life on Earth

0103 - A Bargain in Blood

A young man acquires the ability to trade afflictions with sick people. He tries to make a living at it to impress the woman he loves and her father.

0104 - The Rat

A scientist develops a super-intelligent rat and sics it on the man who is having an affair with his wife.

0105 - The House of the Seven Gables

Adaptation of the classic novel about the owner of the house and the curse put upon him and all his descendants.

0106 - Three Times Dead

After a cop is forced to kill robbers, the grateful shopowner gives his wife a statue that will grant three wishes.

0107 - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

A doctor and his alter ego created by an experiment gone awry.

0108 - The Secret Doctrine

A woman is maniacally obsessed with a famous film actor but becomes violent when she is humiliated by him.

0109 - Escape! Escape!

With the help of a woman, two convicts escape from prison. They flee to a house in the woods and try to hide. They chose the wrong house.

0110 - Where Fear Begins

A young woman receives a panicked phone call from her sister who screams in terror before dying. She discovers her sister was taking a medication prescribed by a strange doctor -- a drug the can literally scare a person to death.

0111 - Yesterday's Murder

A down-on-her-luck woman receives the opportunity to go back and change her life and her fortunes, righting past wrongs.

0112 - Hurricane

A couple seeking shelter from a storm find themselves secluded in a beach house with two strange men.

0113 - The Secret Life of Bobby Deland

A strange young orphan comes home with a couple who lost their child in an accident. He is able to cure the woman's headaches and then steals from them. It turns out all he wants is his mother.

0114 - The Young Die Good

A couple moves in next door to a strange house with a strange inhabitant. One sees an old, desiccated woman. The other sees a young attractive woman. The difference of vision exacerbates their marital difficulties.

0115 - Too Many Women Can Kill You

A man who kills his wife is haunted by his blackmailing maid by day and the ghost of his wife at night.

0116 - And Death Makes Even Steven

An evil twin plots to murder his twin so that he can claim the inheritance his father cheated him out of.

0117 - The Devil-God

A young couple inherit a ranch with a palimino horse that belongs to an Indian god. When the couple get greedy and try to claim the horse for their own, they run afoul of the god.

0118 - The Canterville Ghost

A restless spirit tries unsuccessfully to scare the owners of his castle and instead irritates and amuses them.

0119 - The Real Printer's Devil

A young couple think they've stumbled onto a bargain in a cheap, Central Park West apartment. But apartment 13 is haunted.

0120 - The Dream Woman

A man inexplicably leaves his loving wife to pursue a trampish barfly who he is sure is his dream woman. He dreams that he will love her and she will kill him.

0121 - The Deadly Process

An incompentent engineer steals an industrial process from an old college buddy to save his job, earning himself a promotion. He then must lie and bribe witnesses to keep his secret.

0122 - Adam's Astral Self

Adam Farr is able to project his 'astral self' to other locales while asleep. This drives his wife crazy and she leaves him. But he has a plan to get her back.

0123 - My Sister -- Death

A story about a woman trying to drive her sister insane.

0124 - Ghost at High Noon

Two traveling women have their car break down in the desert. They are met by an old man traveling in a covered wagon. He takes them to a ghost town where they cannot make the residents hear them. But the residents have plans for them.

0125 - The Only Blood

An immigrant shoe repairer refuses to pay protection to the mob, so they hit him. He vows revenge in the form of murder. Meanwhile, the head of the mob must reconcile his chosen profession with the love of his daughter.

0126 - The Hit Man

A hit man has a change of heart after meeting the wife of his intended target.

0127 - I Thought You Were Dead

A murdering authoress starts getting phone calls from the husband and writing partner she killed. He wants to remind her who was the true talent in the relationship.

0128 - The Headstrong Corpse

Lord Berly of Moreland is dead. In life, he feared being buried alive, so he is left to lie in an open crypt until doctors are sure he is dead. While lying in state, somebody steals his body. Murder, mutilation, and corpse snatching take place in this 1874 gothic whodunit.

0129 - The Picture of Dorian Gray

A young man strikes the Faustian bargain in exchange for eternal youth. As his soul is consumed by the evil of his bargain, a portrait changes to reflect the ugliness of his soul.

0130 - You Only Die Once

Marge Miller has a beautiful life, nice home, great husband, and a wonderful son. The husband she thought was dead comes back to extort from her the $55,000 in insurance money she received.

0131 - The Beach of Falesa

A quicky marriage to a local girl results in an island trader becoming an outcast. He must fight a voodoo religion and a business rival to restore his honor and his business and to save his family.

0132 - The Frontiers of Fear

A chronic loser picks up an old typewriter at a pawn shop. It turns out the typewriter is the goose that lays the golden egg. But all that glitters is not gold -- it could be blood.

0133 - Journey into Terror

Jane Stoddard finds out her new husband is a serial killer a la the Boston Strangler. Now she is forced to criss cross the country serving as bait for the police.

0134 - The Final Vow

A priceless statue is stolen from Sister Pamela. So she quits her order to devote her time to finding it so it can be returned to a fellow nun who is dying. Help comes from an unlikely source.

0135 - The Hands of Mrs. Mallory

Mrs. Mallory inexplicably loses the use of her hands following the death of her husband. After meeting a woman in Central Park who has lost the use of her legs, Mrs. Mallory tries the woman's doctor. The results are surprising.

0136 - A Preview of Death

A young engineer suspects that a cable car serving a resort owned by his sister and brother-in-law might not be safe. His apprehension is increased when he dreams of the woman he loves (whom he has not yet met) dying in the car when it collapses.

0137 - Having a Horrible Time

Courageous Amy Hastings has just given testimony that brought down Archer Hamlin, one of New York's most notorious drug kingpens. Now his agents are pursuing her at a remote resort where she and a friend are vacationing.

0138 - The Case of M.J.H.

A con man seduces a lonely spinster who works for a psychiatrist. He convinces her to steal her boss's files so that he can blackmail the patients.

0139 - The Deadliest Favor

A novelist and his wife take in an old college buddy who's on the lamb from the law. The old 'buddy' starts trouble between them almost upon his arrival.

0140 - The Fatal Marksman

To win the love of his life, a man agrees to give up his simple clerical job in order to become a hunter -- breaking a promise to his dead mother. His dead mother curses his gun so he can't hit anything, but another agreeable spirit gives him enchanted bullets that come at a price.

0141 - Medium Rare

A ghost, bent on revenge, uses a fake medium to get revenge on a pair of fellow gamblers who took him for big money when he was alive.

0142 - The Return of Anatole Chevenic

Hans, desperate for money, asks his uncle for whom he works for some of his inheritance a little early. His uncle refuses, insults him, then tells him perhaps he'll put him in his will or perhaps not. He also reveals that his money is hidden, just in case Hans were to make an attempt on his life. Hans is angered and fantasizes about his Uncle Anatole's death.

0143 - The Imp in the Bottle

A man acquires a talisman that can grant him wishes. To save his soul, however, he must be rid of it before he dies and he must sell it for less than he paid for it.

0144 - Deadline for Death

Johnny Promo (aka: Johnny Promise) promises a witness against him that he will die within thirty days after Johnny's execution.

0145 - Double Exposure

A cop's widow is mistaken by two people for someone else. One of those people think she is the ex-wife who abandoned him and their two children 10 years ago. Her cop buddy investigates.

0146 - The Hand that Refused to Die

A concert pianist loses a hand after a car accident. He is angry and bitter when he finds out that it may not have been necessary. The hand is pretty ticked, too.

0147 - The Trouble with Murder

An artist is recruited to paint the nude portrait of a wealthy aristocrat. She gets worried when he behaves strangely. She should worry because he likes to dismember his subjects when he's done with them.

0148 - What Happened to Mrs. Forbush?

A remote house by the sea is haunted by the ghost of an old sea captain's wife. The waters nearby are haunted by the old sea captain. A family with a sickly child get caught in between.

0149 - Thicker than Water

An overworked lawyer is persuaded to take on a murder case where the accused insists he is innocent. The lawyer is not convinced and orders a special test on the murder weapon.

0150 - The Garden

A man and woman find themselves trapped in a mysterious jungle occupied by a kind woman and an evil giant. They offer themselves to the giant in exchange for his aid. They soon regret that bargain.

0151 - Island of the Lost

An older man travels to a remote resort island to surprise his younger girlfriend. He is plagued by doubt in their relationship and eventually doubts his own sanity.

0152 - The Deadly Blind Man's Bluff

A high elevation riveter loses his sight in an accident. While he maintains his strength and physique through exercise, his emotional health is deteriorating. To make things worse, the construction site where he was working is within ear-shot of their apartment and he is reminded daily by the sound of the riveters. The local beat policemen are familiar with the citizens in their area and warn him and his wife about a murderer that is on the loose. The two shall, of course, meet.

0153 - The Spectral Bride

Despite his re-marriage and establishment of a family, a widower compels his former father-in-law to use a formula he has developed to resurrect his long dead wife from the grave.

0154 - Murder to Perfection

A woman's brother-in-law-to-be confesses to her that he killed her sister and another, earlier wife. He promises to kill her next with the perfect murder.

0155 - The Bride that Wasn't

A woman travels to her fiance's house to visit only to find that neither he nor his mother recognize her. She is dumbfounded when the man who proposed marriage to her just two weeks prior has no recollection of their meeting.

0156 - The Golden Blood of the Sun

A timeshare salesman finds himself having a very bad run of luck when he moves from New England to Florida where it always seems to rain when he's around. His boss is convinced that he is cursed and sends him to Mexico City where he finds out he's a reincarnation of an Aztec Prince.

0157 - Sister of Death

A recently married woman purchases a portrait at an auction. It is a painting of her husband's first wife who was killed in a robbery attempt.

0158 - Trapped

A bed-ridden woman is convinced that her husband and her new nurse are going to kill her. She conspires with her old nurse to stay alive.

0159 - The Doll

A professor uses a voodoo doll to win the affection of the young woman of his desires. The young woman is his niece whom he helped raise.

0160 - A Scaffold for Two

A lawyer crash lands his plane on a remote island whose leader has developed a local system of justice that ignores normal legal channels. The lawyer is forced to participate.

0161 - Picture on a Wall

An aspiring actress moves into a new apartment with a beautiful garden. She soon becomes enchanted with the 'resident' of that garden -- much to the alarm of her boyfriend and her landlord.

0162 - The Last Escape

An aging escape artist wants to attempt the escape that defied Houdini. His wife and her lover want to see that he doesn't succeed.

0163 - Mind Over Matthew

An older man marries a young woman whom he soon suspects might be a witch. He asks his doctor to help him investigate.

0164 - See Naples and Die

A Senator who is aspiring to be President has a daughter who is consorting in Europe with a known criminal being investigated by the Senator's committee. He is afraid she is going to wreck his career.

0165 - A Cage for Augie Karo

A professional burglar finds the solution to the perfect crime while in prison. Another inmate offers him a powder that will let him sleep for hundreds of years. But what will the world be like when he wakes up.

0166 - Possessed by the Devil

A minister's son is wheeled into a hosptial room with life threatening injuries. He gets his life back, but loses his soul.

0167 - The Black Room

A man is locked in an absolutely dark prison cell for a crime he does not understand. He makes an unlikely friend.

0168 - The Demon Spirit

A man sacrifices his soul and dies to possess the woman he loves. His desire overpowers death and he takes possession of her. Her family tries to drive him out.

0169 - Bury Me Again

A con man is involved in a serious train wreck and somehow survives. He schemes to collect insurance money belonging to another widow.

0170 - Terror on the Heath

A man believes he is the reincarnation of a nineteenth century serial killer who was hanged for his crimes. A local museum has a Dagguerotype photo of the killer and a resident expert on the murders.

0171 - How Eberhard Won His Wings

A righteous man is awarded a set of earthly wings for his clean living and good deeds. But he and his wife find them embarassing and try to find a sin he can commit to get rid of them.

0172 - Wave of Terror

A re-telling of Romeo and Juliet set in Hawaii. A young couple are forbidden to marry by their parents who harbor an elicit secret. Disaster befalls all parties.

0173 - I Must Kill Edna

A cynical 40 year old man marries a wealthy woman for practical reasons -- just in time to fall in love with a woman half his age. He plots to use his wife's love of rattle snakes to off her.

0174 - The Thirty-Sixth Man

A shopkeeper in New York is chosen to be the next 'Lahmed Vovnik.' An ancient Hebrew legend says the world exists, with all its evil, only because there are 36 people who are worthy of living. Without them, the world would end. Satan sets out to seduce and corrupt the newest member of this brotherhood.

0175 - The Strange Voyage of the Lady Dee

A young couple and their daughter lose their way in the fog on their new boat and are lured to a mysterious island by the spirit of a long dead woman. There, they encounter the island's lone resident who may not have their best interest at heart.

0176 - Tattooed for Murder

Two sisters who are terrorized by their domineering father escape his oppression and join a carnival as tattooed women. Their primary goal is to offend him, but one sister has a much grander design to end the oppression once and for all.

0177 - The Death Watch

A man wins a cursed pocket watch in a game of cards. Keeping the watch wound becomes a lifetime obsession.

0178 - The Sighting

A husband and wife witness the landing of a UFO. The husband wants to pretend it didn't happen, but the wife begins getting extraterresial visits from her new alien friends.

0179 - Courtyard of Death

The story of the lecherous Rasputin the Monk, spiritual advisor to Czar Nicholas II of Russia and his wife.

0180 - The Aaron Burr Murder Case

An actor playing Alexander Hamilton in a recreation of the famous duel between Hamilton and Aaron Burr is killed when the gun supposedly loaded with blanks is loaded for real. Police investigate and every clue seems to lead to the real Aaron Burr.

0181 - The Dice of Doom

With the aide of two special dice, a 19th century gambler attempts to change the fate he is doomed to by a pact an ancestor made with the Devil.

0182 - A Bride for Death

A down on his luck poet finds love with the woman living down the road who is awaiting her fiance's return from the war. The question is -- which war?

0183 - The Body Snatchers

A drunk and a doctor who used to be friends meet in a bar. The Doctor is reminded of how they used to rob graves and sell the cadavers to the medical school.

0184 - The Fatal Connection

An expecting married couple inherits a home with a secret room furnished in 1890s decor. The phone has the power to send them back in time to live the lives of their ancestors. Their ancestors were not nice people.

0185 - The Damned Thing

A coroner conducts an inquest into the death of a wealthy man. Several witnesses recount the events differently. The dead man's best friend gives evidence that the man was killed by a strange and invisible creature that is of a color we can't see.

0186 - Is the Lady Dead?

A millionaire who is a meticulous planner marries on a whim. When his wife dies shortly after the marriage, he wills her back to life. His mother and butler are upset by his behavior.

0187 - Stephanie's Room

A housewife moves back to New York when her husband is transfered and decides to visit the house in which she grew up. There she meets an elderly woman who never had children. They develop an odd, symbiotic relationship as strange things happen to her old room.

0188 - Charity Is Never Dead

After a department store explosion, an elderly woman with critical injuries is wheeled into an emergency room. She is panicked because she can't find the grandaughter she has just encountered for the first time in ten years. Meanwhile, a young woman is brought in who has a head injury and no memory. Are the two linked?

0189 - The House of the Voodoo Queen

A couple inherit a New Orleans home that is haunted by a malovent spirit. A woman seduces the husband in order to possess it.

0190 - Give the Devil His Due

An over-the-hill dancer tries to sell her soul to the devil in exchange for her youth and talent. But when she reneges on the deal, she comes to regret it.

0191 - A Very Private Miracle

A touching Christmas tale about a grumpy old man and a little girl who wants him to play Samta.

0192 - Turn About Is Foul Play

A man conspires with his girlfriend to off his wealthy but sick wife. He changes his mind at the last minute, but somebody else does the job for him. With all the evidence he has created, he has to convince the cops that he changed his mind.

0193 - The Golem

A man decides to help a young Jewish woman and her grandfather hide from the Nazi soldiers that are pursuing them. The grandfather begins to construct a creature from ancient Hebrew legend that will save the jews from their pursuers.

0194 - The Deadly Pearls

A private investigator travels to a remote Hawaiian island to locate a set of radioactive pearls that were used to kill two women. Posing as a writer, he infiltrates the island's population and averts attempts on his life.

0195 - The Reluctant Killer

When a pro football player tires of the violence of the game and quits, his wife and mother-in-law ruin him and send him to jail for spousal abuse. Now he's looking for revenge.

0196 - The Many Names of Death

A trust officer at the bank hires a new, alluring secretary who convinces him to take a walk on the wild side. His walk is expensive in more ways than one.

0197 - The Premature Burial

A physician assists his friend in unearthing the dead body of his beloved who married another evil man. She is still alive, much to her husband's regret, and the man wants her back!.

0198 - The Murders in the Rue Morgue

A woman is brutally murdered and mutilated in a locked room. A police detective desperate for promotion calls on an amateur detective to help him solve the crime with a most unusual solution.

0199 - The Oblong Box

On a ship leaving Europe bound for the U.S., a man encounters an old college friend traveling with his mistress and a strange box he claims contains a rare painting. But it's strange shape convinces everyone on board its contents are something more ghastly.

0200 - Berenice

A man falls in love with his wife's younger sister while his wife lay dying. He is haunted by his wife's ghastly smile. When that same smile shows up on his new love, he goes insane.

0201 - 0300

0201 - The Masque of the Red Death

Poe's classic adapted to the year 1996 where an ecological disaster has created the bloody plague. An old miser sequesters himself, his fiancee, daughter, and son-in-law in his mansion to wait out the crisis.

0202 - The Tell-Tale Heart

A down on their luck couple and their daughter are forced to move in with the man's sadistic uncle on his remote farm. The uncle works them nearly to death and does not feed them, all the while making sexual overtures to the wife.

0203 - The Cask of Amontillado

A man's wife sleeps with a piggish financier to save her husband from ruin. He seeks revenge with an invitation the financier can't refuse.

0204 - The Witness Is Death

The witness to a gangland hit is shot but survives and ends up in the hospital in serious condition. A police detective wants information, but the witness fears retaliation. So the police and the hospital come up with a creative solution.

0205 - Faith and the Faker

A former con man turned faith healer finds he has the power to heal all the residents of an island except his wife who is unable to walk. Just one thing stands between him and that ability.

0206 - A Death of Kings

A brilliant but unambitious scientist takes in a student who would steal not only his wife, but his talent and ability.

0207 - Ghost Talk

A man dies leaving his wife a sorely grieving widow. He finds he can contact her from the life beyond, and she promises to remember him always. He learns from an angel, though, that as long as he is remembered, she is stuck in the middle ground between Earth and the full afterlife. He then seeks to convince his wife to forget him -- not an easy task.

0208 - The Precious Killer

A scientist and political leader in a European dictatorship is accused of treason. He learns that the revolution he fought so hard to bring about is oppressive. He plots to defect. But betrayal comes from all directions.

0209 - Concerto in Death

A symphony conductor refuses to accept the fact that his son -- a talented violinist -- died. His sanity breaks down and he sets out on a path of self destruction -- much to the chagrin of his family.

0210 - Sleepy Village

A college professor and his wife set out in New England to find a quiet town to which to retire so the professor can write a book. They find Sleepy Village tucked away in the woods along a country road. But before they can move in, they have to be screened by the locals who won't just let anybody in. They have to be in the right 'state of mind.'

0211 - The Flowers of Death

The god Dionysius walks up to the door of a suburban home and enchants the woman who lives there. Her husband is bringing home his boss who is screening him (and her) for a promotion. Meanwhile, the neighborhood is abuzz about her ability to grow flowers.

0212 - The Follower

A New York talent agent is dogged by an unseen follower who matches his every footstep when he is alone. Could it be his past catching up to him?

0213 - A Coffin for the Devil

A young man summons a group of experts (including E. G. Marshall) to his home to hear him read a letter written by his ancestor. The letter recounts the events surrounding a young undertaker's assistant and a mysterious man who orders a strange coffin for himself.

0214 - Windandingo

A young, inept soldier is sent home from his unit after accidently shooting a prize steer. His home is soon taken over by British General Burgoyne. Our young man, invoking the spirit of Indian justice, is able to serve his country after all.

0215 - The Night of the Wolf

An ancient indian robe in a museum inspires terrible violence in some of its patrons. A police detective investigates, but he may be as susceptible as anyone else to the curse.

0216 - The Disembodied Voice

A woman psychiatrist gets strange calls from a man that may be a rapist and murderer. A police detective tries to protect her.

0217 - Death On Skis

Every year at the same time, blond haired women are murdered at a ski resort in a small cabin on a dangerous slope when the moon is full. When a famous mystery author takes his young, blonde wife to the same ski resort while he completes his book, she begins to wonder if it's him.

0218 - Death in the Stars

A newspaper publisher is angered when her morning paper's horoscope tells her that she is going to die today.

0219 - The Sire De Maletroit's Door

Based on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, this tale takes place in sixteenth century France and finds two friends running for their lives only to have one of them mortally wounded and the other to find refuge behind a great door. The man stumbles into the home of an insane nobleman. The Sire de Maletroit tries to force him to marry his wayward niece.

0220 - Death Is So Trivial

When a man is killed in a hit and run accident, he decides to dedicate his afterlife to preventing the accidental and unnecessary death of others.

0221 - Journey Into Nowhere

An archeologist finds a rare artifact that leads him into conflict with the goddess of revenge who wants revenge on him.

0222 - A Small Question of Terror

In a police state run by an entity known as 'The Protector,' a woman, her mother, and her boyfriend become the object of an investigation and are tortured over a remark made in jest. The woman must use her wits -- and her wiles -- to get them out of it.

0223 - The Shadow of the Past

A doctor and his wife who survive the Nazi death camps illegally immigrate to the United States. When the doctor recognizes a patient as one of the guards at the concentration camp, he kills him in a fit of rage. He tries to cover up his crime from a smart detective.

0224 - The Death Wish

A man invites the son of a friend to stay with him, his wife, and three daughters. The young man turns out to be a power most malovent.

0225 - Love Me And Die

A newly married woman is haunted by the ghost of her dead husband who died in a rock climbing accident. The ghost actually has a message for her new husband.

0226 - Must Hope Perish

A senator who is his party's leading candidate for president is opposing a popular trade bill because he is sure that country's leading dissident is trying to communicate with him through poetry -- even though they've never met.

0227 - The Weavers of Death

A police detective investigates the murder of an old sweetheart in a convenience store hold-up. He finds that there is much more to the murder than meets the eye.

0228 - Hell Hath No Fury

An actor plots to murder his wealthy wife. His sister-in-law, a modern day witch, is onto him and plots against him.

0229 - The Strange Case of Lucas Lauder

A death row prisoner tells the warden he is actually the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper. He also tells the warden that upon his death, the soul of the Ripper will pass to him and that he will kill his wife.

0230 - Them!

A lawyer takes justice into his own hands by kidnapping criminals acquitted of murder in court and imprisoning them in his mansion. He goes too far when he locks up an innocent man.

0231 - An Identical Murder

Twin brothers are in love with the same woman, but she loves only one. When one dies in a mountain climbing accident, she wonders which one it was.

0232 - The Wakeful Ghost

An American visiting relatives in Ireland enlists the help of the ghost of a dead ancestor and his partner, a leprechaun, to help him get the woman of his desires.

0233 - The Pit and the Pendulum

A modernization and retelling of the Poe classic. A married couple are threatened and tortured to compel him to disclose a formula that could destroy the world were it to fall into the wrong hands.

0234 - When the Death Bell Tolls

When a man is wheeled into an emergency room in critical condition after a car accident, two surgeons have trouble getting consent from the family for surgery. He did evil things to his family and they now want to visit evil upon him.

0235 - The Eye of Death

A photographer tries to prove her step-father murdered her mother. When he gets set to marry again, she gets desparate and begins to follow him.

0236 - The Stuff Of Dreams

An eccentric shut-in hires a young woman to tell her stories about her everyday life so she can have material from which to fuel her dreams. But when the young woman's boyfriend comes to visit, bad things happen.

0237 - The Dark Closet

A young girl, prone to claustrophobia, nightmares, and various other neuroses, is arrested as an accomplis to a holdup. Her father disowns her and a police psychologist takes an interest in her case.

0238 - Death Pays No Dividend

A group of brokers from a disgraced Wall Street brokerage arrange to have themselves killed by a hitman so their families can collect on their life insurance. When unexpected good fortune comes their way, can they call off the deal?

0239 - The Cezar Curse

A wealthy man takes a holiday with an aristocratic Spanish family. He immediately falls in love with a woman in a painting in the house. That the woman was wicked and evil in her life makes no difference to him as he falls in love with her daughter who carries the family's wicked curse.

0240 - Every Blossom Dies

A young woman is murdered and all the evidence points to the police detective investigating the case. His boss is reluctant to suspect him and his wife discounts all the evidence against him -- including a letter from the victim.

0241 - It's Murder, Mr. Lincoln

A young Abraham Lincoln takes on a new client accused of murder when no other lawyer will defend him. Lincoln is warned by the legal establishment not to fight too hard. Lincoln charges foward.

0242 - The Doppelganger

A psychologist's daughter spurns her fiancee in favor of a hoodlum boyfriend who forces her to have an abortion. He is given a gift-wrapped opportunity for revenge.

0243 - The Man Must Die

A judge's son is extremely angry with his father when he sentences a convicted murderer to 20 years to life instead of the death penalty. The young man vows to visit the murderer in prison and discuss the subject with him.

0244 - The Deadly Double

A woman escapes from a mental institution and is able to take over the life of her twin while relegating her twin to the mental institution. But can she keep up appearances with her sister's boyfriend and the police while her twin desperately tries to convince doctors she is the sane twin.

0245 - Death Is a Dream

A woman dreams that her brother was killed by a murderer. She starts pursuing the killer with no evidence that an actual crime has been committed.

0246 - The Velvet Claws

A young man tells his therapist how he escaped a strange little town whose residents seem to have an unhealthy preoccupation with cats.

0247 - Key to Murder

A police detective must solve two sealed room murders that took place in a boarding house. In each case, the rooms were locked from the inside with no other apparent exit.

0248 - Killer of the Year

A successful executive is introduced to the new town librarian. He immediately recognizes her as a woman he saw on trial for murder several years prior. He once fell for her and feels it again.

0249 - The Killer Inside

A plain, boring woman wins a trip to Europe. After delivering a package at the request of her boyfriend, she finds herself caught up in international intrigue.

0250 - The Garrison of the Dead

A hustler ends up on death row for murdering a reporter who writes about him. His guardian angel gives him a second chance at life to live his dream of becoming a writer. Will he take it?

0251 - Roses Are for Funerals

A cheap imitation leapord skin coat becomes the object of murder, intrigue, and mystery as a Englander visits her American fiance.

0252 - The Benjamin Franklin Murder Case

Murder takes place in a mansion in Philadelphia in 1750. Ben Franklin steps in to clear the innocent and discover the guilty.

0253 - The Altar of Blood

A retired archaeological professor who has dedicated his life to the study of the Aztecs, and his daughter, descended from an Aztec mother, retire to Mexico. While constructing their new home, they stumble across a buried Aztec pyramid and are transported back in time where he is forced to see his daughter sacrificed.

0254 - The Death of Halpin Fraser

A young man takes a nightmare trip through Hell -- haunted by the voices of his mother, father-in-law and the wife that he killed.

0255 - The Phantom Stop

The express subway passes the stop at 35th and Neely. But Alvin Frieburger wants to get off the subway and into a better life.

0256 - The Intermediary

Frank Ellington has inherited the house he grew up in from his stepmother -- a house in which she made his life hell. His wife convinces him to move back into his former home. Soon he is convinced that the spirit of his cruel stepmother haunts the house and is taking over his wife.

0257 - My Own Murderer

Joe Vinacelli is trying to kill Joe Vincent. Problem is, they are the same person. Joe Vincent turns to a psychiatrist and a detective to stop him from pursuing himself. Problems start when he gives them -- and himself -- the slip.

0258 - Through the Looking Glass

A strange new couple moves in next door to Kathy and Doug Sellars. Turn's out Doug's new neighbor is quite the inventor. Doug creates a huge moral dilemna when his neighbor offers him an invention that will revolutionize the world -- a solar energy device worth billions.

0259 - A Challenge for the Dead

Cop Johnny Gordon is trying to nail gangster Johnny Gordon for the 20 year old priest. But when his wife rekindles an old love affair with him, he may find a better reason to collar him.

0260 - Sting of Death

Explorer and writer Trevor Constaine always gets what he wants and he wants his daughter to marry his guide and assistant. Unfortunately, both are married. Trevor isn't going to let a little thing like that get in the way. With the help of some shrunken heads and a mysterious clock that have the ability to kill, he puts things into order.

0261 - Afraid to Live, Afraid to Die

Ellen Muir tells her story of going to Malvern Grange to help care for its elderly matron who is quite insane. This is a case where the house is not haunted by the spirit of the dead, but the conscience of the living.

0262 - Bullet Proof

Rocky Stark goes to jail on evidence that shows his gun killed petty criminal Johnny Mallory. Rocky didn't do it and his gun never left his side. But when the man who really did commit the crime gets killed with Rocky's gun, Rocky finds himself fighting to avoid the electric chair. His wife never loses faith in him and sets out to solve the murder.

0263 - Till Death Do Us Join

In old Prussia, a young art student falls in love with his teacher's niece. Unfortunately, he sells her hand in marriage to a local financier. The deal is deadly for the living and lively for the dead.

0264 - The Phantom of the Opera

The lights dim at the Paris Opera House. The exquisite Christine Daae enraptures the audience with her mellifluous voice. Immediately, Raoul de Chagny falls deeply in love. But the legend of the disfigured opera ghost haunts the performance, and as Raoul begins his pursuit of Christine, he is pulled into the depths of the opera house and into the depths of human emotions. Soon Raoul discovers that the ghost is real and that he wields a terrifying power over Christine -- a power as unimaginable as the ghost's masked face. As Raoul and the ghost vie for Christine's love, a journey begins into the dark recesses of the human heart where desire, vulnerability, fear, and violence unravel in a tragic confrontation.

0265 - Black Widow

The widow of a union official wants revenge on the man who killed her husband. She goes to a witch to get revenge. The witch uses black magic and black widow spiders to settle the score.

0266 - Mad Monkton

Insanity and madness are a Monkton family tradition. Now, Stephen Monkton, the last of the Monkton line, can end the curse by finding his uncle's body in Naples and returning it to the family vault in the States.

0267 - The Final Witness

A middle-class joe witnesses the murder of a friend. His description leads to an arrest. When he wavers on the stand and the killer goes free, his old friend starts to visit him. It takes drastic measures to make the visits stop.

0268 - The Paradise of the Devil

When a night watchman is murdered, his daughter pledges to spend her modest inheritance on a private investigator to find his killer. She soon finds that her inheritance was not nearly as modest as she believed.

0269 - The Transformation

A young man fritters away his family fortune and the love of a fine woman in this Kafkaesque tale of lost love and redemption. He exchanges three days of life inside his handsome body with a demon-like creature from the deep. When the creature does not return with his body, he must go hunting for it. He finds more than his body.

0270 - Taken for Granite

A mad artist who works as caretaker of a statue garden uses live models for his creations -- encasing them in granite powder.

0271 - The Voices of Death

A radio manufacturing executive discovers an old crystal set of his own design at a garage sale. Through the set, he hears a man and a woman discussing the ultimate fate of mankind, with the woman begging for just one more day for the human race. He sets out to convince humanity to change its wicked ways.

0272 - For Tomorrow We Die

Harry Taylor gets out of prison, thirty years after being convicted of killing his wife. He sets out to find an old flame. Is his motive revenge for jilting him all those years ago and dooming him to a life with a woman he did not love, or is it to rekindle the flame. Jesse Craig's son-in-law wants to know before she is completely seduced.

0273 - Where Angels Fear to Tread

Dr. Ken Anderson, professor of paranormal psychology, is experimenting with astral projection -- projecting his astral self to other places. He soon loses control of when he projects and what his astral self does.

0274 - Deadly Dilemma

Someone aboard flight 108 en route from Central America to New York has a bomb. It is up to a stewardess and co-pilot to find out who.

0275 - The Rise and Fall of the Fourth Reich

Two scientists discover an old and dying Adolph Hitler hiding out in 1970's Mexico City. They experiment on him in an effort to restore his youth.

0276 - The Diamond Necklace

A modest couple borrows a diamond necklace from a rich friend to wear to a dinner party. They lose it and the husband borrows $6,500 from a loan shark. Murder, accidental death, and suicide follow as the tragedy of the diamond neckless takes its toll.

0277 - Don't Let It Choke You

A widower antique dealer is forced to take in a 17 year old orphan girl. As he struggles to close the generation gap between himself and his ward, he also struggles to discover why death surrounds him. Several women, some friends, and some customers have been strangled. The police are growing suspicious.

0278 - Return to Shadow Lake

Martha Maxwell and her husband make a winter trip to their summer cabin after hearing someone had broken into it. They nearly die in a blizzard while en route. Once there, a strange and mystical scene from not long ago is supernaturally recreated -- destroying Martha's world.

0279 - Markheim: Man or Monster?

Karl Markheim is the embodiment of evil, manipulating and conning those around him. Denied his inheritance from his uncle, he sets out to exploit his wife and father-in-law for their money. All the while, a mysterious figure watches him from behind the mirror.

0280 - The Witches' Almanac

This is an entertaining, if somewhat formulaic tale about a married witch and warlock who concoct potions to give themselves and the coven eternal life. The essential ingredient is the blood of a virgin. What will they do when their vestial virgin, a young border, falls in love with a reporter?

0281 - The Executioner

A young American couple's car breaks down in the swampy Scottish moors. They seek shelter in a manor house nearby inhabited by a strange lord of the manor. It is also the former home of Queen Elizabeth the first's personal executioner.

0282 - Just One More Day

On his last day on the beat, an old cop has premonitions of his own death in a shoot-out.

0283 - Someday I'll Find You

Ann Markle's husband is killed when the cave he is exploring collapses. She is just starting to get over his death when she discovers a painting of him in a Mexican flea market. The painting was done recently. So she starts a cross-country trek to find her husband who obviously suffers from amnesia.

0284 - River of Hades

A dancer defects from a communist country and becomes the object of a stalker in New York City.

0285 - The Devil's Leap

A matinee idol works to reunite a father and son who are estranged after the mysterious death of their mother/wife.

0286 - The Plastic Man

A shallow playboy gets hooked up with a married woman. Her husband is a parapsychologist able to inflict pain and revenge from afar.

0287 - The Transformer

A salesman's war buddy is a killer for hire. He makes an offhand comment that his boss is standing in the way of his career. His boss ends up dead. Now he has to deal with the police who suspect he's guilty.

0288 - Fallen Angel

A writer believes his muse is an angel sent to him directly from God to bless him with talent. When his angel leaves him from time to time, he is prone to binge drinking. During a binge, he gets in a fight and is confined to a mental hospital. While there, he learns that his angel has been replaced.

0289 - The Queen of Darkness

A vain, out of work actress is recruited to play the queen of an obscure monarchy. Will it be a permanent gig?

0290 - A Case of Negligence

An old man dies after a simple operation. His greedy son sues the hospital and surgeon. His lawsuit has unintended consequences.

0291 - Stairway to Oblivion

Julia Stephens travels to a remote mountain town to visit an uncle she has never met. His mountain top estate has the unlikely name of Oblivion. Julia finds that Oblivion has had many guests before her who leave clues behind as to their fate.

0292 - The Smile of Deceit

A woman marries an independently wealthy college professor. They move in with an isolated tribe of natives. She is accused of adultery and must undergo a strange ritual to prove her innocence.

0293 - Frame-Up

A woman is framed for murder by her adulterous husband so that he may keep her money. Now she must fight in court not only for herself, but for his daughter who is in a special school.

0294 - The Climbing Boy

In 1819 England, two noble women help the spirit of an abused chimney sweeper boy get revenge on the Lord who abused him.

0295 - Can You Trust Your Husband?

A mild-mannered stereo equipment salesman is arrested on an international flight for heroin smuggling. His wife sets out to prove his innocence, but encounters her own doubts.

0296 - The Mills of the Gods

An American woman falls for a Frenchman in Paris. The man is a serial killer. A French police inspector has a plan to catch him before he can claim his next victim.

0297 - The Mask of Tupac Amaru

An ancient incan relic comes between an anthropolgy grad student and her fiancee. It also brings death to those who possess it.

0298 - That Hamlet Was a Good Boy

A modern day Hamlet -- literally. The murdered factory owner implores his son to expose his greedy brother and wife for the murderers they are.

0299 - The Rape of the Maia

A women's dress designer is accused of the murder of a gambler. His lawyer must match wits with a bookie to get him off the hook.

0300 - The Golden Cauldron

'House on Haunted Hill' meets 'Clue' in this haunted castle whodunit. Three guests spend the night in a castle overlooking Stonehenge. The castle is supposedly haunted by the spirits of the ancient druids. But the weapon used in the crime in this one is of our time.

0301 - 0400

0301 - Come Back with Me

When times get tough, a businessman travels back in time to an old bar to relive the good times of his youth. But the old friends at the old bar have one very disturbing factor in common.

0302 - Murder Will Out

A New York detective goes to Miami in search of the man who killed his father (also a New York cop) 25 years ago. When he finds him, he is forced to re-evaluate his desire for revenge.

0303 - The Slave

What will a man do to win a bet? What will he do to collect? Two men make a bet that one can serve as another's absolute slave for one year. The stakes are high and the sacrifices are great.

0304 - Guilty

A college professor is accused of assaulting a female acquaintance. He volunteers to take a lie detector test and fails. The rest of the plot deals with his self-doubt and a philosophical analysis of the role of machines in our society.

0305 - The Triangle

A passenger plane with over 100 people goes down in the Bermuda Triangle. Five days later, a survivor is found. She tells a strange tale of paradise in the triangle.

0306 - The Ghostly Rival

The classic Faustian bargain tale mixed with the Genie in the bottle. A young man wishes for a fortune that rivals his prospective father-in-law so that he will allow his daughter to marry him. As it always does, the wish backfires.

0307 - The Widow's Auxiliary

This episode might as easily be titled 'The Stepford Husbands.' A young engineer is asked by his boss to join the local men's club. They need his mechanical skills to advance their cause. When his wife learns their true purpose from another spouse, she sets out to save him.

0308 - Snake in the Grass

A female scientist is accused of the murder of a colleague to whom she had given credit for a miraculous discovery -- a new variety of clover. All the evidence seems stacked against her. An admiring police detective tries to help her clear her name.

0309 - Goodbye, Karl Erich

A German doctor takes under his care a young boy who is shocked into silence by the death of his father in World War I. The Doctor teaches him to speak again, and then instills in him the confidence to confront the world. Little does he realize that he has created a Nazi monster.

0310 - Nightmare's Nest

A monkish scientist purchases a remote estate to carry out his studies in seclusion. The house and the grounds are haunted by a seductive and predatory spirit.

0311 - The Spots of the Leopard

A dock worker exposes organized crime within his company and union. After an attempt is made on his life, he and his wife are relocated in the witness protection program. His wife is unable to adjust and tries to slip back into her old life.

0312 - Fateful Reunion

A scientist invents a super computer that can tell the future. He and his fiancee use it as a party favor and it tells them that one of their fathers (two old war buddies) will miss their next reunion because they'll be dead.

0313 - The Poisoned Pen

Several people who scorn an actress of marginal talent end up dead after receiving a mysterious letter.

0314 - Appointment in Uganda

A man obsessed with preparations for the afterlife suffers a heart attack and is dead for a brief period. During that time, he lives life as a baby elephant. When he recovers, he tries to incorporate his elephant thinking into his human life.

0315 - Woman from Hell

A private investigator is hired to investigate the alleged suicide of a beautiful actress. She recounts in her diary her role in a movie and her battle with a coven of witches.

0316 - The Lady Is a Jinx

A police detective falls in love with a woman whose previous lovers have all died or been murdered. The sister of a previous victim appeals to him for help.

0317 - He Moves in Mysterious Ways

A hospital pastor risks his own health and life to counsel an injured dancer facing surgery. But the miracle is ultimately hers to perform.

0318 - Carmilla

A young female ward is left in the care of a young woman and her widower father in early 20th century Austria. The two young women become close, but the young ward harbors a terrible secret that can destroy everyone.

0319 - The Onyx Eye

A man purchases a good luck charm in a quaint curio shop. Early on, he and his wife have good luck -- getting a good job and winning the lottery. But after their baby dies, the wife is convinced the charm is the source of great evil.

0320 - The Devil's Boutique

A vein fashion designer finds a quaint and haunting boutique in a remote resort city in the Carribean. She steals some of the shopkeeper's designs. Her justice is slow, excrutiating, and ironic. You don't steal from the Devil.

0321 - Hung Jury

A seemingly average accountant with an average job and average home and married to an average woman is actually having an affair with a call girl and deeply in debt because of gambling. The bookies are demanding payment and his world is ready to fall apart. A chance encounter on the highway seems to solve all his problems. He ends up enpaneled on a jury for a murder he committed.

0322 - To Die Is Forever

A rich eccentric plans to have himself and his terminally ill wife cryogenically preserved until a cure is found for her cancer. However, his plans go awry when his body is overtaken by the spirit of a dead relative.

0323 - The Grey Ghost

A woman depressed over the death of her father (a race car driver) leaves her husband and flies to Italy. While there, she meets a brilliant but underfunded driver and decides to sponsor him. While watching him race, she discovers the truth about her father's death.

0324 - Age Cannot Wither Her

An old man goes out sailing with his very young wife. He returns alone. When the sheriff inquires about her whereabouts, the man tells him an incredible tale of eternal life.

0325 - The Master Computer

A couple comes home from vacation and finds that all of their utilities have been cut off. Then they find out that none of their friends or coworkers will even acknowledge their existence. Turns out it was a computer error.

0326 - The Root of All Evil

A middle-aged copywriter finds $80,000 in his garbage can -- the proceeds of a bank robbery. He sees the opportunity to escape the drudgery of his life. But paranoia starts to eat at him, threatening his marriage and the robbers want their money back.

0327 - The Unbearable Reflection

The first lady of a major state is having an affair and is generally a despicable person. The Devil (her husband's campaign manager) tricks her into killing her husband so he can possess her soul.

0328 - Help Somebody

An itenerant writer's dreams all come true in a short period of time. He publishes a best seller, inherits a bunch of money, and lands the woman of his dreams. But he can't find happiness. He eventually finds Somebody.

0329 - Welcome for a Dead Man

A crook gets out of prison 21 years after murdering a payroll clerk. He sets out to find the stolen loot he stashed, but discovers something much more important.

0330 - Circle of Evil

A woman is hired to care for two child-like adults who have been secluded from society. While there, she is contacted by a ghost who wants her to avenge his murder.

0331 - Terror in the Air

A doctor is forced to land a plane and deliver a baby when the flight crew succumbs to food poisoning.

0332 - Person to Be Notified

A woman takes a job on a remote island with a strange author and his house staff. She is sure the author's butler is up to no good and tries to prove it. Meanwhile, the guy who placed her in the job gets concerned and comes looking for her.

0333 - The Eavesdropper

A couple is hired to spy on a scientist and his wife vacationing in a manor house in the Pennsylvania Poconos.

0334 - Night of the Howling Dog

A minister, his daughter, his student, and his friend go camping on a deserted island. Turns out, one of them is a werewolf.

0335 - Murder by Proxy

Ed Hunter served as jury foreman on the jury that put Tim Cohain in prison for murder. Now Cohain is free and looking for revenge, Hunter has a different idea.

0336 - The Smile of Death

The illegitimate son of a baron enlists the aid of his mother's ghost to extort his birthright from his obnoxious father.

0337 - Portrait of Death

An American couple travels to Venice for their honeymoon. The woman wants to view a rare painting she had seen when she was a student studying art there years before. When they get there, they find the painting is replaced by a fake. They set out to find the original and the woman's former teacher.

0338 - The Special Undertaking

A young country doctor and his wife confront a ghost in their new home. An old, ornate music box is their only clue as to the ghost's identity.

0339 - Sleepwalker

A woman wants so badly to kill her husband that she begins to conspire in her sleep, making it hard to construct alibis.

0340 - The Other Life

A neglected housewife finds refuge in betting on horses. As her debt mounts, her life spirals out of control. Meanwhile, her husband's political aspirations grow.

0341 - The Ideas Of March

A woman dreams of her husband being killed at the airport on his way to a business trip. She tries to convince him not to go on the trip.

0342 - The Voice of Death

A washed up ventroliquist finds the perfect dummy. However, the builder of the dummy has his own agenda -- to destroy the ventroliquist and possess his soul.

0343 - The Ghost Plane

Two people wake up on a plane, unsure of their names and having no idea of why they are there and where they are going. On the way, they make two stops and pick up three more people, all in the same circumstances.

0344 - The Little Old Lady Killer

An old woman metes out vigilante justice to those who are cruel to animals. A lady detective (rare enough in those days to make it an important part of the story) figures it out, but has trouble convincing her male counterparts. Meanwhile, the death toll mounts.

0345 - The Prison of Glass

The tale of an actress, the dead father she loved, her overbearing mother, her manipulative husband, her concerned agent, and a glass snow globe into which she wishes to escape.

0346 - The Coffin with the Golden Nails

A Third World secret police chief and torturer enters a program to remake his face and psyche in order to disguise himself in a new life. Problems arise when he falls in love with one of his former victims.

0347 - The Third Person

Two spinster cousins inherit an ancestral home with a ghost. The ghost of their long dead cousin has a most patriotic desire.

0348 - Solid Gold Soldiers

During the Civil War, two spies against the Confederacy work with different means towards the same end and against each other. One is posing as a British agent offering to sell arms in exchange for gold. The other is a beautiful actress with secret loyalties to the Union. They double cross others and each other trying to get one million dollars in Confederate gold.

0349 - The Headless Hessian

A headless spectre first frightens, then helps General George Washington's troops on the eve of their assault on Trenton.

0350 - The Angels of Devil's Mountain

A traveling salesman stops in a small town because he's having chest pains. Turns out, he is a reincarnation of the town's dead revolutionary war hero.

0351 - The Black Whale

A slave in antebellum Texas learns to read and longs for freedom. But those who would free him end up dying.

0352 - Assassination in Time

A time traveling couple is afforded the opportunity to thwart the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. They struggle with the morality of saving our nation's most reveled leader versus altering the course of history.

0353 - The Thomas Jefferson Defense

Thomas Jefferson defends an Indian chief against a murder charge. He must battle the local sheriff and the prevailing attitudes of the time to get justice for an innocent man.

0354 - The Other Self

A psychologist examines a factory worker who has not missed a day of work in eight years to find out what makes him such a good employee. She finds out that it is his obsession with the Civil War -- specifically with the battle of Shiloh -- that keeps him focused on his mundane assembly tasks.

0355 - You're Only Young Twice

A scientist develops a formula to reverse the aging process. He wants to use it on himself and his sister-in-law, leaving his wife out of the picture. The sister-in-law has serious moral reservations, but longs to be young again.

0356 - Primrose Path

A re-telling of the Patty Hearst abduction. The person's last name is Mellon (see the Mellon-Scaifes, Pittsburgh news tycoons) and the Symbionese Liberation army has a new name, but the circumstances are similar.

0357 - The Man Who Ran Away

A man finds out his wife is having an affair, so he flees the house in his car. He drives to a nearby town and finds a house that he believes is abandoned. However, there is a resident, and she is lonely.

0358 - Five Ghostly Indians

A professor and Maine inn keeper find a strange Indian arrowhead along the shoreline of the Atlantic. Shortly thereafter, they and other guests are haunted by the vision of five Indians.

0359 - Who Made Me?

In the distant future, a person is assigned a rank in society. That rank is determined by their intelligence and their behavior. A first rank fighter pilot is challenged when his son tells him that he wants to be a three because they have more fun and his affair with a three woman is revealed.

0360 - They Shall Stone Them with Stones

A mind reader and her husband put together a Vaudeville act and get a contract to perform. She reads the mind of a killer. The prime suspect wants to recruit them for a private show.

0361 - The Last Lesson

A gambler, deep in debt, marries an unattractive woman to get her money. The problem is, she's not very generous. She's a daredevil, taking them mountain climbing and skydiving. He's a couch potato except at the track.

0362 - The Kiss of Death

A young, aspiring doctor falls in love with the daughter of the local quack who raises strange plants for his herbal treatments. Despite the warnings of his mentors, he pursues this dangerous liaison.

0363 - Stay Out of Dutchman's Woods

A couple vacationing in Maine go on a picnic in the woods. They become lost and eventually separated. She finds her way back, he finds an enchantress.

0364 - Never in This World

A man walks through an old cemetary and his body is captured by a malovent spirit.

0365 - Million Dollar Murder

A wealthy woman offers a struggling businessman one million dollars to murder someone. The man learns something about his own character and that of the people around him.

0366 - The Sealed Room Murder

A country sheriff and county clerk must solve the sealed room murder of the county's most obnoxious resident. To learn who was the killer, they must delve into the character of this most reprehensable being.

0367 - The Summer People

A young, artistic couple search for a small, remote town in which to pursue their crafts during the summer. They find Granville -- a place that is VERY hard to find and even harder to leave.

0368 - A Living Corpse

A hypnotist cons a young man into hypnotizing him on his death bed to try to forestall death. His real plan is to possess the young man's wife.

0369 - The Storm Breeder

A lost soul and his daughter are cursed to forever wander New England in search of home. Always behind him comes rain. A young judge aims to put his soul to rest.

0370 - Ghost Powder

John and Abigail Adams encounter a ghost haunting their abode in France. The future first couple try to learn the nature of their poltergeist while John's rivalry with Thomas Jefferson grows.

0371 - Triptych for a Witch

A witch posing as a kindly, widowed, great aunt comes to live with a newlywed couple. She brings with her a couple of interesting pets.

0372 - It's Hell to Pay the Piper

A man tries to pay his rent. While doing so, his landlord dies. He has no receipt proving he paid the rent and the landlord's son doesn't believe him.

0373 - The Mortgage

A middle-aged college professor is actually a sleeper spy. When his picture appears in the paper for doing a good deed, he worries that he might be activated, disrupting the life he loves.

0374 - The Edge of the Scalpel

A hospital soap opera where an injured man is forced to undergo surgery at the hands of a surgeon who is in love with his wife and might like to see him out of the way.

0375 - Killing Valley

A successful authoress returns to the small town where she grew up to get revenge on the powerful people who destroyed her father. She starts research to write a tell-all about the town and learns some unexpected facts about her father and mother.

0376 - The Public Avenger

A secretary wonders if her meek and mild coworker is actually a vigilante super hero.

0377 - Party Girl

The suicide of a prostitute could ruin the career of the state's up and coming politician who would like to become the next governor.

0378 - Home Is Where the Ghost Is

A scientist is haunted by the spirit of his wife while trying to help a fellow scientist defect.

0379 - The Money Makers

Counterfeiters set up shop in a haunted house. The ghost begins communicating with the wife of one of the crooks and tips her off as to what they're really doing. She faces a moral crisis.

0380 - The Moonlighter

A man who has a wife with expensive tastes must find a second means of income. His buddy offers him a way to more than double his income with just a small investment of his soul.

0381 - Fear

A diminuative bank employee is accused of robbing a branch of his own bank. While the photo of the robber looks exactly like him, the suspect is much taller. A police detective is forced to sort through the evidence while our hero must confront the reality that he has a double.

0382 - The Lamps of the Devil

Whalers return from fighting the Civil War to learn that petroleum is replacing whale oil and that their services are no longer in demand. One man decides to fight obsolesence.

0383 - The Hanging Judgement

One murder, two guns, and one suspect equal a courtroom drama. A man and his maid go on trial for the murder of the man's wife. The husband and wife exchanged shots, but she died of a wound in the back.

0384 - The Serpent's Tooth

An art dealer tries to help out a talented but half crazy artist. He later finds out he did history a disservice.

0385 - The Lap of the Gods

A twentieth century man has an accident and ends up in a coma. While in the hospital, he is transported into the body of an 1820's sea captain.

0386 - The Dead, Dead Ringer

A mobster sends an out of work cop to his daughter to deliver a message. When he gets there, he finds her husband dead on the floor and the woman holding a gun. He sees that he is a dead ringer for her dead husband.

0387 - The Frammis

A worthless piece of glass that resembles a diamond makes its way through a fictional kingdom. It's magical powers affect people in different ways and eventually bring it full circle through the kingdom.

0388 - With Malice Aforethought

A Black cop faces a grand jury for killing a seemingly unarmed white person in a drug bust. His friends, superiors, and fellow cops work to get him off the hook.

0389 - Promise to Kill

This is a dark tale of a man's lust for revenge against the man who raped and murdered his wife and daughter. When the defendent's appeal is accepted and his sentence commuted to life, our hero searches for his own version of the death penalty.

0390 - Portrait of a Killer

A man stands in an art museum fascinated with an obscure painting. He is able to project himself into the painting to relive -- and hopefully correct -- history.

0391 - Pharaoh's Daughter

A rich and evil woman and her paramour frame a harmless drunk for the murder of a cabbie.

0392 - How Quiet the Night

A man murders his former lover when she confronts him with a pregnancy and threatens to ruin his current engagement. She torments him from beyond the grave with a haunting love poem she once wrote for him.

0393 - Stitch in Time

A billionaire welcomes into his home his niece whom he has not seen in 9 years. His secretary suspects the worst of the 19 year old girl. She is right.

0394 - You Can Change Your Life

Three women who once served as judges on a game show are stalked by a former contestant hungry for revenge on those he says judged him and found him wanting.

0395 - Marry for Murder

Two sisters hire the same private investigator to investigate the same man. They each have their own purpose.

0396 - Burn, Witch, Burn

Notorious Puritan judge Cotton Mather has doubts about the conviction of a witch, so he invites an Episcopalian minister to meet with her to drive the demon from her soul.

0397 - The Eleventh Hour

A business owner answers a personal ad and connects with a woman. This woman claims to be from another world and that she can solve all his business problems in exchange for one million dollars to help her get home. Is she an ET or a con artist?

0398 - Fireball

The wife of a defense contractor is convinced the new blacksmith he hired is actually the god of fire, Vulcan. After an accident leaves the contractor lame, he starts to believe too.

0399 - The Corpse Wrote Shorthand

A bank accountant is jailed for five years for an embezzlement he did not commit. When he gets out, he tries to solve the mystery of who did it.

0400 - The Image

In a quest to enhance his image, an narcissistic writer dominates his wife and friends to impose his will upon them.

0401 - 0500

0401 - The Murder Market

A young woman is engaged to a conservative spend-thrift who makes her a part of his dull and boring life. When she is offered a new job that is exciting, she jumps at the chance. It leads her to murder.

0402 - A Christmas Carol

E. G. Marshall stars as Scrooge in this classic dramatization of Charles Dickens' immortal tale. A miserly old man is visited by three spirits that show how heartless he is and the potential consequences of his evil if he does not change his ways.

0403 - License to Kill

A woman successfully frees her husband who is in a hospital for the criminally insane for murder. She says her motives are altruistic, but her boyfriend and she have a scheme to swindle him out of his money.

0404 - The Memory Killers

An advertising executive works hard to get a major corporate account his firm needs to survive. He is troubled by ghosts from the past who tell him the corporation's principle is a Nazi prison guard who tortured them years before.

0405 - Sagamore Cottage

A couple comes across this old woman who has all these little china dolls and it turns out some of them are actually people she has shrunk. The couple is shrunk down and has to hide in the walls of the house.

0406 - One of the Missing

A Union soldier is sent out with a buddy on a dangerous reconnaisance mission. After an explosion in which he is injured, he has visions of his own funeral.

0407 - Insight Into Murder

A lawyer has flashbacks to the 16th century when he is sure he lived before and witnessed a murder. He finds the killer living in the twentieth century and must prove his client innocent and the real killer guilty of both murders.

0408 - Tom Sawyer, Detective

An adult Tom Sawyer has grown up to be a lawyer and is called upon to save his Uncle Silas who has been accused of murder.

0409 - Is He Living or Is He Dead?

Three artists scheme to increase the value of their paintings and their sales by having one of them play dead.

0410 - The Russian Passport

A young man traveling through Europe falls in with an eccentric American who scams them into a conviction in a Russian court and a trip to Siberia.

0411 - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

A 19th century factory owner gets knocked out in a fight and wakes up in Camelot and is placed under arrest by King Arthur himself. He exploits his knowledge of history to try to ensure his release.

0412 - The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg

The newspaper editor of a small town recounts how a mysterious outsider uses the lure of easy money to corrupt the uncorruptable leaders.

0413 - The Stolen White Elephant

Inspector Blunt of the New York City police force is informed by Brititsh Major Smathers that the sacred white elephant he was entrusted to deliver to Queen Victoria has been stolen. Certain that badman Barge Crisswell is the thief, Blunt orders 100 men to storm his home only to discover that Crisswell has been dead for 15 years -- hanged as a result of brilliant detective work by none other than Blunt himself.

0414 - The Mysterious Stranger

A man meets an angel named Satan who promises to fulfill his wish. the man learns to be careful what you wish for.

0415 - What the Shepherd Saw

A young shepherd witnesses his master killing a man who loved his wife. He must now convince him that he did not see anything.

0416 - The Elixer of Death

A doctor flees the big city for a quieter life in a small village. His peaceful life is soon complicated when he finds that the village's economic mainstay is a mysterious drink whose ingredients might not be safe.

0417 - The Red Frisbee

While playing on an Antilles beach with his dog and a red Frisbee, Ben meets Nikki, a young girl with unusual intuition who lives in the stately Great House. As their friendship develops and the tragic story of her brother unfolds, Ben, who has just completed a three-year study of aborigines in Australia, becomes fascinated with Nikki's wild talent. However, even he is surprised by the lesson she learns from the red Frisbee.

0418 - There's No Business Like

A time traveler goes forward in time to the year 2076 where people who commit crimes against society are sentenced to spend time in show business -- where the stunts and special effects are real and dangerous.

0419 - The Lady of the Mist

Legend has it that the pool in which the Lady of the Mist waterfall drops resents anyone who tries to take the place of Meg Drayton, lady of the Manor. Ten years ago her brother Charles' first wife fell into the pool and was sucked out of sight. Now Charles has returned with his second wife, much younger than he, with plans to take over the manor. Infuriated at the thought of being replaced, Meg makes plans to insure that the Lady of the Mist legend will not be broken.

0420 - The Slick and the Dead

Standard detective story about a dancer with a sordid past murdered in a hotel room. Unique presentation with EG Marshall interupting the third act asking the audience to now state who they think murdered the victim.

0421 - The Ferret

Time after time the new offshore righs, tankers, and natural gas fields of Energy Exploration, Inc. are mysteriously destroyed, thus impeding the United States' plan to become independent of foreign energy sources. Clem Ferris, an unscrupulous EEI executive, is selling vital company information. Amory Mills, an EEI lawyer seeks to trap Ferris and Warren before they destroy the evidence and uncover the real identity of The Ferret.

0422 - Mirror, Mirror

Many years have passed since Jessica Chapman and Clare Connor were roommates at Stapleton Academy. Jessica is surprised to find that Clare -- once considered fairest of them all -- has been scarred by an unhappy marriage and a disappointing relationship with her daughter. But it is the memory of the full-view gold-framed mirror, which she gave to Clare, that haunts Jessica, and she sets out to discover what part the mirror played in her friend's tragic life -- and destruction.

0423 - Castle Kerfol

An American woman tours a British castle and is confronted by dogs. A neighbor invites her to read the history of the castle's former owners and she learns the origin of the dogs and why she does not want to become the next inhabitant of the castle.

0424 - First Prize -- Death

John Desmond, a co-director of the Sociological Advisory Institute, is a leading sociologist, well admired by his colleagues. Yet, year after year, he is passed over while the Parkhurst Medal is awarded to other sociologists: first to his co-workers and then even to a former student. One day Desmond is approached by a Mr. Strickland who promises him the next Parkhurst Medal if he falsifies his research and murders his superior. The price of fame? Death.

0425 - The Dead Deserve to Rest

A widow is exploited by a false medium who helps her contact her dead husband.

0426 - The Children of Death

In a post-apocalyptic future, men and women live separately and hunt each other to mate.

0427 - Straight from the Horse's Mouth

A mousy young man buys a pony at a horse auction, believing it to be a race horse. It is, in fact, a work horse, but it is much more valuable than a race horse because it can talk and handicaps horse races. The man's nagging wife wants him to get rid of it, not knowing its secret.

0428 - The Horror of Dead Lake

Claude and Polly Baxter are delighted when they inherit Captain Doubloon's castle and the mysterious lake known as Dead Lake. However, their happiness turns to terror when they discover that the castle is inhabited by Professor Micah, a mad embryologist who is experimenting with giant Venus flytraps and birds. The real horror, though, is the creature that lives in Dead Lake, scaring not only the local residents but also its creator.

0429 - You Owe Me a Death

A woman is haunted by the voice and the image of her twin who died when they were very young. She wants to put the voices to rest, but to do so she must learn the truth about her identical twin.

0430 - The Golden Chalices

Psychoanalyst, Hans von Fodor, is reminded of the flight he and his wife made from Hungary 30 years ago by the stories and gifts of his patient Mary Roth. Shortly after their wedding, Hans and Lili von Fodor were forced to flee from their native Kispest and leave behind a precious wedding gift, 12 golden chalices, which they buried beneath a cherry tree. Mary now seems to be leading them on another fruitless search for the lost cups.

0431 - The Blue Roan Stallion

Dan Bowles, proud of his half-breed Indian anscestry but not one to brag about it, saves ranch owner Hale Chalmer's life. He is hired as ranch hand and falls in love with Chalmers' daughter, Mercy. They plan to get married until the ranch's foreman learns about Bowles' background and challenges the unarmed cowboy whose life is saved by Chalmers. When Chalmers discovers that Bowles is a half-breed, he himself tosses the cowboy a gun and orders him to shoot or be shot.

0432 - Angel of Death

A nurse, distraught over the death of her son and the growing distance between herself and her husband, contemplates suicide. The ghost of a man she once helped to die helps her remember why she fell in love with her husband.

0433 - The Angry God

A jewel thief is befriended by an American woman on a Latin American tour bus and she helps him escape detection by the police. However, she cannot help him escape detection by the goddess who owns the jewels.

0434 - Goodbye, Benjamin Flack

A businessman, deep in debt, concocts a scheme to kill his cousin who looks like him, collect the insurance money, and take over his cousin's life.

0435 - The Bloody Legend

Martha Saxon, whose husband Dash is working night and day on a new study of Beowulf, asks for psychiatrist Frank Sherby's help when Dash has nightmares about the epic story, suffers from amnesia, and comes home with dirty hands and bloody clothes. When police begin to investigate the carnage that took place in an animal shelter and the murder of two people during a storm, the evidence leads them to Dash who, if he did commit the crimes, can remember nothing about them.

0436 - The Patient Visitor

Judge Justin Travers, 78 and suffering from a failing heart, is visited in his New York apartment by Muriel Parks whom he courted years ago. Because she cannot raise the required $500, Mrs. Parks is having difficulty gaining admittance to a home for the elderly, despite the fact that her late father left the home much money and property. Judge Travers determines to help her as a lawyer rather than as a judge, although he knows it will be his last case.

0437 - General Laughter

Instead of writing a suicide note to her husband and children, a distraught actress decides to tape record her reasons for wanting to kill herself as well as her last gasps. But, being an actress, she would like to exit amid general laughter. However, she soon discovers it to be rather difficult, even for an actress, to leave the world in such a manner.

0438 - The Providential Ghost

A young girl who loses her parents in an accident soon loses her grandfather whom she loves dearly. She is forced to live with her two aunts who frighten her. But her grandfather hasn't deserted her completely.

0439 - Half a Life

A 40 year old woman falls in love with a man she met at a bar. Is it true love or is he trying to swindle her. Her friend has serious doubts about the relationship.

0440 - The Death Trail

Wayne Prescott, president of a small bank in Crystal City, Texas in the late 1860s, is given $200,000 by Col. Chambers, his former commanding officer, who asks Prescott to invest the money in cattle. Prescott is about to marry Sheriff Benson's daughter Abby, but neither she, her father, nor the colonel have the slightest inkling that Prescott is a member of the pre-Civil War Gunnysack Gang who killed people they robbed. Prescott has no intention of investing the money.

0441 - Afterward

A woman's husband inexplicably disappears. She learns there was much more to him and his finances than she ever suspected.

0442 - The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter

Friar Ambrosius and another young monk, Friar Romanus, of the order of St. Francis, are sent by their superior to the monastery in Berchtesgaden, high in the Bavarian Alps. There, Ambrosius meets and feels great pity for the beautiful Benedicta, despised by all because she is the hangman's daughter. Soon Ambrosius is also scorned by the populace, most of all by the son of the village's most powerful man who wants Benedicta for himself -- not as a wife, but as a mistress.

0443 - The Infernal Triangle

Ann Fairchild has always been the ugly duckling of the family. Her older and much more attractive sister, Eve, always managed to take possession of her toys and favorite clothes, and later, her boyfriends. Now Eve has come home, divorced from one of these men, and Ann, soon to be married, declares she will kill Eve if she tries to steal her husband-to-be, Hugh Denning. She also vows to kill Hugh if he falls for Eve's blandishments, which he soon does.

0444 - The Queen of Spades

A Russian soldier seeks a winning gambling secret from a wealthy countess. When he accidently causes her death, she returns from the grave.

0445 - I Thought I Saw a Shadow

A scientist develops a formula they think will make them invisible. Instead, it separates him from his shadow. When his shadow goes on a killing spree, his estranged wife is worried.

0446 - Pandora

Hundreds of thousands of years in the future, in a society where there is only love and happiness, a woman, like Pandora, threatens to inflict her sorrow on others. In Paradise, Mara is not happy just to gratify her desires, to be beautiful, and talented, and to live forever. Her unhappiness and her desire to love Willis and their baby exlusively threaten to destroy the entire society, so she is condemned to death. At the last moment she is sent instead to the past, where she suprisingly finds that hard work, possessive love, and a short life are no more satisfying.

0447 - The Man Who Preyed on Widows

Robert Lewis, alias Nelson Potter, has left the widowed Mrs. Randol with a few of her thousands in his pocket. She seems not the least upset because Lewis made her forget her unhappiness. But her children are not acquiescent, demanding that he be put away for bigamy. When the identity of Lewis' next victim is ascertained, the police make elaborate plans to close in on him.

0448 - The Aliens

Secret agents for the United States and the Soviet Union meet and discover they are facing the same problem: fear that what they are doing will destroy all mankind. John Carpenter, whose cover is that of a stockbroker, and Ivan Ivanovich Plohtnik, whose cover is a journalist, are drawn together through something called psychic communication -- a secret project both of their governments are working on. The two fear for mankind's future if the project, which neither understands, is successful, and both realize there is very little they can do to stop it -- nobody in the upper echelons will listen to either of them.

0449 - Crime Casts a Shadow

Gay Armstrong, in need of cash, tries to sell her late mother's expensive pearl necklace but is told by a jeweler that the pearls are fake. When her stepfather offers her $15,000 for the fake necklace, Gay becomes suspicious. She doesn't want to hurt her stepfather, but she is not satisfied with his explanation that her mother has sold the real necklace to help pay some medical bills.

0450 - The Other Side of the Coin

After losing his job, Sgt. John McCaffrey drowns his sorrows in booze. Through a supernatural accident, he wakes up in somebody else's body. Although he thinks like himself, he looks and speaks like Gino Carpacci, a double-crossing mobster who has stolen one million dollars from the crime syndicate. While John-turned-Gino tries to avoid death and regain his identity, Gino-tuned-John schemes to take the money and live free from mob entanglements.

0451 - A Matter of Love and Death

A woman walks into a police station and confesses to killing her husband -- a famous football player. She had tired of sharing him with obsessive fans.

0452 - Stampede

Ellie Tate Gottenschalk, her husband murdered by Commanches and their beet crop and buildings destroyed by a stampede, joins a cattle drive on its way to Cheyenne.

0453 - The Covered Bridge

As a newly wed couple cross an old covered bridge, the woman is transported back in time to become a woman who is about to be wed in an arranged marriage. 1770's femininity meets 1970's women's lib.

0454 - Brain Drain

A beautiful woman and the deaths of noted scientists raise the suspisions of a police detective as a mad scientist steals the brains of famous scientists to power his evil experiments.

0455 - The Transformation of Joebee

After confessing to a final stunt, a chronic practical joker swears he has changed his ways. Is he sincere or is this just his most amazing joke ever?

0456 - Extortion

The wife of an important politician is blackmailed for a fatal hit and run accident she committed when she was in college.

0457 - The Saxon Curse

After learning from a fortune teller that he can and will commit the perfect murder in order to protect his bride, an arrogant aristocrat selects his victim.

0458 - The Intruders

A woman is haunted by ghosts who refuse to acknowledge her presence. As she watches them play out their ghostly lives in her home, she becomes attached to them.

0459 - The Spit and Image

An out of work football player is hired to serve as a body double for a reclusive billionaire.

0460 - The White Ghost

A powerful businessman's life begins to unravel after the accidental death of his mistress. Her ghost won't leave him alone.

0461 - Vanity Dies Hard

An arrogant mystery detective pulls off the perfect crime against his wife's lover. Now his cheating wife must answer for the crime while he helps the police solve it.

0462 - Time Killer

A college professor tests his new theory regarding the fluidity of time and is able to transports himself back in time prior to the Great Depression. He gets himself into trouble that will have ramifications for his future.

0463 - The Boy Wonder

This show involves a man's search for a child named Buchanan. He and his child friends are capable of extraordinary things. One has invented a disintegrator, one can teleport, and a third has invented a transmutation device. As the search progresses, the team begins to decrease one by one.

0464 - The Paradise Café

A mob boss recounts for his psychiatrist the attempted rape and murder of a cocktail waitress. He needs to exorcise the demons that possess him.

0465 - Sleeping Dogs

The widow of a French Resistance fighter searches for the identity of the man who betrayed her husband to the Nazis. Her new husband and her dead husband's comrades warn her to leave history alone.

0466 - Fool's Gold

A college professor indulges his obsession diving for treasure on wrecked ships. His latest adventure promises a great payoff. However, the gold is cursed.

0467 - The Safe Judge

A gangster applies pressure on a congressman to find him a judge who can be bribed so he can get his son off of drug possession charges. An honest judge's reputation is on the line as he is being blackmailed.

0468 - Wishes Can Be Fatal

An old woman uses embroidery to torment her wicked daugter-in-law.

0469 - Strange Passenger

An out-of-work lawyer volunteers to be trained by aliens to rule Earth. His widow, meanwhile, receives a monthly check from her missing husband.

0470 - Murder Most Foul

Script adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

0471 - The Assassination

Based on the well-known assassination of Julius Ceasar in 44 BC using Shakespeare's play as a source.

0472 - The Love Song of Death

An adaptation of Romeo and Julie.

0473 - The Green Eyed Monster

Adaptation of Othello.

0474 - Long Live the King Is Dead

Adaptation of Hamlet.

0475 - The Prince of Evil

Adaptation of Richard III.

0476 - The Serpent of the Nile

An adaptation of Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra recounting the last days of their tumultous love affair.

0477 - The Three Elders of Lifeboat Landing

Lifeboat Landing is a community unto itself. Why is there no crime there? Why is there no dissention? Why does no one leave? And where did these elders come from? An inquiring reporter wants to know.

0478 - Two Plus Two Equals Death

An aspiring architect is drawn into the topsy turvy world of the circus business when he falls in love with one of the beautiful ballerinas in the show. Unfortunately, his beloved has a cruel, heartless, identical twin sister. Can he marry one without marrying them both?

0479 - The Cornstarch Killer

A virtuous woman brings the wrath of God down upon anyone who approaches her with impure thoughts. Her landlord is growing increasingly wary of her --- and is attracted to her.

0480 - What a Change in Hilda

Two women pay a small fee to a doctor who promises them their hearts desire. Later they learn there

0481 - The Ghost of San Juan Hill

A couple's wedding plans are disrupted when the bride's supposedly dead husband returns from the Spanish-American War.

0482 - The Secret Sharer

Joseph Conrad's classic tale of a ship captain who harbors a fugitive and discovers his alter ego.

0483 - Blind Witness

A blind woman witnesses the murder of a pharmacist and manages to escape. Now the police are looking for their witness while the shooter wonders how she escaped with her life.

0484 - The Walking Dead

In a future society, androids are mindless servants. However, Rex -- the most modern and complex of the androids -- develops a passion for killing women.

0485 - A Mexican Standoff

A pillar of the community wins an all-expense-paid trip to Mexico from an anonymous benefactor but finds himself framed for swindling and murder.

0486 - Demon Lover

A college professor finds himself the unwilling object of a foreign professor's love. She fell insanely in love with him but he is unaware that it is because of a charm from the goddess Isis. He must find what drives her passion in order to save his life.

0487 - Ghost Town

A woman is carjacked in Death Valley. Her abductor makes her drive to a ghost town where he hopes to find an old relative.

0488 - Blue Justice

An assistant prosecutor in a corrupt government knowingly convicts an innocent man and has him executed. Now he is faced with that man's ghost who asks for justice, beginning with the discovery of two blue ribbons.

0489 - The Corpse that Would Not Die

A man murders his best friend so he can marry his friend's wife. But his guilt over the murder and her guilt for remarrying so soon slowly erode their relationship.

0490 - Free the Beast

An inmate of an insane asylum has conversations with an unseen visitor. When a fellow inmate dies in an accidental fall, a psychiatrist and a cop discover her horrible family secret.

0491 - The Unthinkable

An unemployed engineer's ego is bruised when his wife gets a job and starts climbing the career ladder. He finds fulfillment in robbing a bank -- the bank where she works.

0492 - Pension Plan

A purchasing manager spends his entire career being honest and forthright. On the eve of retirement, he finds himself penniless. His morals are tested when he learns his virtue was worthless.

0493 - Checkmate

A genius chess player is a suspect in the brutal murder of a friend and opponent. A New York detective gets involved with solving the murder in which the victim died from a puncture wound to the eye and into the brain.

0494 - Child of Fate

An adolescent's imaginary friend fights for survival by attacking her new real friends.

0495 - Forty-Five Minutes to Murder

A defense attorney examines discrepencies in the story of a businessman whose wife was murdered. The solution lies in how fast poison works.

0496 - Loser Takes All

When Jake Alexander, who considers himself the world's top theatrical agent, meets Delphi Carr, in his eyes the world's most beautiful woman, he tries his best to become her agent. He would also like her to become his wife. But before he can achieve his first wish, she gets married and suggests that Jake take her actor husband, Deke Roberts, as a client. Jake agrees, only because it will provide him with more opportunities to murder Deke, or have someone else do it. Deke is murdered by being pushed in front of a train.

0497 - Blood Red Roses

A pacifist's beliefs are challenged when his son is murdered by mobsters. When he meets the man behind the murder, he ends up liking him. The mob Boss is repaid for his past evil actions because of his love of Red Roses.

0498 - The Last Trip of Charter Boat Sally

A rich woman and her beach-bum boyfriend frame an old charterboat captain for the murder of her husband -- or so it would seem.

0499 - Future Eye

An investigator from the future is sent back in time to retrieve a microchip that has the history of time up until 2976. If somebody from 1976 finds it first, it could make the future cease to exist.

0500 - The Men with the Magic Fingers

A turn of the century circus owner creates a fortune teller out of wax. Convinced that she has come to life, he falls in love with her. Meanwhile, his wife is left to wonder about his sanity.

0501 - 0600

0501 - The Brain without Mercy

A mad scientist removes the brain from a severely injured hijacker to ascertain where he left the loot he got away with. Just how far will he go in the name of science?

0502 - Shotgun Wedding

Charlie, a man of about 30, is invited by his co-worker, Gus, to meet his daughter. Gus feels that Charlie will fall instantly in love with Elaine. When Charlie meets her, he does fall in love with her. Then things begin to get strange. Charlie goes back to visit his beloved, but he finds the house and its occupants gone.

0503 - Every Dog Has His Day

Two brothers argue over their father's estate with one accusing the other of murder. The real heir could be the dog. Meanwhile, their father's lawyer's daughter is in love with both of them and must choose.

0504 - Lovers and Killers

A young lothario is on trial for killing a woman's husband when he catches them together after an evening at a singles bar. A reluctant juror must make up his mind about the suspect's guilt based on a number of criterea.

0505 - Overnight to Freedom

During WWII an American POW from a German prison camp and with the help of some friendly advice, makes his attempt at escaping across Germany into occupied France. There, he tries to make contact with the French Underground. But who can he trust?

0506 - The Haliday Prediction

It seems that every prediction Cash Haliday makes in his Friday newspaper column comes true. Does he have uncanny insight, some sort of ESP, or as his secretary/girlfriend thinks, do things come true because he predicts them.

0507 - Your Grade Is A

Molly Butler is found dead of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The police think that it was either suicide or accidental. But Molly's best friend, Judith Kent, has other thoughts after she reads in Molly's diary that Silas Butler wrote a mystery story for his Creative Writing class about a murder using CO that was undetectable.

0508 - The Golden People

Richard Paradon has it all, looks, brains, charm, talent, and the ability to make money -- or should I say the ability to bilk women out of theirs. Then he meets a woman he falls in love with at first sight. Can he put his past behind him to treat this woman right? She did promise to never leave him -- even in death!

0509 - The Train Stops

The train used to stop at the small town of Dandridge. Now the town doctor relates a story about two strangers who only himself and his daughter have met. She tells her father that she has fallen in love with a man who stops in town daily on the 5:16 train. No one else has seen him and he continues to stop in, even when the train doesn't.

0510 - The Man Who Could Work Miracles

As 1899 comes to a close, in the Bowery section of lower Manhattan, George comes to the realization that he can alter events by just willing it to be so. Everything he wishes for comes true. But his power leads to hubris and he goes too far. Will he be able to reverse the course he has set for the world?

0511 - The Night Shift

Eddie O'Brian hates going to work driving a bus 9 hours a day until he gets a new bus, #2792. He becomes very protective of it and soon cares more for it than his wife Margie.

0512 - The Magic Cay

Tom Reynolds is bored of his life and the rat race. He takes a vacation, without his wife and children, on a remote Caribbean island full of powerful magic. After a few days of introspection, a beautiful woman washes ashore, seemingly dead. But it's soon apparent that she's alive and that's about all that's apparent.

0513 - Graven Image

Jody Barnes is a talented rock-n-roll/country singer playing the county fair circuit until he meets Craig Herbert, a talent agent. Craig gives Jody a gimmick, and plenty of publicity. It's all too much for Jody and he flees in disgust and terror at what he's become.

0514 - Killer's Helper

Martin Edward (Marty) Caraway, a young up and coming stock broker is recruited by his boss's wife, Margaret, to kill his boss, John Masters, and take his place by her side and at the head of the firm. But is he falling into the same trap his boss fell into?

0515 - A Two-Bit Fortune

Mike Wilson, auto mechanic, does automotive work for a bum who philosophizes about wealth and claims to be Millionaire Stanford Spruce. Mike doesn't believe him, neither about who he is, nor about wealth not being all it's made out to be -- not until he finds out that he's Spruce's only heir to a Billion Dollar empire.

0516 - A Magical Place

Elinor and Timothy Elkins, a middle-aged couple, revisit a house they rented as newlyweds to see if they can rekindle their marriage and find it for rent again. Shadows from the past bring life back to their dead marriage when they encounter another couple they can hear, but not see.

0517 - The Tell-Tale Corpse

Ernie and Sid, just out of prison, visit the Aunt of ex prison-mate Ted because she has a key that opens the second lock of a chest that contains $100,000. They have the other key. Complications occur after they kill Aunt Grace to get her half of the loot -- she refuses to stay dead.

0518 - Journey to Jerusalem

A man longs to be young again so he can live his life differently. A strange woman says she can make it happen.

0519 - Dr. Peterson's Pills

A Maine country doctor seems to have a miracle cure for every ailment in his mysterious pink pills. But his curative abilities come at a steep price that has just come due.

0520 - To Whom it May Concern

A woman who mysteriously avoids death from a gunshot through the heart finds that she brings death to everyone she loves.

0521 - A Very Dear Ghost Indeed

A man and his daughter, traveling through Ireland late in the 19th century, are waylaid by a washed out bridge to an old castle. There, they hear a tale from the resident about an unfortunate man who first sold his daughter, then his soul, for money.

0522 - The Rainbow Man

A snake oil pedaler and part time con-artist uses his skills to help a young couple who want to marry and to expose a corrupt sheriff.

0523 - Don't Play with Matches

Fire Chief Delbert Cassarole is the toast of the town because fires are almost non-existent because of his prevention methods. But the citizens of his sleepy little town don't know his dark secret about how he spends Friday nights. Delbert Casserole is a man with strange hobbies: Lying, murder, arson -- and on Friday nights, he goes to town.

0524 - Queen of the Deadly Night

A young Jewish woman of the Dark Ages seeks a rumored kingdom with the intention of becoming its queen. Before she can be queen, she must pass a test.

0525 - The Ghostly Private Eye

A 19th century ghost buster meets his match in a violent and aggressive poltergeist in an American mansion.

0526 - One Girl in a Million

A celebrity business consultant of the future, who makes his living helping corporations make huge decisions, searches the galaxy for an exact duplicate of his long dead girlfriend. Meanwhile, he feels compelled to kill anybody with the same last name as the man who killed his girlfriend.

0527 - Not for Sale

Faye Colfax inherits her uncle Milo's antique shop when he is murdered during an apparent robbery attempt. When she refuses to sell the shop to the man who inhabits the upstairs apartment, she runs into major trouble. Against the advice of her husband Brian, her uncle's friend, Mr. Miller, and her uncle's ghost, she decides to keep and run the shop.

0528 - The Clairvoyant

A clairvoyant forsees an unexpected love in the life of a young, British aristocrat on the eve of World War II.

0529 - The Midas Touch

A con man swindles a bank president repeatedly in this farce set on the eve of the Great Depression.

0530 - Private Stock

A police detective argues with the ghost of his dead wife as he is confronted with the fact that his daughter is guilty of murder.

0531 - Pool of Fear

A spoiled rich, Beth, feels her step-mother is trying to replace her mother. She befriends ex-con Matt and has him pose as her fiancee so that he can kill her step-mother Millie for $10,000.

0532 - The Tortured Twins

Adam Duncan knows he loves Joyce Adams from the first moment he sets eyes on her at the off-off-broadway theater where they both work. So he proposes to her right away. When the newlyweds move to Hollywood for Joyce's first movie role, Adam meets her twin sister, Janice. Suddenly he realizes he really should have married Janice, the more serious of the twins and vows to make her his wife --even if it means that he has to kill Joyce first.

0533 - My Wife Doesn't Understand Me

A research scientist, unhappy with his marriage, finds solace in the arms of his new secretary. But she has more than love on her mind.

0534 - The God Killer

A typist is accused of murdering the author for whom she works. She insists that the murderer was a character from a novel fighting for his survival.

0535 - The Living Corpse

Henry Girard Flower Peabody VI, a member of Philadelphia society by birth and breeding, has always felt there was an element inside him that did not fit his sober side. As a young man, he kept his crazy, fun-loving girlfriend, Megan, a secret from his other friends and his strict but ailing mother. But when Megan suggests that Henry end his mother's lingering life or else, Henry realizes he can no longer lead a double life and must kill one of them.

0536 - A Point in Time

Two hikers encounter a strange town in the mountains that is stuck in the 1920s. The inhabitants have a reason for their seclusion.

0537 - Killer's Appointment

A young woman takes the rap and goes to prison for her boyfriend who rips off his employer. When he abandons her while she is in prison, she plots her revenge.

0538 - The Mission of Atropos

A detective follows the clues left by a corrupt industrialist using an illegal and deadly chemical.

0539 - To Hang by the Neck

After the end of the Civil War, Becky Pryor decides to return to the C-Circle-C ranch in Texas just a year after she went there for what she thought was going to be Carrie Conway's wedding but turned out to be her friend's funeral. Carrie's invalid mother now complaines to Becky that the truth is not known about her daughter's suicide. A suspiciously quiet ranch hand, a Northerner, offers to help Becky find out why Carrie might have hanged herself -- if indeed she did.

0540 - Somebody Help Me!

A cop who is so ugly he can't get a date kills women who turn him down.

0541 - The Deathly White Man

A woman takes a job as caretaker to a rich woman and her husband in their remote castle. There, she and the son of the wealthy couple learn the family's darkest secret.

0542 - Absolute Zero

young woman returns to her home town only to miss her mother's funeral by just a few hours. She is most disturbed when she finds out her mother's grave has been robbed. She and a young doctor set out to find out who and why.

0543 - The Unborn

An American encounters a woman several times through his life as he moves between occupations. She grows younger each time. He falls in love not knowing he tarries with the mistress of the Devil.

0544 - Witches' Sabbath

A man with murder in his heart falls in with a coven of witches celebrating their holy day. They inspire him to murder.

0545 - The Queen of Cats

See 'Willard' only with cats. An evil witch uses cats to prey on children in a small town. A lawyer and a local sheriff try to corner her.

0546 - City of the Dead

During the late 19th century, two scientists explore the Caybridge Trough in the Carribean to a depth of five miles, one of the deepest parts of the ocean on the planet. They encounter a strange city and a civilization of hostile, man-like creatures who attack them.

0547 - The Secret Chamber

Thomas Tatum Tattersaul, a realtor, tells the story of Felicity Hargrave who, after losing her lover in war, disappeared only to reappear as a ghost. This is the story of how and why the Hargrave House, a colonial that dates back to the Revolution, is no longer haunted.

0548 - The Graveyard

A man mourns for his lost love who died after riding out into a rain storm to buy a new dress. He learns the truth about her in a hard way.

0549 - The Colony

Michael and Mary just want to spend some quiet time away with nature. After spotting a UFO, they stop in the sleepy town of Colony, New Hampshire to report it but find themselves in deep trouble with the law.

0550 - Strike Force

Dr. Orville Sanderson Jr. was brought up by his step-father Bob Watson. His mother, Andrea, was married to Bob after Orville's father went missing during the war. When a man possibly having know Orville Sr. turns up in the morgue, Orville Jr. begins to question everything he believes about his real father.

0551 - A Question of Identity

Hillary Cummings, on her way to work as a court stenographer, is kidnapped and taken to a country mansion where a U.S. government intelligence agent demands that she identify her ex-husband, Bob Christie, from among three spies posing as Bob. She ultimately agrees (the nation's security is involved), but there are two problems: Bob has undergone radical facial surgery and she hasn't seen him for twelve years. She has to question each one -- bringing back bad memories.

0552 - Meeting by Chance

A man and a woman spend an afternoon together in a strange house to wait out a storm. They mysteriously find themselves falling in love.

0553 - The Awakening

A police detective investigates the murder of a psychiatrist. His only clue is a tape of the murderer consulting with his psychiatrist just before the murder.

0554 - M-U-R-D-E-R

A couple spending an evening together decide to play with a Ouija board. When the planchette spells the word 'MURDER' over and over again, one of the men becomes extremely paranoid.

0555 - Blood Will Tell

A forty year old mama's boy must find out how his father died for the personnel department at work. His mother harbors the terrible secret.

0556 - The Man Who Couldn't Get Arrested

A stockbroker lives in two worlds: One where he murdered his wife and one where he didn't. Problems start when the two worlds collide.

0557 - Now You See Them, Now You Don't

During World War V, victims of combat fatigue are able to transport themselves back in time. The President wants to know how and why.

0558 - How to Kill Rudy

A man discovers that his favorite detective novels predict true crimes. Then he finds a book about his future. The novel tells of how his boss and his wife plan to kill him so they can marry. He takes steps to pre-empt them.

0559 - Child of Misfortune

A pathologist's life is thrown into chaos when his younger brother dies and his sixteen year old niece moves in with him.

0560 - Child of the Sea

While swimming in the ocean, a man encounters a woman who lives in an undersea kingdom and falls in love with her. She tries hard to live on land and he tries to live in the sea.

0561 - Enough Rope

A scam artist is about to be hanged by a group of men he has swindled in a land deal when his guardian angel shows up to save him. He agrees to go on the straight and narrow if she'll help him pull off the master scam.

0562 - Nobody Dies

A young woman with a small child takes a job as a maid to a pregnant widow. Their children grow up together and the boy falls in love with the girl. But she moves away and finds someone new. He is devastated.

0563 - Identity Crisis

If a brain transplant isn't enough, add two wifes and two men out to kill the patient. A state senator is about to undergo the world's first brain transplant. His wife and the body donor's wife are having second thoughts. Meanwhile, two corrupt contractors who did business with the Senator want the operation to fail.

0564 - Hit Me Again

A financial planner quits his job to pursue a career as a professional gambler who applies an actuarial system to counting cards in Blackjack. His wife fights to get him back from his new mistress: Lady Luck.

0565 - The Smoking Pistol

When a cop's son is murdered and a suspect is found holding a smoking gun, he figures it's an open and shut case. But when the suspect's mother appeals to him to investigate further, doubts arise in his mind.

0566 - The Doctor's Evidence

A shallow man who is having an affair with his secretary catches a lucky break when his wife dies in an accidental fall. But her son suspects that his wife sent him a message by telepathy saying she was going to be murdered.

0567 - A Quiet Evening at Home

A woman goes to a train station to meet her lover so they can leave their spouses. But when she witnesses a murder, her lover leaves her and she fears testifying because her husband will find out.

0568 - Date of Death

A hypocondriac's fear is heightened when his doctor tells him he has an aortic aneurism. His anger rises when his doctor later denies ever having the conversation. He thinks he is going to die despite what his wife and doctor tell him.

0569 - The Lone Survivor

The lone survivor of a plane crash at sea cannot remember who he is. A police detective, an airline executive, and a doctor work to find out.

0570 - Double Zero

A private investigator working an adultery case stumbles on a murder. Five $20 bills with two zeroes written on them provide the clues.

0571 - The Magus

A young servant girl falls under the charms of a magus. She becomes entranced in his presence, forsaking her mother and would-be suitor.

0572 - The Mark of Cain

A rancher hires a gunslinger to enforce his will. The rancher's daughter falls in love with him, making her betrothed angry enough to challenge him to a gun battle.

0573 - The Artist

A wealthy industrialist falls for a married knife throwing performer. He worries that her husband will find out and deliberately hit her with a knife.

0574 - Your Move, Mr. Ellers

Chess seems the perfect foil for a sophisticated jewel thief. An insurance investigator looks into the theft of several diamonds and other jewels from a jeweler. A stolen emerald and a game of chess lead him to look into the lives of three supsects: an employee; a long time member at the jewelry store; and a fence. Every character in this story is a chess fan.

0575 - Tomorrow's Murder

A stressed sales manager gets more stressed when he finds his tombstone in the cemetary with a date of death a year in the future.

0576 - Whose Little Girl Are You?

In a pill-induced suicidal stupor, a star tennis player recounts the events of her life that led her into a deep depression.

0577 - This Breed Is Doomed

A conman grifts the residents of a small town and ends up stealing a small piece of irony.

0578 - The Man from Ultra

Solo Nakeela, an interstellar traveller who cannot know love, accidentally ruins the mind of the great Jeffrey Hale, a talented but fragile young artist. Can he help the young genius regain his sanity in time?

0579 - Conquest of Fear

A bandito abducts a famous actress while she is traveling through Spain. She convinces him to desert his life of crime and resume his career as Spain's premiere bull fighter

0580 - Two Renegades

A case of mistaken identity puts a con man at the head of the Panamanian army at the turn of the century. His failure as a General lands him in hot water with Panama's enemies.

0581 - The Passing of Black Eagle

When he's drunk, he's a mild mannered panhandler. When he's sober, he's a desperado named Black Eagle. The two meet when Black Eagle robs a train.

0582 - Tobin's Palm

Tobin gets his palm read to help find his absent-minded and missing girlfriend. His life becomes a series of misadventures that amuse his friend.

0583 - Don't Die Without Me

A reporter investigates the deaths of two women who committed suicide in the same room in the same seedy boarding house in early 20th century Manhattan.

0584 - A Departmental Case

A gunfighter turned insurance clerk comes out of retirement to gun down an alleged wife beating bank robber. However, a New York reporter finds out the deceased was not all that different from his killer.

0585 - Cherchez la Femme

The owner of a French Quarter restaurant hires a Private Eye to track down the $10,000 she gave to an old and long time customer to invest for her just before he died. As the title suggests, the detective's attitude is 'follow the money' and 'there is always a woman involved.' With these axioms in mind, his search takes him through the shadier side of New Orleans to New York City and back again, only to find his query right in front of him all along.

0586 - Jimmy Valentine's Gamble

A safe cracker on the lamb goes straight and becomes a leading citizen. He risks it all when a crisis makes him exercise his old skills for one last operation.

0587 - Son of Satan

A man and his wife find an old friend who has changed his name and started worshipping Satan. Naturally, they pick up their old friendship and let him babysit their infant.

0588 - The Woman in Red

A famous painting is stolen by an unlikely thief. However, the person who ends up with it has very long term plans for it.

0589 - Happy Death Day

An overweight woman has nightmares of a faceless man who tries to kill her by pushing her over a ledge. She goes to a psychologist to try to explain the dream and put a face on her assailant.

0590 - License to Kill

Billy (Chappie) Chapman, a six-foot, 260-pound defensive end, is cut from the football squad because he lacks the killer instinct. But when his wife is seriously injured in an auto accident and the medical bills start piling up, Chappie asks the coach for another chance. The coach gives him that chance, renames him 'The Chopper,' and tells him to go out on the field ready to chop down and kill the quarterback. Unfortunately, Chappie takes his coach -- and screaming fans -- literally.

0591 - The White Wolf

A family living in the remote wilderness is haunted and stalked by a werewolf. The children have strong suspicions as to who the werewolf really is.

0592 - My Fair Lady-Killer

A detective searches for the killer of three loose women. The final suspect does not fit the profile supplied by the experts.

0593 - A Casual Affair

A traveling salesman has a casual affair. His lady friend is not what she seems and he ends up in mortal danger.

0594 - The Cat Is Dead

A husband and wife return to France where they met when she was a member of the French Resistance and he an American soldier. The death of an acquaintance makes them remember the past.

0595 - The Ripple Effect

When a politician attempts to recover some love letters from a mistress, he sets off a chain of events that will ruin a few lives.

0596 - I Pronounce You Dead

A girl's teenage angst leads her to witchcraft. She awakens from a dream believing she has killed her family.

0597 - The Aurora Group

A man's troubles begin when he finds a quarter in his new suit that is dated nearly ten years in the future. He starts having visions of the future where he kills his wife. More disconcerting than that, he starts acquiring objects from the future too.

0598 - The Recluse

A man inherits an inn and its family secrets when his grandmother dies. He learns of the fate of his missing father and what happened to him and his fortune.

0599 - Masquerade

The theft of a valuable set of pearls at a masquerade ball lands a gorgeous singer and her boyfriend in a case of international intrigue.

0600 - Stamped for Death

Two greedy brothers inherit their father's stamp collection. When it's lost, they try to swindle their elderly aunt and uncle out of theirs.

0601 - 0700

0601 - The Star Killers

One of the world's leading nuclear scientists is either an insane murderess or the innocent wife of a man from outer space. She recounts for her therapist how she fell in love with a space alien and was ultimately convicted of his murder.

0602 - If Mischief Follow

Just as she is ready to announce her engagement to another doctor, Marion's first husband, whom she thought was dead, returns and wants to resume the marriage. He needs an operation her fiance is best suited to provide.

0603 - A Heart of Gold

An evil and murderously greedy woman wants all her wealth converted to special gold coins with her portrait on them. But will the results show her likeness, or something more indicative of her character.

0604 - Orient Express

A reporter and lounge singer, once a couple, are reunited on the legendary Orient Express bound for Czechoslovakia. On the way, they meet with spies and counter spies in this Cold War story of international intrigue.

0605 - Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte's classic tale of love and loss. A governess falls in love with the lord of the manner in 19th century England. When she finds that he is married, she flees the mansion and makes a new life for herself.

0606 - Last Judgement

A rich old man is haunted by murky dreams about his past. A young nurse learns some terrible secrets about her father-in-law when he becomes ill and she moves in with him to take care of him.

0607 - Legend of Phoenix Hill

When an archeologist takes his adopted son on an expedition to China, the expedition is besieged by setbacks. A 2000 year old Chinese legend seems to hold the explanation. The young man dreams of the reincarnation of an ancient Chinese princess and feels an irresistable urge to uncover her.

0608 - The Light that Failed

The story of a painter and war correspondent and his overwhelming desire to earn a fortune to attract the woman he loves. Fate throws him a wicked curve when he scorns a woman he considers beneath his station.

0609 - The Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes investigates the legend of a ghostly hound that haunts the moors that surround the Baskerville estate.

0610 - The Overcoat

In post-revolutionary Russia, a man devotes his entire savings to purchasing a new coat to satisfy his boss. The rest of his life's problems are related to that coat.

0611 - Answer Me

A failed author, distraught over the death of his wife, chucks it all and heads for Mexico. On the way, he hooks up with a mother and daugther who live in a commune. They share a strange bond that he finds fascinating.

0612 - Beyond the Barrier

A young scientist is gravely injured in a car crash and has an out of body experience while in the hospital. He sees and meets people from his past who impacted his life.

0613 - The Sign of Four

Classic Sherlock Holmes tale of theft, betrayal, and a secret pact that haunts its members long after it is broken.

0614 - The Pleading Voice

A teenage girl recovering from an illness hears a disembodied voice beg to be let into a ruined building on the property. Her father and their minister explore the ruins to learn the source of the voice.

0615 - Till Death Do Us Part

A plain, middle-aged spinster finds forbidden love in her boss. Unfortunately, the man is married, having vowed never to leave his wife so long as they are both alive.

0616 - Look Backward Sometimes

A tennis pro plans to flee to Europe after fighting with her husband. Enroute, the plane crashes and she finds that her judge of character serves her well as she and the survivors struggle to survive.

0617 - The Shining Man

A young couple purchase a haunted house in Scotland where he is to take a new job. The man's uncle is a parapsychologist and tries to help them solve the mystery of the mysterious glowing in the windows at night.

0618 - Jobo

A mildly retarded hick from Texas seems to be the heir of the gods of Easter Island. An archeologist and his daughter take separate paths to discover the truth.

0619 - Little Green Death

When a smalltown bookstore owner is accused of a murder he doesn't remember committing, his best friend hires a big city lawyer to defend him. The problem is, the accused man himself believes he must be guilty, as the evidence against him is so overwhelming.

0620 - The Eighth Deadly Sin

Jealousy puts a tremendous strain on an already tempestuous relationship. A famous writer falls in love with a seductive actress with a taste for adventure. When she places a high stakes gamble, he loses faith in their relationship and loses her.

0621 - The Imposter

A lady with no previous theatrical experience receives a brilliant play telepathically from an actor who has been dead for 50 years. When she tries to take full credit for the play, the real author asserts himself. She asks that her name be pulled from the marquis on opening night claiming that the spirit of the long dead actor is actually the writer.

0622 - The Gift of Doom

Set during the California gold rush, a snowbound prospector is saved by an Eskimo witch who has the power to heal and kill by magic. He takes her as his wife and brings her back to the states. When his political importance grows, he decides he needs to be rid of the savage.

0623 - A Study in Scarlet

The story that Launched the career of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes' and Watson's first case together involves a murderer who leaves behind an engagement ring and the word RACHE scrawled in blood.

0624 - The Warriors from Loanda

Based on a Joseph Conrad story, two ivory hunters are stranded in the Congo. One of them is ill with fever in the heat and humidity. The isolation takes a toll on them. They slowly go mad and die.

0625 - The Coldest Killer

A man is having an affair with his business partner's wife. They scheme to get rid of his partner's mother, who finds out about the affair, and the partner himself in order to collect on business insurance and marry each other.

0626 - Death Is Blue

A private detective is brought in by an unattractive woman's brother to investigate her fiance. Her brother suspects that he really wants her money.

0627 - You Bet Your Life

An expectant father and gambling addict swears off gambling after a big loss. But when he loses his job, he returns to the track to try to earn a living playing the ponies.

0628 - So Shall Ye Reap

A curse befalls a New Mexico town in the 1850's where children die and women no longer bear children. The town's mayor seeks a solution to the problem and discovers a horror from his past.

0629 - The Sensitive

A skeptic attends a seance with his wife and his boss. He is the sensitive who is able to bring the spirits to the material world. But the gift has a price.

0630 - The High Priest

A swindler tries to convince an art appraiser to declare his counterfeit painting to be real and worth millions.

0631 - Blood, Thunder, and a Woman in Green

A 1940's private investigator stumbles into a murder when his friend -- a tabloid photographer -- is murdered over a photo he took.

0632 - The Meteorite

A meteorite crashes into a farm field and it is immediately claimed by a college professor. But there is more to the meteorite than is apparent. It is an alien spacecraft and alien pilot.

0633 - Man-Sized in Marble

Americans on an extended working holiday find that one of them is a part of local prophecy and legend. The woman is linked to a blasphemous act in a cursed church.

0634 - The Phantom House

Two young sisters spend the summer with their aunt and uncle in the Virginia countryside at the turn of the century. One sister sees the image of a house destroyed more than 50 years before and struggles against becoming part of its terrible curse.

0635 - Borderline Case

A young girl, whose father is the town sheriff, becomes clairvoyant while gazing into a smoky-gray pearl worn by an old woman. She learns the terrible history of the valuable pearl and foresees the murder of the famous jewel's owner. Then she helps her father solve the crime.

0636 - A House Divided

A son returns home four years after joining the army with a plan of revenge for the murder of his D.A. father who was killed by his mother and her mob-connected lover.

0637 - The Book of Abaca

The captain and the engineer of a doomed oil freighter become the victims of the contents of the ship's log when the freighter's owner decides he wants the log.

0638 - Come Away Death

An old lawyer makes a deal with Death to forestall his passing. He takes the job of death, and death takes his place. Who got the short end of the deal?

0639 - The Prisoner of Zenda

The coronation of a new king is disrupted when the king's brother drugs him. A distant relative who closely resembles the king steps in to take his place at the coronation.

0640 - Bound East for Haiti

A First Mate aboard a tramp steamer tries to steal his captain's girlfriend by employing voodoo on him.

0641 - The Adventure of the Red-Headed League

Sherlock Holmes helps a friend who has been swindled by a group of red-headed men. He uncovers a much larger scheme.

0642 - The Second Chance Lady

A door-to-door cosmetics sales lady unwittingly stumbles into the lair of a hold-up guy. She outwits them to stay alive.

0643 - Wuthering Heights

The prodigal son returns to the family homestead bent on siezing control from the relatives that treated him poorly as a youth.

0644 - Much Too Much

In this farce, the King of a tiny kingdom doesn't want to spend the money to purchase a guillotine to execute a prisoner. He explores several other means of execution and punishment, but can't find one that he deems cost effective.

0645 - The Luck Sisters

This is the story of twin sister residents of a mining town. One always brings good fortune, the other nothing but bad luck. When the residents have a chance to all get rich, the bringer of bad luck should start feeling very nervous.

0646 - Reunion Fever

Most of the attendees of a class reunion end up sick with many of them dying. One member of the class gets a letter offering to sell him the remedy for the mysterious virus for $10,000.

0647 - Bottom of the World

Scientists at the South Pole are forced to flea when a catastrophe threatens the entire earth.

0648 - Mayerling Revisited

A young, engaged couple must confront the guy's domineering and wealthy father. As they deal with his father's opposition to their marriage, the woman has dreams of a similar couple over 100 years ago who confronted the same problem in the same house.

0649 - The Child's Cat Paw

A child and a strange cat weave a spell on an old man and a gold digger to put them together. The girl's motives are pure, the cat's are not.

0650 - A Matter of Customs

Detective novel enthusiast Millie and her husband Sam go on a sea cruise where they repeatedly encounter another couple. One of the couples keeps changing husbands, causing suspicion in the other.

0651 - Wine, Women, and Murder

A mild-mannered book seller travels to Germany for a poetry festival and is framed for murder. His only hope is an assistant secretary consulate who is only mildly interested in his case.

0652 - The Briefcase Blunder

When a briefcase full of money is left in Harry's cab, he finds out honesty will not always set you free. He finds himself in a whole lot of trouble after he turns it in to the police and the owner refuses to claim it.

0653 - Transmutation, Inc.

A small time hustler is forced into a moral dilemna where he must choose good or evil when he is confronted by the Devil himself.

0654 - The Countess

A French countess recounts her brief attraction to a Spanish prisoner of war and her marriage to a brutal French dignitary.

0655 - Guilty Secret

A Senator finds himself in the middle of a presidential race with a terrible secret he must conceal. He is sure that people know of an indiscretion from his past and will use it against him.

0656 - The Silent Witness

A Hawaiian banker is haunted by a vision of an open grave in an American cemetary. His new assistant's wife brings back painful memories for him.

0657 - The Boscombe Pool Mystery

Sherlock Holmes solves the murder mystery of a young man who is accused of murdering his father. The evidence seems irrefutable, but Holmes dissects it.

0658 - A God Named Smith

A young child prodigy creates an entire planet of his own, intending it to be a better world than earth. He finds volunteers to populate it, and establishes himself as a god.

0659 - The Two-Dollar Murders

A man tries to cover up an affair and murder by killing a cop who writes him a parking ticket. The unlikliest of clues and the unlikliest of witnesses gives him away.

0660 - The Blood Red Wine

A man wonders out of a storm into a couple's house and dies of a heart attack. He is carrying with him $250,000 stolen money. Do they keep it or give it back despite the fact that nobody knows they have it?

0661 - The Curse of Conscience

A hustler and loser fall in with an elderly woman who tries to put him on the straight and narrow path. When he finds himself in a bind, he aims to take advantage of her -- with dire consequences.

0662 - Dialogue with Death

A man is reunited with a childhood love and wants to marry her. He has difficulty dealing with her one peculiarity: she regularly talks to her dead parents and her dead horse.

0663 - The Night We Died

It's con man versus con man in this sci-fi story of double-crossing and murder as a veteran of the Lunar Revolt tries to scam a war widow.

0664 - First Woman in Space

The first woman in space returns to earth with an alien living within her --- an alien that will fight her for control of her body and survival in her new environment.

0665 - Murder One

A wealthy widow is being blackmailed by her maid for killing her husband. So she tries to frame her for her own crime.

0666 - Little Lucy's Lethal Libation

Womens Lib runs amok. An advertising executive suspects that women plan to take over the world when his female boss assigns him to an account with an overbearing female client who shuns publicity.

0667 - Two Motives for Murder

A young broker thinks he's in trouble when $100,000 in bonds entrusted to him comes up missing. But his troubles really begin when his boss invites him out on his yacht to discuss the matter.

0668 - The Birthmark

A scientist believes that a hand-shaped birthmark on his wife's cheek is the only thing standing between her and perfect beauty. He develops a means of removing it and his wife is willing. What price will they pay for their vanity?

0669 - Tomorrow, Cloudy and Cold

A scientist conducts experiments on a young drifter to allow him to be able to control the weather with his emotions. When his young subject escapes, the scientist must find his subject before he creates havoc.

0670 - The Red Circle

A middle-class housewife has an unexpected visitor who is an old friend from whom she has not heard in many years. The old friend has an incredible tale to tell that pits her friend against her old friend's husband.

0671 - Fan Mail

An overly obsessed fan is angry when her favorite soap opera character is killed off, believing it to be real. Meanwhile, the actors live out a real-life soap opera.

0672 - Come, Fill My Cup

A train conductor recounts how a regular poker game on commuter train 4321 turned into murder by poison.

0673 - The Adventure of the Speckled Band

Sherlock Holmes is hired by a young heiress to find out who killed her sister in a sealed room murder.

0674 - Dead Men Do Tell Tales

A dead man recounts how his life came to an end as he served as the conscience of a group of men who committed a horrible act twenty years prior. Meanwhile, a pair of detectives pursue his killer.

0675 - Revenge

Set in an 1880's western town, a wealthy man comes to town bent on revenge on three men who wronged him many years prior. His reasons for revenge are startling.

0676 - Boomerang

A young witch tries to enlist the aid of Satan in order to deploy spells against the man who continues to spurn her. But they always backfire and end up hurting her.

0677 - Hexed

A newlywed is sure that her husband's manservant is trying to put a hex on her because he resents her upsetting the household. She tries to convince her husband to sell their Carribean plantation and move. He wants to stay and solve the mystery.

0678 - A Stranger Among Us

A tale of UFO encounter, abduction, and subsequent hypnosis to recover the memories. A woman, arrested for auto theft, claims that she is the victim of an alien abuction. Supposedly based on a true story.

0679 - The Gift

Rita Holland and Walter Powers accomplish a murder they have been planning for some time. They go to Rita's apartment and after she turns up the hi-fi to its loudest pitch, Walter shoots her husband, Dennis. Their explanation to the police is that Dennis was killed by a burglar trying to steal his valuable coin collection. The police begin a routine investigation, so routine that Walter, subject to hallucinations, starts believing they know he's guilty.

0680 - A Scandal in Bohemia

The king of a Bohemian nation employs Sherlock Holmes to retrieve a scandulous photo from an old fling. Holmes finally meets his match in cunning and deduction.

0681 - The Colonel Chabert

A French colonel, thought to be dead, returns to his family and tries to recover some of his fortune from his wife who has since remarried and borne a family. She is reluctant because he can reveal her less than distinguished past.

0682 - A Matter of Conscience

A young Kentuckian joins the Union Army, defying his parents who are loyal to the Confederacy. He is immediately sent to spy on a nearby Confederate regiment and meets an unlikely enemy.

0683 - The Kingdom Below

A wealthy American financier and his wife travel to Europe to help their daughter find a husband with the aristocracy. The daughter soon falls in love, but not with a man of whom her father approves.

0684 - The Bisara of Pooree

A British soldier buys a small, mysterious jewelry box that brings him bad luck. His luck doesn't change when the box is stolen. To get the girl of his desire, he must steal it back.

0685 - The Mysterious Island

After escaping a prison camp via hot air balloon, two union soldiers and a reporter land on a mysterious island where they have an unseen benefactor seeing to their needs.

0686 - Rendezvous with Death

A football player with incurable cancer goes mountain climbing and meets a mysterious woman. She provides him love and comfort, but no one else knows she exists.

0687 - The Secret of the Aztecs

A man's car breaks down in the desert and he encounters the ghost of an old man named Quetzal who shows him to the long lost Aztec Gold and instructs him to guard the Aztec's treasure from a being known as 'The Savage.' He can't convince anyone that he saw the ghost of the old man and everybody thinks he's insane.

0688 - The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

The gift of a Christmas goose with a valuable jewel inside and an old hat send Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on the hunt for the goose's owner.

0689 - The Rocket's Red Glare

A scientist working on a top secret weapons project commits suicide in front of coworkers. A local cop suspects it was foul play and runs headlong into a case of espionage.

0690 - The Secret of Laurels

In this gothic sealed-room murder mystery, a man is convicted of killing his best friend. His son sets out to prove him innocent, suspecting that it was his father's widow who did it.

0691 - The Thousand and First Door

A man is brought into the hospital suffering from an apparent stroke. But as he retells the final days of his life for us, we find his demise was much more complicated with an uncaring, selfish wife and her paramour.

0692 - Hope Springs Eternal

A woman's fiancee disappears without a trace after walking out the back door of their cabin. For the next 40 years, she waits for his return.

0693 - Case Closed

An engineer holds up a bank and takes a teller hostage. His demands are unusual. As the standoff continues, he learns a lot about himself from his hostage.

0694 - For Want of a Nail

A woman's plane is forced to land in a North Dakota town that just happens to be the home of the biggest customer of the company her husband owns. But when she decides to see the factory, she finds out the Audley Company doesn't exist.

0695 - The Together Place

A country doctor treats a woman who lives with her daughter on a remote island. The daughter has been communicating with a twin sister who lives in another dimension.

0696 - In the Fog

A shell-shocked World War I veteran gets lost in the fog and stumbles into a woman who is anxious because she will miss an appointment. He helps her to find her way home and she later turns up dead.

0697 - The Instrument

A writer keeps an incompetent agent because the agent had saved him from drowning years before. Just when he's getting ready to fire him, he finds himself in need of his agent's services again... and again....

0698 - Return to Pompeii

An American widow tours Italy with her colleague. When their tour bus breaks down, they are forced to walk to Pompeii. There, the widow has a strange dream.

0699 - The Adventures of Don Quixote

The adventures of the fractured fairy tale of Don Quixote and his misadventures in 15th Century Spain. They are not giants, they are windmills.

0700 - Area Thirteen

In a future society, genetic engineering is used to manipulate people's personality and skill sets. So, when unengineered and unregistered children are born (a forbidden act) it becomes a matter of security. One such child has been located...

0701 - 0800

0701 - To Be a Rose

An insane killer who was once a gentle poet is now serving time in an insane asylum. He recounts how the woman he loved broke his heart and drove him to murder.

0702 - The Reunion

Two American GI buddies who were at Utah Beach during D-Day in WWII reunite in Paris, France ten years to the day after its liberation. One of them finds that his friend is leading a double life -- and one life doesn't know the other exists.

0703 - Olive Darling and Morton Dear

An timid accountant heads for the wilderness to relieve some stress and finds himself sharing a cabin with a man who claims to be a writer but may actually be a dangerous robber.

0704 - The Waiting Room

A young couple is invited to spend a weekend at the mansion home of an older couple. They soon find fun is not what the older couple has in mind when the forces of darkness come to bear for a terrifying occult ritual.

0705 - Silent Shock

A needy woman sits in an insane asylum and talks to people who aren't there. She waits for the return of a beau who does not exist. Is she insane or deliberately being destabilized by her keepers for reasons unknown?

0706 - The Woman in the Green Dress

A visitor is haunted by a portrait of a woman in a green dress hanging in his friends home. He finds a reference to her in an escutcheon below a stained glass window in a nearby abandoned church. A visit to the former church sexton reveals an entry in the church's death records that points to a mysterious murder. The visitor is determined to solve the 80-year-old mystery!

0707 - First Childhood

A clever but senile old lady must prove herself mentally competent in order to save her house and accustomed lifestyle. She is much more clever than her detractors think.

0708 - The Way to Dusty Death

In the back woods, two sisters try to reclaim their father's body from the land of a baron with whom they are feuding. But the baron's hatred is too strong and he would rather see the body rot. His son tries to soften his heart.

0709 - Passport to Freedom

A husband and wife spy team venture to a small nation behind the iron curtain to help a scientist and his wife defect, thus securing his important discoveries for the United States. Things go awry when the scientist tries to take his mistress instead of his wife.

0710 - Death on Project X

A government inspector is sent to a weapons manufacturing facility to inspect them for efficiency. There he encounters a seemingly insane scientist who tells him that he and his fellow scientists have developed the ultimate weapon -- and plan to use it.

0711 - The Wind and the Flame

A mysterious caller troubles a wealthy industrialist. As his maid answers the calls, she becomes suspicious of his past. She tries to protect her employer from his own guilty conscience, but does she have a mysterious past of her own?

0712 - The Tunnel Man

A city government is held hostage by a mad scientist with a device that can tunnel through solid rock as easily as a submarine can travel through water. Armed with a powerful laser, he can either trigger or prevent an empending earthquake. As evidence points toward an eminent quake, the mayor must make a decision.

0713 - The Plan

A rich woman is overcome with guilt when she finds out that her whimsical desires led to the death of her faithful maid.

0714 - The Burning Whirlwind

A naive old lady takes eight million dollars cash out of the bank and keeps it at her house. A man who helped transport the loot recruits an accomplice to con her out of it.

0715 - The Guy de Maupassant Murders

A judge and his housekeeper follow the story of a serial killer who prays on young woman and leaves notes exalting his deeds. The well-read housekeeper tries to remember where she has read the killer's text before. The judge is oddly detached from the whole thing.

0716 - The Wintering Place

An old man, recently widowed, rapes and kills a young scientist. He is haunted by her spirit who invokes the spirit of his dead wife to urge him to confess his crime.

0717 - The Solitary

A prison guard befriends an inmate locked in solitary confinement. The inmate is tormented by a less compassionate guard. The warden tries to find a solution to the problem.

0718 - Trilby

A young woman is transformed into the world's greatest singing star by a hypnotist. A demanding man uses hypnosis to transform a sad young girl into a singing star. While not under hypnosis, she cannot sing and doesn't remember her concerts. Is it worth the price she pays for her fame?

0719 - Mother Knows Best

A young, small time hood and former college football star who is down on his luck and desperate for cash tries to borrow from his rich uncle. When the uncle turns up dead, everyone thinks the boy killed him. At first, his mother does not believe he is innocent. But guilt over his childhood compels her to try to find the real killer.

0720 - The Sea Nymph

A deep sea diver is commisioned by an unscrupulous antique collector to rescue an ancient statue from a shipwreck. While on the mission, he finds something else that needs rescuing: a young girl under the collector's care. He also finds a mysterious inhabitant of the shipwreck.

0721 - The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet

A banker seemingly catches his son red-handed stealing jewels from an ornamental crown left in his care as collateral on a loan. Sherlock Holmes is called in to extract a confession, but ends up solving a mystery when he encounters a suspect whose silence is more telling than a confession.

0722 - The Actress

An actress becomes so obsessed with the part she is playing, she starts to lose her sense of self and take on the traits of the tragic figure she plays.

0723 - The Case of Chateau-Margaux

A wealthy man disappears in the desert with only his wounded horse to provide any clues. All clues point to his nephew and only heir who is arrested for the crime. A case of expensive wine shows the way to the real killer.

0724 - The People of Sissora

While having dinner in a restaurant, a man spots a man whom he feels is a threat to mankind. They both come from the same planet, but it's not Earth!

0725 - Return Engagement

This is the curious tale of an old actor who wanders about the city committing petty crimes and getting into mischief. He apparently has no qualms about stealing, but is he also a killer?

0726 - The Island on Silver Tree Lake

After wrecking her car on a deserted country road, a woman hitches a short ride on a boat to an island resort on a lake. That island has an unusual name and she finds herself in unusual circumstances.

0727 - Sorry to Let You Go

A middle-aged man loses his job because a computer determines that he is too old to be productive. The man tries to find work elsewhere, but other computers advise against hiring him. Desperate to support his family, he tries to kill himself for the life insurance money, but a computer... Meanwhile, his wife doesn't know he lost his job.

0728 - Trial for Murder

Two writers who are working on a murder mystery end up on the same jury trial involving a murder case. They encounter the ghost of the deceased who does his part to assure justice for his killer.

0729 - Just to Keep Busy

A man, engaged to be married, starts courting his best friend's secretary -- much to his friend's chagrin. When the secretary finds out that she is being played, she takes drastic action. The man is accused of murdering her.

0730 - The House by the Seine

An famous actress, who used to be a member of the French Underground, receives a recently fired pistol in the mail. It is later used to frame her for the murder of her lover. To find the real killer and trap him, she must use every ounce of her extraordinary talent, intelligence, popularity, and guile.

0731 - A Question of Identity

A young jewel trader awakens in a hotel room to find out his identity has been stolen. He is sure that he has been duped as part of a conspiracy to steal the fortune's worth of valuable diamonds he was carrying.

0732 - Trial by Fire

A con artist uses technology to convince a primitive people that he is the one chosen by their fire god to rule their land. He convinces them that they must give him a jewel encrusted crown. Things get complicated when he actually pulls off his scam. Everything is going along just fine until the fire god shows up!

0733 - Last Train Out

An American film crew stumbles into a communist spy plot while in Turkey to film the last run of a famous train--the Orient Express. They are kidnapped and forced to cooperate with some pretty unseemly characters in order to save their lives.

0734 - Land of the Living Dead

Two scientists, in route to a remote Brazillian village, find themselves diverted to a remote airport in a strange village -- a village populated with a strange and diverse tribe of people.

0735 - The Final Judgement

Three merchants seek the wisdom of Solomon in resolving a dispute and a mystery about which of them is a thief. Using his legendary wisdom, Solomon employs a unique device to get to the truth.

0736 - The Therapeutic Cat

A lonely old man, desperate for something to do and needing solace, adopts a cat that brings him happiness and companionship. But the personable cat has a special insight into the human male... the cat is a witch.

0737 - The Haunted Mill

While a young man travels overseas for three years, the woman he loves falls for another man. When he returns, she falls for him all over again, angering the new suitor who becomes a murderous rival. Meanwhile, our young traveler can't dispel his fascination with an old haunted mill.

0738 - A Tale of Two Worlds

When a character on a soap opera is killed off, the actor is so devestated that he feels he cannot go on living if his character dies. His fellow actors try to help him reason with an unreasonable producer.

0739 - We Meet Again

A detective's wife is certain that the murderer her husband has just nabbed, who also happens to be her first love, is innocent. Feeling guilty for leaving the man years ago, she resolves to do some detective work herself and find the real killer -- and her husband helps him too.

0740 - The Gloria Scott

Sherlock Holmes encounters a skeptic when he solves the case involving a mutiny aboard ship and a secretly coded message to one of its survivors.

0741 - A Point of Time

In the year 2057, the North American continent is a totalitarian state run by a vicious leader. An elderly scientist and his sister concoct a plan to change the leader's past and make him a humane man by sending an official to the past.

0742 - Hunted Down

When a man's sweetheart is murdered in an insurance fraud scam, the man vows to catch the killer and bring him to justice.

0743 - A Grain of Salt

An Irish folk tale is told as a young Irish woman living in America implores an Irish cop to find her purse that contains a magical salt shaker. Her father got the shaker from the Old Man of the Stone back in the homeland.

0744 - She

An ancient queen lives for hundreds of years in order to exact revenge for her lover's death. An explorer and the son of his late colleague travel to a remote island to find the ancient goddess who killed the young man's ancestors.

0745 - The Pinkerton Method

This is the story of how the greatest enemy of train robbers got started. The Pinkerton Detective Agency pursues train robbers in Missouri who killed an innocent brakeman.

0746 - Indian Giver

A wealthy old woman's home is apparently haunted by the ghost of an Indian that drives away guests and the hired help. In order to avoid losing her status in the upper crust of New York society, she hires an affable private detective to get to the bottom of the matter.

0747 - The Man Is Missing

A woman badgers detectives to find her missing husband. A detective decides to investigate on his own time and finds himself attracted to her. Meanwhile, his wife applies some science to the case and makes some startling revelations.

0748 - The Teddy Bear

The Russians are developing a secret weapon that will allow them to read and control our thoughts using a satellite thousands of miles away. An reporter investigates.

0749 - Neatness Counts

A wicked man destroys lives and aggravates people on a whim. When he ends up dead, a detective finds that the man made so many enemies that it is hard to know where to start investigating his murder.

0750 - The Lost Tomorrows

Two American cave explorers plan an expedition into a sacred Yucatan cavern to bring out rare artifacts in spite of warnings from the locals not to violate the sacred ground.

0751 - Fire and Ice

A woman and her father have different ideas about whom she should marry. He wants her to marry a steady young man who is destined to be rich. She wants to marry a kind man whom she loves. The father arranges a grueling trip so as to reveal the true character of the two suitors. The results are beyond anyone's expectations.

0752 - This Time Around

A businessman struggling to hold on to his job is facing the biggest battles of his life, both in his career and in his marriage. As he prepares to fight, he finds his mind lapsing into visions of medieval battle and begins to imagine himself as a medieval knight preparing for war. Gradually Sir Kenneth seems to take over the man's life.

0753 - The Ten Million Dollar Heist

The year is 1876. Three small time burglars -- two old pros and one well-meaning youngster -- are about to attempt to pull off the largest bank robbery in history in this turn of the century farce.

0754 - The Death Shot

A couple on their honeymoon in Greece find themselves at the center of international intrigue because the husband accidentally photographs a murder. When the murderer turns out to be a prominent political figure, they are faced with a terrifying decision.

0755 - The Ghost with a Knife

Supposedly based on a true story. A family is troubled by a knife-wielding ghost who walks through their house causing their plants to die and adjusting their thermostat. Paranormal investigators attempt to communicate with the ghost and make sense of its bizarre behavior.

0756 - Brothers of the Angle

A team of con artists scheme to swindle an elderly and rich widow who thinks her husband will come back to communicate with her from beyond the grave. They claim to be receiving messages from her dead husband and exploit the dead man's love of fishing and poetry to con her. You just know you're going to love a story with a character named Mrs. Buttwheezer.

0757 - The Big Ten-Cent Hustle

A rare coin -- a shiny, new Mercury dime -- is the narrator telling the story of its first few days in circulation. The story is told from the point of view of the dime.

0758 - The Witching Well

After losing his father, a young man travels to Ireland to explore his heritage and investigate his late father's past. He discovers a little village with a haunting secret that helps him learn the truth about his father and more about himself than he wants to know.

0759 - The Ghosts of Yesterday

A middle-aged socialite's world is rocked when a Nazi hunter asks her to identify the man who butchered her family and her entire village in a wartime slaughter. She is afraid her less than blue-blood past will hurt her social standing.

0760 - The Missouri Kid

Based on a true story: When a pair of bank robbers murder a Pinkerton detective in cold blood, his brother and fellow Pinkertons pursue them and bring them to justice.

0761 - The Ninth Volume

While drilling for oil, a geologist stumbles onto an amazing archaeological find: a modern house that has been buried in rock for twelve billion years. In that home is a nine volume history of the world that goes beyond the current year (1998) and tells the future. But the nineth volume is missing and the geologist, obsessed with finding the missing volume, is running out of time.

0762 - Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Peter Perkins is ignored at work and henpecked at home. So, he creates daydreams where he is the hero. But he is such a loser that even in his daydreams, things won't go his way and soon he has trouble distinguishing between dream and reality. What happens to Peter in real life is what makes this story so interesting.

0763 - Family Album

A notorious gangster is found dead and a reporter is dispatched to Europe to dig up background on him for a biography. Not long after he arrives, he begins behaving oddly and irritating his editor. He's onto something very important. When he makes a startling revelation, he finds himself drawn into a bizarre underworld where the criminal isn't dead but he might soon be.

0764 - The Laughing Maiden

Three sailors try to locate Captain Kidd's treasure while avoiding the gaze of the Syndicate, a nebulous organization bent on taking the treasure from anyone who might find it. They also have to contend with the curse of the dead pirate.

0765 - In Another Place

A young, wealthy couple think they commited the perfect crime but a local sheriff knows better -- only he can't prove it.

0766 - A Model Murderer

A traveling salesman poses as a photographer to seduce and rape amateur models. He eludes the suspicion of the police and his wife at home, But when he progresses to murder, has he gone too far?

0767 - Sophia and the Pilgrim

A mystic induces young women to leave their homes and families to follow him. They are compelled to forget their pasts, babble inscrutable doctrine, plummet into depression, and finally die. A man decides he will intervene and stop his friend's daughter from doing the same.

0768 - The Enchanted Child

A young boy seemingly has the power to kill at will with his mind. When people speak favorably about death and dying in his presence, he goes to his room and the appropriate person turns up dead. After two deaths, his parents get suspicious, but the boy is just getting warmed up and they suspect they might be next.

0769 - The Forgetful Ghost

This is the whimsical tale of an affable ghost who has returned to the world of the living but who has forgotten his mission. A man meets the ghost and they team up to pull off a card hustle that will benefit the ghost's living daughter. However, the ghost's real purpose is not so self-centered.

0770 - The Ranee of Rajputana

A little copper statue of the 'Queen of Thieves' lures a crooked stockbroker, with a taste for playing the ponies, into a highly successful career as a thief and then tries to get him to commit murder. He finds his back against the wall when an investor demands the return of her investment. She promises to help him plot another crime to cover his previous thefts.

0771 - The Safety Match

Two brilliant detectives, one young and arrogant, the other old and pompous, team up to solve a complicated murder with few leads. Their only clue is a spent safety match found on the floor of the apartment. Their conclusions prove stunningly accurate until, suddenly, they stop making sense.

0772 - The Defectors

A spy catches a senator in a compromising position with a woman who is not his wife. He tries to blackmail the senator into proposing legislation that will hurt the U.S. The senator has a trick or two up his sleeve.

0773 - Yesterday's Giant

Two scientists discover an entire family of Neanderthal alive and prospering in a remote wilderness in the Nevada desert in the wake of a nuclear test. Each pursues the living fossils with his own agenda.

0774 - The Ice Palace

Sailors on an ice-breaking mission find that the polar ice caps are melting. When the pilot sent to investigate disappears, a team is dispatched to find out why.

0775 - Don't Look Back

A world famous country singer falls for a small town girl he encounters at an out-of-the-way service station. She is reluctant to fall for him because she fears that his business manager will kill her.

0776 - The Postmistress of Laurel Run

A small-town postmistress works to save a colleague (and admirer) in a neighboring town when the postmaster investigates the theft of small amounts of money passing between the two towns.

0777 - The Talking Women

An errant man has decided to mend his ways. He decides to be faithful to his wife, break up with his mistress, and stop charging needless trips to his company. The only problem is that he might have made this decision a little too late. When his mistress ends up dead in New York City, a blackmailer turns up.

0778 - Dr. Heidegger's Experiment

An old doctor invites a handful of his old school friends to his home for an experiment. He gives each of them a glass of water from the legendary Fountain of Youth and sits back to observe the results. He wants to find out whether his friends will make the same foolish choices, given a second chance to be young.

0779 - All Unregistered Aliens

A lady doctor tries to treat an illegal immigrant who has been shot. After the patient dies, his body disappears. At first, the doctor suspects that this is a stunt to avoid immigration officials. However, the body really did vanish. Her curiosity leads her on an amazing journey of intrigue and self-discovery.

0780 - Reflected Terror

A young woman takes a job in a country manor where the lord of the manor will not permit mirrors. He murdered his wife and he is doomed to see only her face in mirrors for the rest of his life.

0781 - Night Eyes

A stable hand at a race track ends up dead after he notices that a lousy racehorse has been replaced with a nearly identical horse. But a bizarre set of coincidences blows the lid off the whole operation. The horse's owner's wife investigates.

0782 - Revenge Is Sweet

An ex-con, formerly imprisoned for something he didn't do, is leading a clean life on the outside working at an upscale athletic club. He is framed for the theft of a wallet by a club member who doesn't like him. Twice wronged by the system, the ex-con decides to risk jail again to get revenge.

0783 - Something in the Air

A father desperately tries to stop his daughter from marrying a much older, poorer man. For all his efforts, even with some cooperation from the couple, it proves impossible to sever a mysterious psychic link between the two lovers.

0784 - The Church of Hell

A vacationing couple return home to find out the tenant and caretaker of their home has been murdered by a supernatural being. The place is riddled with evidence of Satanic acitivity. The couple must do battle with the forces of Hades to reclaim their home.

0785 - Angel from England

True story of a nurse who risked her life to help more than 200 British soldiers escape occupied Belgium during the first world war.

0786 - A Phantom Yesterday

A famous German actress finds herself in international intrigue when she returns to post World War II Germany to perform and meet an old friend. She is captured by a Nazi war criminal and uses her wartime spy experience to save herself.

0787 - Vanishing Lady

A man refuses to give up when his fiance mysteriously disappears. The police are no help, the girl's mother tries to dissuade him, and then he catches a curious character in the girl's apartment in the act of feeding her fish! It seems like everybody he knows is in on hiding her.

0788 - Loser Take All

A young man plays second fiddle to a friend who is seemingly better than him at everything. But our young hero has a plan to put himself ahead in at least one arena.

0789 - Second Sight

A drifter named Larry Millard is found guilty of a murder he didn't commit. Evil businessman Glen Paxton, the real killer, needs an eye transplant and will receive Millard's eyes after his execution. Strange things happen to Paxton after he gets Millard's eyes which give him a new perspective on life.

0790 - A Message from Space

A reporter trying to disprove the existence of UFO's has a first-hand encounter which forces him to change his views on the subject.

0791 - You Tell Me Your Dream

A psychiatrist tries to help a wealthy businessman cope with his repetitive dreams of death. She soon finds herself afflicted with her own death dream and turns to a colleague who is not as sympathetic as she would like.

0792 - The Assassin

A professional assassin loses his memory in a car accident on the way to the biggest assignment of his life. He keeps his wits about him as he tries to reconstruct his life and his memory so he can carry out the job.

0793 - The House and the Brain

Strange goings-on lead two men on a trail of intrigue spanning more than 100 years. They learn the power of pure intellect as they pursue the entitity that is haunting a local house.

0794 - The Red Scarf

The classic love triangle except that the woman ditches her lover after he kills her husband. He then seeks revenge.

0795 - The Instant Millionaires

Three warehouse workers find three million dollars cash, split it three ways, and disperse -- despite moral reservations. They find the money doesn't buy them happiness, but it does buy them a lot of danger. What will the men do when the rightful (criminal) owner hunts them down, one by one?

0796 - Who Is George Williams?

A man who has lost his memory staggers into an Alaskan cabin occupied by two men during a blizzard. They befriend him and he soon earns a job as a police officer in the county. A year later, when he is called in to investigate some bones that were found, he comes to the chilling conclusion that he must have been the murderer.

0797 - The Wheel of Life

A former soldier runs into the old Army buddy he thought was killed in Vietnam. That former buddy is at the head of a growing political movement and invites his friend to join. The former soldier finds out that his buddy's rise to power was pre-ordained by the cosmos.

0798 - The Impossible Is True

Ghosts and death haunt a young woman who inherits the family estate. A police detective helps her investigate.

0799 - The Time Fold

A doomed airplane, along with the flight crew and their mobster boss, accidentally enters a space-time anomaly in 1979 and winds up in an orbiting space station 1000 years in the future.

0800 - Identified Flying Objects

A man from space is picked up on a routine traffic violation and his spacecraft impounded. An earth woman falls in love with him, floats him the fifty bucks to get his car out of hock, and goes home with him to the stars.

0801 - 0900

0801 - All Things Are Possible

An innocent man is framed and convicted of murdering a colleague at a sales convention. His faith in God begins to waver as the years in prison take their toll on him. Takes place in beautiful Toledo, Ohio.

0802 - The Golden Amulet

An ancient Japanese ghost story involving the son of a samuri who reaps bad karma by falling in love with a ghost.

0803 - The Judas Kiss

A woman-hating clairvoyant observes a woman killing her boyfriend and then her husband.

0804 - Wise Child

A couple finds an abondoned baby at a hotel following a tremendous thunder storm and decide to adopt it. When the child does not grow or mature, his parents start to worry.

0805 - The Pretend Person

A woman who has open heart surgery has imaginary friends that help her deal with the various crises in her life as she recovers.

0806 - The Ghost in the Well

The ghost of a woman who died after falling down a well tells her tale to an artist who feels strangely compelled to paint her picture over and over again.

0807 - Big City Blues

A newlywed couple is robbed in the big city and find themselves on a human interest program on television. The public and government respond with gifts and recognition. But when they are arrested for passing bad checks, the whole thing goes south.

0808 - Shark Bait

A itenerate gambler schemes to pay off his debt by enlisting his bookie's help to murder his brother and aunt to inherit a fortune.

0809 - Fortune's Favorite

An elderly spinster from Maine suspects she's being conned when she is randomly selected to receive free vacations paid for by a rich benefactor.

0810 - Delusion of Reprieve

A Jewish detective struggles to solve the murders of former German SS members living in the United States.

0811 - A Tragedy of Error

A woman abhors her abusive husband and loves her gentle, but weak, boyfriend. She enlists the help of a strange boatman and a spirit that haunts a graveyard to put her life into order.

0812 - The Parasite

A skeptical professor soon develops a strong belief in the power of hypnotism. He thinks the hypnotist is trying to seduce him.

0813 - Childish Laughter

After wrecking his car to avoid hitting a little girl, a scientist is stranded at a remote home. He is tormented by his own memories and the ghost-like laughter of a little girl.

0814 - Blackmail

A Hollywood starlet is blackmailed with a photo of her in the arms of a known gangster. She looks for a way out of the blackmail.

0815 - The Shriek of the Mandrake

A movie being filmed in an old manor house is disrupted when a ghost preys on the leading men.

0816 - Chapter of Errors

A valuable Picasso is stolen from a small-time art dealer. He places an ad asking the thief to return it. More than one person answers the offer -- with tragic results

0817 - Murder at Troyte's Hill

A lady detective in Victorian England joins a Scotland Yard detective to investigate the murder of a grounds keeper and his dog on an old English estate.

0818 - Uncle Louis

A police detective tries to bring down a mobster. In the process, he falls in love with a witness. Meanwhile, the gangster learns a secret from his own past.

0819 - The Avocado Jungle

A writer assists an aging actess in writing her autobiography. In the process, the actress divulges a deep secret that ends up on tape.

0820 - Bet with Angels

A mild-mannered advertising executive starts getting gambling tips from his dead friend who was an addicted gambler. He soon catches gambling fever and gets himself into trouble.

0821 - The Grandee of Terra Loco

A city reporter travels to a small south Texas town to do a story posthumously on the life and death of an honest politician -- a legendary small town mayor. When he gets there, he finds a strange conspiracy that he is determined to unravel.

0822 - International Dateline

A self-serving, womanizing, World War II combat pilot survivor uses up his nine lives by committing several deceptive acts -- most notably deceiving good-natured lieutenant/nurse Lisa Wright who cared for him while he was in a coma. He keeps his wife on one side of the international dateline and his paramour on the other. Trouble arises when one crosses into the other hemisphere. Meanwhile, a malovent spirit pursues his soul.

0823 - The Queen of Palmyra

A private investigator investigates a mystical woman who claims to be a prophet and the reincarnation of a Roman queen. A financier's nephew thinks she is trying to swindle him.

0824 - The House on Chimney Pot Lane

A professional couple buy a haunted house where past residents have disappeared. A mysterious picture that seems to come to life frightens guests.

0825 - A Drink with Dionysius

A petty thief and con artist accidentally acquires a nuclear warhead named for the ancient God of wine. He attempts to sell it to a foreign agent.

0826 - The Figure in the Moonlight

A strange engraving of a house reveals a figure acting out a long forgotten crime. When the couple who inherit the photo search for its meaning, they learn a friend's family secret.

0827 - Journey to Somewhere

A train full of lost souls carries passengers through snow to a small town that each one of them is running to for one reason or another.

0828 - Cool Killer Karl

A cold-hearted killer takes a family hostage while hiding from the cops. He is befriended by the mother.

0829 - Death and Desire

Two ex-circus performers go into business as fake mediums but problems arise when the Ghost dies.

0830 - Room 418

A handsome man charms his way into a full hotel. The girl behind the desk lets him stay in a room which is reserved but not occupied. The man's sleeping arrangements are complicated when the legitimate owner of the room shows up.

0831 - The Guilt of the Innocent

A young and poor Russian falls under the influence of a master thief who works a seaport.

0832 - The Secret of Shen-Si

A college professor becomes worried when his wife can recite unaccountably a first hand account of the sinking of the Titantic. Turns out that she can recount a lot more.

0833 - Edmund Orme

A young man is thwarted by a ghost every time he starts to propose to the woman he loves. The woman's mother explains the manifestation.

0834 - Girl Talk

Two women who were friends in school meet after not seeing each other for several years. One is a housewife and the other is a Senator. They discuss who has the better life while one of them contemplates murder.

0835 - Time Out of Mind

A college student is in a car accident. While unconscious, he travels back in time and takes the place of his uncle during World War II. He has a task to perform to help his father.

0836 - The Hundred Dollar Difference

A no-good gambler conspires with his girlfriend to murder his rich aunt to inherit her money. When he shows up to do the job, he finds that somebody beat him to the punch.

0837 - The Girl He Left Behind

Under pressure from her mother, a young girl turns down a proposal from her boyfriend who is on leave from the Army. When he dies in a car crash, his ghost haunts her.

0838 - Window to Oblivion

A World War II pilot disappears while on routine patrol over the Bermuda Triangle. Thirty years later, psychics put him in touch with his widow.

0839 - The Spy and the Traitor

A fictionalized account of Benedict Arnold's betrayal of West Point to the British.

0840 - Arctic Encounter

American and Russian cold war planes crash in the arctic circle after encountering an energy draining dead spot near the north pole. The crews encounter an alien world.

0841 - The Rich Ostrich

An amusing and intriguing farce about a circus ostrich that snatches and swallows a valuable diamond from an Arab diplomat.

0842 - The Bittersweet Honeymoon

A newly-wed couple thinks themselves lucky when a cruise line screw-up puts them in a luxury suite aboard a ship. But when their cabin is broken into by a nine-fingered man, they change their minds.

0843 - The Silent Woman

After a woman is forced to marry a man befitting her social position, she falls into a 27 year silence.

0844 - Diamond Cut Diamond

While on holiday in Monte Carlo, a wealthy man is swindled by a man who claims to be a psychic.

0845 - The Undying Heart

A gambler gambles away a bookie's payoff and has to find a way to get it back. He decides to ice a rich aunt.

0846 - Miracle in Sharon City

A mayor recruits a major chemical manufacturer to build a new plant in a small town and is hailed as a hero for creating jobs. But when the company's former chemist tells him about the chemical they produce, he has second thoughts.

0847 - Death Spell

An out-of-work artist and his out-of-work actress wife move into the home of a wealthy friend who is sure his wife is trying to kill him with witchcraft.

0848 - A Long Way from Home

Two buddies from Ohio enlist in the Union Army during the Civil War. They agree to stay together and look after each other in battle. But when the fighting gets hot and heavy, one cuts and runs while the other remains, mortally wounded. The consequence of that cowardice is dire.

0849 - Alias Mr. Aladdin

An evil woman and her loser boyfriend try to figure out where the woman's dead husband kept his money. The best friend of the deceased aims to stop them.

0850 - Charlie, the Actor

A police officer is assigned to guard the king of a tiny, little-known country during the king's visit to the United States. The cop immediately recognizes the king as an escaped convict from his old neighborhood who was convicted of murder.

0851 - The Unholy Miracle

A couple finds out the daughter they adopted from Russia 20 years ago might actually be the product of a Soviet experiment.

0852 - Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

A sheriff is asked by a defense attorney to recount how he solved a case involving blackmail and disappearance. He tells a tale of a twisted marriage between twisted souls.

0853 - A Matter of Faith

A man in the import business encounters a long lost love in a restaurant. He is sure he saw her executed many years before when they were revolutionaries in a Third World country. She has no memory of him, or her past.

0854 - The Black Door

A young man is forced to live in an old mansion to await his inheritance when he turns 21. The key to his inheritance lies behind a mysterious black door on the top floor.

0855 - Lady Bluebeard

An insurance investigator is sent to check on an attractive beneficiary of 6 elderly men, all of whom were married to her for less than 2 years. He believes she poisoned them all, but can he prove it? He fears becoming her seventh victim.

0856 - The Quadruple

A trapeze performer sells his soul in exchange for being able to perform the ultimate stunt.

0857 - The Good Times Express

A salesman's flight is diverted due to a June snow storm in Boston. He decides to hop a train and finds strange traveling companions going to even stranger destinations.

0858 - King Bankrobber

A law-abiding architect turns into a masterful bankrobber to get revenge on the justice system for being too lenient on the kid who killed his parents.

0859 - My Kingdom for a Horse

The story of a gambler, his horse, and the conversations they have.

0860 - The Four-Fifteen Express

A man encounters a former acquaintance on a train. The acquaintance had reportedly absconded with 75,000 Pounds Sterling. At first, the man is accused of being in cahoots with the acquaintance, and then his story is dismissed as mistaken identity.

0861 - Sound Advice

An advice columnist tells a woman to leave her husband and then finds out the woman dies the next day. The columnist investigates.

0862 - Guardian Angel

A young, successful businessman falls for a young girl who claims to be reincarnated and that she can talk to the animals. When she is committed to a sanitarium, he tries to chuck it all to join her.

0863 - The Village of Fools

A farcical account of how a man is sent out into the world to find the village of Helm. When he arrives, he is appointed judge and is tasked with saving the moon. An irreverent tale of a town of fools. E.G. had a lot of fun with this tale as well as the cast.

0864 - The Hanging Judge

A storekeeper in England has his helper arrested for thief. The helper is let go by the judge. This is the true tale of a criminal's revenge upon his accuser and upon the judge who mistakenly let him go free.

0865 - The Tell-Tale Scar

A reporter and a DA pursue a mobster who was supposed to be dead and buried.

0866 - The Absent-Minded League

A french detective is asked by Scotland yard to help in a counterfeiting case. The Character is very Holmes-like.

0867 - The Further You Go, the Less You Know

A guru convinces a small time con artist that he is actually the reincarnation of Leonardo DaVinci and has him paint a new Mona Lisa.

0868 - The Locked Trunk

A woman plots revenge on her sister who married the man she loves. After she gets her revenge, she wants more and pays dearly for it.

0869 - Close Shave

A con artist convinces a lonely millionaire to marry the queen of a non-existent South American country. The queen is actually his blackjack dealing girlfriend.

0870 - The Stranger Inside

An aristocratic woman goes through a voyage of self discovery after the murder of her step-daughter. A police detective joins her on that voyage.

0871 - The Cabinet of the Unsolved

An amateur actor uses his skill to hustle wealthy poker players. He ends up dead on a train without a ticket. Scotland Yard receives a letter from the man involved in his death that recounts the murder.

0872 - Double Take

Two women who seem to have written the same novel find themselves living the plot.

0873 - The Vanishing Point

While visiting Germany, a physics professor searches for an old German physicist who was working on an anti-matter device. He stumbles onto a plot to restore the Nazi regime with a secret weapon. Could that be it?

0874 - The Devil's Brew

When a baseball player leaves his mother and father to go to the big leagues, the Devil lays claim to his soul saying that God made him a free agent when he dishonored his parents.

0875 - The Avenging Ghost of Kitty Morgan

A jilted woman vows to haunt the home she made for a philanderer and all his descendants. Then she kills herself. She haunts the house's future residents, but it is a couple of generations down the line before she gets her chance for full-blown revenge.

0876 - The Sixth Commandment

An older brother covets his younger brother's wife as they all try to co-exist on a failing family farm. The older brother also carries a darker secret.

0877 - The Versegy Case

A detective suspects that a mentally unstable college professor may have robbed his own safe. Set in Hungary in the late 19th century.

0878 - Doctor Eduardo

A Mexican doctor moves to a tiny fishing village and is welcomed by the community. The mayor's son hates him for falling in love with his sister. Does he hate him enough to kill him.

0879 - The Black Sheep and the Captain

A young man's long, lost uncle summons him to his house in the moors to help protect him from an old enemy that is stalking him.

0880 - Raptures of the Deep

A Greek diver searching for a sunken Spanish galleon and its lost treasure stumbles into the lost kingdom of Atlantis and learns how it fell into the ocean and how its inhabitants survived.

0881 - Our Own Jailer

An unhappy capitalist finds himself in the magical commune of Xanadu where he is allowed to indulge his passion for painting. Did he commit murder to get back there? A young lawyer tries to find out.

0882 - Cross Fire

A cab driver gets caught up in murder and intrigue when he takes a wealthy man to a burned out building in South Bronx.

0883 - The Eavesdropper

Myrtle Chapman, married for eight years to a man who pays little attention to her but likes to read, eavesdrops on his phone conversation with another woman. Their conversation was about Hermes... She finds the answers to the questions in her life in a statue in a bar.

0884 - The Other Soul

While visiting Greece, a young doctor is handed a card with Greek writing on it. When he shows it to people, they learn a vile secret about him they are unwilling to share.

0885 - Will the Real Amy Stand Up?

A young, mentally unstable heiress must confront the fact that her live-in relatives are trying to kill her. An imaginary friend from her childhood returns to help her.

0886 - The Biggest Fish in the World

A farce where a woman tries to get the authorities to save her husband who has been swallowed by a whale at a theme park. An animal rights activist opposes her.

0887 - Flash Point

A photographer shooting a steel mill has an affair with the wife of a steel worker. Trouble begins when the steel worker takes him on a tour of the mill.

0888 - Devil's Gold

A sailor receives a gold coin as a reward from a shopkeeper at the Devil's Boutique for turning in a shoplifter. No matter what he does, he can't get rid of the coin and it comes back to haunt him.

0889 - Dead Wrong

When a new collector of souls for Heaven gets the wrong guy, he tries to put things right. But the right guy isn't sure he's ready to go yet.

0890 - Ignorant Armies

An unassuming mommy's boy finds himself in a world of trouble for lies he told a young girl while he was in the military. He has to tell a whole new set of more dangerous lies to get out of it.

0891 - End of a Memory

A blind man stumbles into a murder scene and barely escapes with his life. Years later, he falls in love with a woman who was there, but has no memory of it.

0892 - High Caqueta

A couple travel to the Andes Mountains to search for their daugther who has disappeared while mountain climbing. They hire an escort who seems to know something about the mountain that he is not sharing with them.

0893 - The Secret of Crow's Nest

A man returns to a mountain cabin that holds a terrible secret for him.

0894 - It's Hard to Be Rich

A wealthy writer moves into a cheap flat to write, but the piano music coming from next door drives him mad. Problem is, there is no next door apartment.

0895 - The Beheading

A woman by the name of Joyce is speaking to another woman about her experiences. She provides the listener with family portraits (mother and father in unflattering lights) and explains details about her past. Without trepidation, she explains that she agreed to be decapitated by her doctor to become the world's first head transplant recipient.

0896 - The Conversion Factor

A physicist needs just one thing to complete his study of a new kind of math: a conversion factor. The solution lies with a truck stop waitress.

0897 - A Table for Two

A professional thief blackmails the maitre'd at an upscale restaurant so he can burglarize their homes while they dine.

0898 - The Headhunters

Newlyweds Tim and Mary Lang return to their native Phillipine island to find that Tim's grandmother, Lola, is determined to have him avenge the murder of her husband, Tali, by beheading Mary's grandfather, Dondoc. Claiming that Tali's spirit will be condemned to wander until Dondoc's skull is buried in Tali's grave, Lola summons her voodoo powers to force Tim into beheading Dondoc. When Tim refuses, Tali's ghost threatens to harm the baby Mary is expecting.

0899 - A Thousand-Year-Old Story

A millionaire is murdered aboard his yacht. The local authorities are convinced it was his personal assistant. The local doctor, a childhood friend of the assistant, is convinced otherwise and tries to help him.

0900 - The Forever Alley

A police detective confronts his brother-in-law about ignoring his marriage in favor of his obsession with bowling. He's about to find out that his brother-in-law is going to take that obsession to a whole new level. When the guy disappears in a bowling alley, he knows his brother-in-law is still there but in a different plane of existence.

0901 - 1000

0901 - Shadow of Love

A college professor who shuns all human affection is haunted by an invisible entity that radiates pure love. He asks a priest for help, but only his pet parrot can see and hear the entity.

0902 - The Captain of the PoleStar

A Captain leads his whaling ship through ice near the North Pole in search of riches. The ship's doctor and the rest of the crew hear strange noises and conversations coming from the captain's cabin. The doctor wonders if the captain is sane and whether or not he should be relieved of command.

0903 - The Triple Crown

A poor stable hand purchases a horse that he is sure is the next Seabiscuit. However, he can not raise the funds to enter him in the high stakes races. He sets out to find backers and encounters philanthropists and thieves along the way.

0904 - The Man in Black

A woman witnesses a murder near the embassies in Washington, D.C. When the police arrive, all evidence of the murder has vanished. She finds herself at the center of international intrigue and doesn't know who to trust.

0905 - How Much Land Does a Man Need?

In 1760, a greedy aristocrat in Colonial America is offered a deal he can't refuse by an Indian chief. He can purchase as much land as he can walk around in one day for just 100 pounds sterling.

0906 - The Winds of Time

A woman is plagued by terrible headaches and visits paranormal expert Bryce Bond. He guides her on a journey through past lives that harbor guilt for deeds not done.

0907 - Never Answer an Advertisement

A country doctor has trouble attracting new patients, so he answers a strange advertisement for a physician with expertise in entemology. He soon finds himself the prisoner of a strange man with strange tastes.

0908 - The Outside Girl

An alcoholic who lives with his wealthy mother is obsessed with a portrait he painted of his father years before. When their usual cleaning lady calls off, a replacement is sent. He goes on a bender and when he awakens, the girl and the portrait are gone.

0909 - The Lazarus Syndrome

An older man in his early 50's is a manager in a company undergoing a youth movement where older people are fired without mercy to make the company appear younger. With a bad heart, can he afford to push himself to appear and act young? His doctor and wife say no.

0910 - Family Ties

A woman's husband disappears after receiving a mysterious phone call. He leaves the address of an old recluse woman imprinted on a notepad. Her search for him reveals his mysterious and bizarre family ties.

0911 - The Sound of Terror

A police detective's girlfriend answers a ringing pay phone and finds herself involved with a terrorist kidnapping of a diplomat.

0912 - The Midas of Castle Hill

A rich father, disappointed in his son, hides his family fortune in his castle and does not tell his son where it is hidden. The anxious son hires a famous French detective to help him find it. But does his happiness lie with the money?

0913 - The Man with the Claret Mark

Set during the Irish Rebellion, the last of the DeLacy's, an Irish matron, tells her younger family members of a curse that haunts their family. Each of them will be pursued by a man with a claret colored birth mark on his face.

0914 - Hit and Run

A professional accident victim is killed when he jumps out in front of a senator's car. His hired witness soon finds a more lucrative avenue -- blackmailing the senator who fled from the scene.

0915 - Second Sight

A grounded pilot who sees things in the sky that others can't see is told by a psychiatrist to take up painting to help him relax. He draws three pictures, all of death and murder. The next day, they all come true.

0916 - A Better Mousetrap

A man kills his older wealthy wife when she finds out he is involved with his secretary. He stages a fake kidnapping to hide his crime.

0917 - The Pilgrim Soul

An American nurse travels to England to help in a hospital during World War II. She is friendly with the patients and they talk to her openly. British Intelligence suspects she might be a Nazi spy. She falls in love with a mortally wounded solder who becomes her savior.

0918 - The Conspiracy

A model conspires to embarrass and torment her former boyfriend who abandoned her. He had been her first photographer and her first love. She demonstrates a special talent to him when she poses for him.

0919 - The Favor of Women

In the year 3039, the Earth is running out of an energy source called Selco which it imports from another planet. That planet has cut off shipments. So an astronaut is dispatched to win over the queen of the planet and convince her to resume shipments. Sometimes the one who appears to have the upper hand is the one who needs help.

0920 - The Thing at Nolan

In frontier Missouri, a rebellious son fights and threatens his domineering father. When the father disappears while digging a ditch, everybody immediately suspects the wayward son. Nobody believes him but his mother.

0921 - The Grey Slapper

A former student of a teacher turned politician tries to save him from himself as he sells himself out in the world of politics. Meanwhile, an intrepid reporter feeds rumors that they are romantically linked while the media fuels a search for a woman dressed in gray who slapped a public figure. This is a morality play for politicians.

0922 - Night Visitor

A young woman who is supposed to be dead shows up days later in the bed of her parents' visitor. Scandal ensues.

0923 - Alien Presences

A flying saucer crashes on Earth way out in the country. An elderly couple sees the crash and find its only survivor -- a little baby. That baby grows up on our planet, but longs for his home and his people.

0924 - The Romany Revenge

When four heirs to a $2 million fortune in diamonds start disappearing, the local detective suspects gypsies in the area. But are the gypsies the cause or the solution to the problem?

0925 - Squaring The Triangle

When a CEO's plane is diverted to a remote airport by a snowstorm, he is stranded with an employee's wife and falls in love with her. He sends her husband on a dangerous assignment in the jungle hoping he will be killed.

0926 - The Serpent of Saris

Saris, the god of athletics, exerts his revenge on a boxer. Now another boxer is threatened and a retired policeman tries to save him.

0927 - The Devil's Bargain

A con artist and master of disguises steals items, then poses as a psychic and offers to find the goods for a fee. But he finally meets his match, or does he?

0928 - The Exploding Heart

In 1957, a young surgeon must tell his future brother-in-law that he needs a risky heart operation. While performing the difficult surgery, the surgeon receives special instruction from an unlikely source.

0929 - A Horror Story

A chef makes the most delicious cuisine. The secret is in the meat. Meanwhile, downstairs, a shoemaker makes the finest slippers known to anyone. The secret is in the soft rawhide. They have the same source.

0930 - Ward Six

A young doctor joins the staff of a dilapidated hospital in a Russian town. He becomes concerned about the ward housing the insane and the state of the people there.

0931 - The Search for Myra

A wealthy industrialist inexplicably starts calling his secretary and wife Myra. But who is Myra? He doesn't know, but he will find out. He goes to a psychologist to understand why the name Myra has emerged from his subconscious to haunt him.

0932 - The Familiar Ghost

A retired ship's captain is about to marry but is pursued by footsteps from an unseen source. When he starts receiving threatening letters, he panics.

0933 - It Has to Be True

A traveling salesman is arrested for the murder of a woman he says he doesn't know after his clothes and his gun were found in her apartment. The man has no recollection of ever having known her. Neither his wife nor his lawyer believe him.

0934 - The Power of Evil

Set in Hong Kong, a gambler is haunted by the ghost of a woman who supported him and loved him in life. But she wants much more from him than love and he pays dearly.

0935 - If I Can't Have You

A love triangle in the people's republic provides opportunities to get rid of the competition. Rivals for the affection of a woman use the threat of the secret police to keep each other in check.

0936 - No Way Out

An elderly man keeps having the same number, 2172, occur at random in his life. His nephew blows it off as coincidence despite the protests of his girlfriend who is into numerology. But the uncle is much more concerned about the number's significance.

0937 - The Dead House

While traveling in Germany, Twain visits with the night caretaker of a morgue who tells him a tale of how he got revenge on the men who killed his family.

0938 - Complete Recovery

A hit and run victim slowly recovers from her serious injuries but develops a series of phobias. She uses these bizarre phobias as clues to solve the mystery of how and why she was injured.

0939 - The Look

A senator uses an organized crime subcommittee to promote himself as a potential presidential candidate. However, he might get caught up in his own investigation when its avenues take him close to home.

0940 - Nefertiti (1 of 5) - The Vulture Screams

Nefertiti, daughter of the Prime Minister, is to be wed to Prince Ahkenaten, a timid, scared soul whom she despises for his weakness. Upon their marriage, Ahkenaten becomes Pharaoh. Those who doubt his leadership hatch a plot to get rid of him.

0941 - Nefertiti (2 of 5) - To Kill a Pharoah

The conspiracy to kill Ahkenaten fails and Nefertiti finds that she is developing love and respect for the man she had underestimated. Ahknaten finds enlightenment in the Sun God and with Nefertiti, sets out on a crusade to build a new religion around the Sun God.

0942 - Nefertiti (3 of 5) - The Cobra Strikes

Ahkenaten and Nefertiti build the City of Truth, known as Amarna, to advance their new religion. Nefertiti informs Ahkenaten she is pregnant. She finds herself attracted to the general of the army.

0943 - Nefertiti (4 of 5) - The Head with One Eye

While his neighbors threaten war, Ahkenaten acts the pacifist while he builds his city. When his daughter dies doing penance to the sun god, Nefertiti turns on him and the Sun God and plots his demise.

0944 - Nefertiti (5 of 5) - The Curse of the Scarab

Nefertiti tries to bury her daughter in a traditional ceremony involving all the gods rather than just the Sun God. Ahkenaten has her arrested and put into chains. Akhenaten dies while trying to kill Nefertiti.

0945 - The Long, Long Sleep

A man is informed he will need open heart surgery. Afterward, he encounters situations that seem to indicate that he has already died. He is certain that his death is imminent. His doctor is confident despite the risky nature of the surgery.

0946 - The Wandering Wind

A shy man marries an equally shy woman and they move into her home. She will not allow him to fix it up or alter it in any way, despite its decaying condition. He wants to be more extroverted and help others overcome their shyness. She wants to stay secluded. We are the voices of the wandering wind which moan for rest and rest can never find; Lo! As the wind is, so is mortal life; A moan, a sigh, a sob, a storm, a strife. From the Deva's Song by Sir Edwin Arnold.

0947 - Side Effects

A scientist finds out that his new wonder drug has potentially harmful side effects that could bankrupt the company. When he tells his boss, his boss's first desire is to protect his company and his profits. He is killed by his boss to keep it a secret.

0948 - Let the Buyer Beware

Marcie purchases a table at an estate sale and finds a secret drawer in it containing a revolver that has been fired twice and never cleaned. She traces the tables previous ownership to find a secret murder plot.

0949 - The Burning Bough

An ancient myth comes alive for a woman who believes a log she saved from a fireplace keeps her son alive. Like the Greek goddess of centuries before, she finds that her son's life depends on the existence of a single tree bough. But when her son goes bad, will she have the courage to throw the bough back into the fire?

0950 - The Dominant Personality

A waitress from the city marries a loner who lives in a cabin in the wilderness. When murders start happening on adjoining land, all the evidence points to the loner and his wife begins to doubt him.

0951 - Love After Death

A prolific and terminally ill concert pianist has spent thirty years searching for her husband who was reported dead after returning to the Soviet Union. Her manager finds him and tries to reunite them.

0952 - Everybody Does It

A down on his luck drama critic resorts to smuggling to supplement his income. When he is murdered, his ex-wife (an actress) is the chief suspect and must prove her innocence.

0953 - The Sinister Shadow

A meek woman recounts how she found her double in a bar and how that double rebelled against her when she felt they were not spending enough time together.

0954 - The Missing Day

The manager of a nuclear reactor research facility mysteriously loses a day of his life and cannot figure out where he was or what he was doing during that time.

0955 - The Shock of His Life

A petty gambler and bartender is badly shocked when he tries to fix his television. The electricity gives him the powers to foresee the winners of sporting events. He uses his new powers for profit and gets himself into trouble.

0956 - The Great Brain

A genius claims anything can be done with logic and bets a friend and a prison warden that he can think himself out of an escape-proof prison cell.

0957 - Hickory, Dickory, Doom

A young Pennsylvania couple purchase a grandfather clock at an estate sale for a minister. The clock repeatedly malfunctions. But telling time is this clock's secondary function. Its primary function is much more sinister. It is actually a gateway to Hell. This is a frightening tale of supernatural and demonic intrigue.

0958 - Shadows from the Grave

Upon the death of his uncle, a photographer and his wife move into his uncle's house. But when the priest refuses to bless the grave, evil ghosts begin to haunt the grounds of the estate.

0959 - The Fall of Gentryville

A reporter is sent to find out what happened to a small mountain town that disappeared from the map without a trace leaving only one mousy woman to tell the tale. She tells a story of horrible corruption and menace.

0960 - Watcher of the Living

A lab explosion caused by a botched science experiment sends a high school principal and teacher into another dimension inhabited by floating faces that are able to watch the mis-deeds of others but are unable to do anything about it.

0961 - All the Time in the World

A down-on-his-luck con-man thinks he's found the secret to eternal life. But he eventually finds the prospect of living forever has its drawbacks.

0962 - The Love God

Women's Lib meets traditional values in British-occupied India. A strongly opinionated woman alienates the man she wants to marry and appeals to the grace of an Indian god of love.

0963 - The Unseen Watcher

A gambler, desperate to pay off before his bookie kills him, conspires to kill his wife and torch his house for the insurance money. An observer in a traffic copter sees him.

0964 - Masks

A retired Hollywood producer is robbed of a silver cigarette case on a train. Trying to solve that mystery leads him into something much more treachorous.

0965 - Enemy from Space

Aliens kidnap the President and send a double back to start a nuclear war. The President's daughter and aide de camp try to thwart the aliens' plans.

0966 - Waste Paper

A lady detective investigates the murder of a cleaning woman in an office complex. She finds that the simple cleaning woman was actually a lady of means who led an interesting life.

0967 - Voyage of Instrastar

A psychologist who visits his dead wife through his dreams is convinced that he has found a secret planet where souls are collected and redistributed during reincarnation. He strives to prove its existence to a colleague.

0968 - The Believers

People seem to enter their neighbor's house but never come out. A nosy neighbor sends her son over to find out why. He discovers that there is another world within that house.

0969 - The Permanent Man

On the planet Neptune, a scientist performs medical experiments on a human subject with terrifing results.

0970 - The Charnel House

A young woman takes a job in a rest home to find out what happened to her father who was a resident. What she and a young daugther find is ghastly.

0971 - Ring of Evil

A young woman witnesses a murder. All she sees is the distinctive ring on the murderer's hand. Shortly thereafter, that ring shows up on the finger of the man who would be her lover.

0972 - The Golden Girl

A young woman from another planet in the future is sent back in time to Earth to kill a quasi-political religious leader.

0973 - The Glass Bubble

A young woman shuts herself in her sterile glass room and believes that it gives her special psychic powers. She sees death when it happens afar.

0974 - Letter of Love, Letter of Death

A detective investigates the murder of a theatrical producer. While all the evidence points to a profesional rival, the detective risks his career to prove otherwise.

0975 - War of Angels

Arch-Angel Michael and Lucipher debate over where the soul of a rutheless business woman should go. Events from her life are replayed and examined.

0976 - The Fabulous Pillow

A couple are in a car crash and the husband loses consciousness. He dreams of going for help and ends up in the home of a former coworker whom he defended against a robbery charge at the expense of his own career. The coworker gives him the loot as compensation.

0977 - Search for Eden

A mountain climbing guide is caught in an avalanche and lands in a mystical village where nobody has sight.

0978 - The Hole in the Sky

A star pilot is forced to take a job smuggling contraband. To get to his destination on time, he must pass through a hole in space used for a short-cut that people enter and sometimes don't come back out of again.

0979 - Virtue Is Its Own Reward

A good angel and a succubus take earthly form to win the soul of a real estate investor and businessman. The angel is his lawyer and the succubus is his secretary.

0980 - Messenger from Yesterday

A college professor purchases a life size statue of a pharoah for his wife's birthday and places it in the living room. It comes to life and does housework. It soon becomes the professor's obsession.

0981 - Help Wanted

A detective works a case involving a serial killer who stalks lonely, old women. His elderly aunt puts him onto a suspect who is a local grocer.

0982 - Dreams

A small time gambler uses his wife's dreams to help him gamble and win. When she is hospitalized from shock because of a horrible dream she had, her husband is disappointed that she is willing to communicate with others, but not him.

0983 - The Outsider

A man misses his stop on the train and travels to a town that is stuck in 1949 where no one can enter or leave. The people of the town regard him as their savior and expect him to lead them out.

0984 - A Curious Experience

A young man enlisted in the Union Army is accused of being a spy. To escape the ultimate sanction, he names names of his co-conspirators. The names he names are extraordinary.

0985 - Willy and Dilly

A broker falls for a younger woman who is really working with her boyfriend to swindle him.

0986 - The Pardon

A man accidentally kills his mother-in-law and is sent to prison. When his wife has a horrible dream about his return, she dreads his inevitable pardon.

0987 - Look Who's Coming

A middle-aged couple having marital problems hit a real crisis when the wife watches space aliens warn of an iminent invasion instead of watching her soaps. Her husband won't believe her.

0988 - The Copenhagen Connection

A detective confronts betrayal while tracing a bogus life insurance claim through Mexico and Europe.

0989 - The Unquiet Tomb

An old ship's captain lives on an island with a personal assistant. Another couple joins them and their children mysteriously die and are entombed under the house where they are not allowed to rest.

0990 - The Spaces on the Wall

A private investigator is hired by an art broker to investigate the swindling of a business associate.

0991 - Mission From Zython

A farmer and his son, living near a military base, take a few pictures of a flying saucer landing. A few minutes later, an alien comes to their door and demands those pictures.

0992 - The Giuseppe Verdi Autobus

A widow vactioning in Italy falls in love with a widower on vacation from Los Angeles. When they travel back to the states together, he asks her to pack a few of his belongings in her suitcase. That's when the trouble begins.

0993 - The Rivalry

A Washington, D.C. detective works the murder of a lounge singer with international connections. A former felon turned amatuer detective always seems one step ahead of him.

0994 - The Great White Shark

A charter boat captain takes an arrogant millionaire and his wife on a charter and promptly falls in love with the millionaire's his wife. But his need for revenge on the shark that took his leg is pervasive.

0995 - Smile at a Homely Girl

A businessman is married to an insanely jealous woman who is sure he is having an affair. When she dies, he is arrested for her murder. He finds help from an unlikely source.

0996 - The Fools

A young man is forced to fend for himself in post-revolutionary Russia after his father dies. He falls in with a thug and is forced into a life of hustling and crime to survive.

0997 - The House of the Dead Heart

A college student travels to Siena Italy to visit the House of the Dead Heart and view a secret, undiscovered DaVinci painting. He falls in love with its owner's daughter. Both suffer because their love is forbidden by the master of the house.

0998 - The Case of the Forced Divorce

A gentleman con man and his American police detective try to assist a British woman who is being hounded by her husband for a divorce. At stake is the custody of their young son.

0999 - No Man's Land

During World War II, two American soldiers are taken prisoner by the people of a French village. They are put on trial and sentenced to death for their part in the war.

1000 - Catch a Falling Star

People of a small town take their sewing work to a substandard and crazy seamstress to be nice. But when the seamstress volunteers to make a wedding dress for a young woman, trouble starts.

1001 - 1100

1001 - Relax and Enjoy It

A successful businessman is kidnapped by anti-capitalist Latvian revolutionaries who demands $10 million in ransom for his return. The victim is held at gunpoint but tries to manipulates his captors by turning them against each other to gain his freedom.

1002 - The Goddess Caper

While traveling in Europe, Twain encounters a woman who implores the famous author to assist in obtaining the release of her husband from a mental institution. He was committed for claiming that he had been the sculpturer of an ancient and revered piece of art.

1003 - Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

A woman comes to a psychiatrist complaining of unexplained anxiety and sickness. Under hypnosis, she reveals a concealed memory of a vicious and fatal tiger attack that took place more than a hundred years ago.

1004 - Body and Soul

A bed-ridden woman lapses into a coma and has an out of body experience. She watches as her estranged daughter realizes that something is wrong with her mother and travels to be at her bedside.

1005 - Taboo Means Death

A pilot flies to Samoa to find his old college flame who has quit writing to him. He finds out that she is a princess betrothed to another. He smuggles her out in his plane. When they encounter trouble, her mother and the island gods are not amused.

1006 - Stranger from Nowhere

A scientist is convinced that he is an alien sent to Earth to observe its inhabitants. When he encounters a woman who claims to be his wife who last saw him two years ago, he begins to doubt his own identity.

1007 - A Cup of Bitter Chocolate

A man tries to poison his mother to collect his inheritance, but her butler foils the crime without telling her of the attempt on her life. The doting mother worries about her son not knowing that he is trying to kill her. The butler and the son then each quietly contemplate getting rid of the other.

1008 - Ninety Lives

A waitress falls in love with an amnesia victim that wanders into her diner late in the day. She is sure that this is her last chance at love. Her brother is very suspicious and decides to investigate the man's background.

1009 - Tomorrow Will Never Come

An old elevator attendant finds out that he is about to lose his life's love -- his elevator he affectionately calls Nellie. He has a plan to keep her and to keep his job. The building's residents decide to help him.

1010 - The Man in the Black Cap

A mine owner retires young and he and his wife move to a remote manor house in the country. After receiving a mysterious visitor, the normally docile husband develops a dual personality. His wife and attorney worry about him.

1011 - The Odyssey Of Laura Collins

A young woman, suffering from horrible depression, agrees to undergo hypnotism. She lapses into a coma. While her doctor and mother sit at her bedside worrying, Ms Collins' astral self is wandering around New York City.

1012 - The Two Sams

A retired cop and a lawyer start a private investigation firm. Their first job is to find the kidnapped baby of a wealthy aristocrat. They explore the family's past and find not a few skeletons in the closet.

1013 - The Guillotine

A loveless, friendless American medical student witnesses the French Revolution and is appalled by its brutality. While waiting it out in an old boarding house, he meets the girl of his dreams.

1014 - You're Better Off Guilty

A mousey, boring stock broker finds the body of an attractive actress. When he emerges as the prime suspect, people admire him for being attached to such a beautiful woman. He finds some guilty pleasure in this.

1015 - The Gettysburg Address

Murder and kidnapping dog two men as they search for missing Civil War treasure at the nation's most famous battlefield. Clues left in two paintings lead the way.

1016 - The Eighth Day

An old man vows on his death bed to get revenge on his son-in-law should he treat his daughter badly or destroy his business. He does both. Will he remember his father-in-law's promise too late?

1017 - The Beast

An uncaring man runs over a pedestrian on a country road, then goes about his business as though nothing happened. His wife and his lawyer are appalled -- and more! The sheriff and victim's son pursue the case.

1018 - The Finger of God

A young woman is promised to an older, wealthier man in the old Colorado territory. Her existing lover conspires to raise some money fast and get her out of the arranged marriage in this western drama.

1019 - Wilhelmina Wilson

A quiet young Olympic swimmer, fascinated with Edgar Allen Poe, disappears from the library without a trace. Her distraught and overprotective family believes she was kidnapped. The key to her disappearance lies in the stories of Edgar Allen Poe.

1020 - At the End of the Passage

Set in colonial India, British military officer begins abusing servants as he succumbs to the oppressive heat and lack of sleep. He is going mad and turns to drugs for release.

1021 - Out of the Mist

A man riding his motorcycle across the country hooks up with an elderly horticulturalist who puts him through college. One day, while riding in the country and admiring the wildflowers, he encounters a girl who asks him for a ride to a mysterious country house where he learns the secret of her past.

1022 - Jerry, the Convincer

A meek, law-abiding yacht owner is lured into drug smuggling by a friend who is eager to make a quick and easy buck. He finds it exhilarating until he witnesses a murder and he is unable to quell his troubled conscience. When the yacht owner wants out, pressure is applied to keep him in.

1023 - Sheer Terror

A soap opera star is kidnapped by a derranged fan who is in love with her and wants to prevent her marriage to another soap star on the show. He plans to wed her himself. Meanwhile, her cop husband tries to track him down before it is too late.

1024 - Dangerous Memory

A few years after the war has ended, a Vietnam veteran, teetering on the edge of sanity, is sure he killed his former sergeant who tormented him during his tour of duty. His girlfriend seeks the assistance of a psychologist to help him.

1025 - The Alien Guest

An aristocrat kills his cousin in a duel to possess his estate, wealth, and woman. On his deathbed, the dying cousin promises to haunt his murderous cousin. The aristocrat spends the rest of his years bedeviled by a spirit that shows up at the most inopportune times.

1026 - Who Has Seen the Wind?

A claustrophobic woman is trapped in her apartment and calls a friend to plead with her to let her out. Despite their best efforts, the woman and her husband are unable to open the door. The consequences are dramatic.

1027 - The Terrorist

An elderly lady author, her niece, and her publisher's nephew are held captive in the author's secluded home by a pair of muslim extremists. The terrorists must wait for their people to retrieve them and they expect the residents to take care of them. In the meantime, armed with only their wits, the brave trio plots to escape.

1028 - Davey Jerrold's Jacket

In 1803, a dumb general deeds the entire western United States to an obscure Indian tribe. One hundred and seventy-five years later, the only living member of that tribe wants to collect -- and she has the only copy of the treaty that exists (signed on the back of a jacket) to back her up. A small time con man tries to cash in.

1029 - House without Mirrors

An eccentric old man has a strange fear of mirrors and will allow none in his house. He is convinced that instead of his own image, the image of death is in the mirror. A friend investigates his strange phobia.

1030 - The Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Thousand Dollar Error

A computer error allows a crooked lawyer in Manilla to reap a $999,000 windfall. When the bank president discovers the error, he tries to collect from the crooked lawyer. To do so, he calls in a favor from the best lawyer in the world.

1031 - The God That Failed

A U.S. senator is dispatched to visit a small, third world country on a diplomatic mission. After visiting, he is knocked unconscious in a plane crash. When he awakens, he finds a primitive tribe willing to worship him as a god. All he has to do is perform a miracle and is expected to marry a local woman.

1032 - By Word of Mouth

A young doctor treats the princess of a primitive tribe in India -- making her an outcast for having been touched by an outsider. She marries him, but dies later. He decides to free her people of disease and the bondage of their religion.

1033 - Strange New Tomorrow

In a distant future, after the second Hundred Years War, mankind is afflicted with diseases caused by nuclear fallout. A scientist and his young wife are compelled by a supreme authority to secretly build a humanoid robot that can survive in the harsh environment.

1034 - The Philosopher's Stone

A man walks into a bank and asked for a $100 loan and puts down a philosopher's stone for collateral. The soft-touch banker accepts it and ends up learning a life lesson and something about himself.

1035 - The Specter Bridegroom

A young bride is widowed on the eve of her marriage. However, the bridegroom still appears nightly at her window to woo her. Is he a ghost or something more substantive?

1036 - Appointment at Sarajevo

A doctor narrates the story of Archduke Ferdinand, his lover, and the events leading up to the assassination in 1914 which sparked World War I.

1037 - If a Body

Set in the 1800's, a woman claims her husband walked into a field and vanished right in front of her eyes. When the widow inherits a sizeable sum of cash, the sheriff suspects foul play. Is it murder? Based on an actual unsolved murder.

1038 - The Movie Makers

A mysterious company claims to have films of a man's entire life. Curiosity gives way to obsession as the man becomes addicted to the films. When he finally commits suicide, his widow appeals to one of his friends to help her find out why.

1039 - Beyond Belief

A young woman wandering New York City with no memory is taken in by a couple who own a small shop. They soon discover the dark secret that she conceals with a pleasant demeanor.

1040 - Shadow of a Lover

A woman, entranced by hokey romance films, confuses fantasy and reality. She asks an actor on a cop show to solve the disappearance of her husband. The actor starts to buy into the fantasy and finds it often conflicts with reality.

1041 - Death is a Woman

A man invites three old friends to visit him at his seaside estate. He tells them of a painting of a woman in his bedroom that talks to him. Each man takes a turn sleeping in the room and learns a secret about the women in their lives.

1042 - Between These Worlds

A space pilot on a planet three galaxies away is dispatched to Earth to scout it out for potential invasion. When he arrives, he falls in love with a woman and her scientist husband who convinces him to build a new spaceship.

1043 - The Thousand Pound Gorilla

While attending a golf outing, a man learns that his wife was married before from her ex-husband. What's worse, her ex-husband tells the man that she will kill him if he doesn't escape her. Once the seeds of doubt are planted, he begins to believe his wife is plotting to murder him.

1044 - Revenge Is Not Sweet

A wealthy man dies of apparent natural causes. But a detective suspects that one or both of his children/step-children might be involved because of their odd behavior.

1045 - The Last Days of Pompeii (1 of 5) - The City of the Dead

Marcus moves to Pompeii, meets a ship owner, saves a slave girl named Lydia, and falls in love with an aristocrat named Orianna. Lydia worships Isis and tries to organize the slave women to demand proper treatment. Orianna discovers Christianity, much to the chagrin of the priest of Isis.

1046 - The Last Days of Pompeii (2 of 5) - Thrown to the Lions

Pompeii is hit by an earthquake. Julia conspires with a priest of Isis to put a love spell on Marcus. Marcus instead goes mad with delusion and is later falsely accused of killing the priest's apprentice. Judgement is passed and he is sentenced to be thrown to the lions.

1047 - The Last Days of Pompeii (3 of 5) - Half Prophet, Half Friend

Lydia and Orianna scheme to get Marcus released from prison. The Priest of Isis schemes to keep him there so he can have Orianna. Marcus confronts the lion.

1048 - The Last Days of Pompeii (4 of 5) - Danger, Love and Death

The lion refuses to attack Marcus, The Egyptian priest kidnaps Orianna after eluding justice. Mount Vesuvius erupts.

1049 - The Last Days of Pompeii (5 of 5) - The Buried City

Marcus and Orianna flee burning Pompeii with the assistance of the blind slave, Lydia who is able to guide them through the darkness. They are diverted and waylaid at every turn.

1050 - The Better Half

An ad agency executive marries a woman who is more talented than he is. He soon grows jealous and murders her, and she continues to offer him advice from beyond the grave.

1051 - Prisoner of the Machines

During a war between humans and machines, a group of men are taken prisoner by the robots and kept on Asteroid Prison One. The commander schemes to get them freed.

1052 - Once Upon an Island

A young couple on their honeymoon visit her uncle on a Carribean Island. They notice an old house on the property and after hearing that it is haunted, the young husband decides to explore it. He ends up in a bad way because of it. Anyone who spends a night in a house haunted by a 'shining ghost' goes insane.

1053 - The Forty-Four

A wealthy, lonely landowner confesses she killed her cousin with an antique Colt .44 when he confronted her over ownership of some land. Balllistics reports that the weapon has not been fired in decades. The sheriff, who carries a torch for her, attempts to find out who actually murdered the land-snatching cousin.

1054 - The God Machine

In an unfeeling, perfect future, marriages and reproduction are dictated by a master computer. When a man and a woman fall in love, they are pleasantly surprised. When they are divorced by the computer, they decide to fight back.

1055 - The Crystal Gazer

A man sees his death in a crystal ball and 'The Thinking Machine' discovers the truth. A young woman disappears upon learning of an arranged marriage to an old man. A detective matches wits with a fortune teller to find the woman -- dead or alive.

1056 - That's What Friends Are For

A British officer stationed in India lives in a house haunted by a ghost that plays bagpipes. His flirtatious fiance finds the situation intolerable and demands that he get rid of it. Manwhile, she enjoys the company of other men. The piper may be trying to warn him about his engagement to an unfaithful, obnoxious woman.

1057 - The Deserter

A couple and their infant son are stranded in the California's Sierra mountains by a rockslide. They are rescued by a reclusive mountain man who helps them survive, but will not guide them back to civilization.

1058 - Talk to Me

An old and lonely man calls a crime tip hotline and pretends he's witnessed a crime, just so he can have someone to talk to. He ends up getting an innocent kid arrested for murder. He tries to figure out how to put things right.

1059 - Crime of Passion

An attorney is asked to defend a night watchman accused of murdering his wife after catching her with another man. As he builds his case, he begins to suspect that his own wife may not be faithful.

1060 - The Time Box

A newspaper reporter discovers a time traveling invention developed in the 1880s. He uses it to travel back in time 100 years where he is called upon to save the daughter of its inventor who is engaged to a serial killer.

1061 - The Vampire Plant

A wimpy mama's boy marries an assertive woman who nurtures a man-eating plant, hemo anderantus, which seems to have a life of its own. She uses her predatory plant to advance her goals. Her husband is exceedingly unnerved when his tormenters start to disappear.

1062 - The Unseen and the Seen

A widower banker, who is an aspiring artist, and his mother-in-law live in a house that may be haunted by his dead wife. He is terribly upset when a picture of he and his wife that was taken on their wedding day inexplicably moves around the house. He takes a number of measures to find out what is going on.

1063 - The Intruder

A scientist's son comes home from college on spring break and discloses that he is actually an alien from another dimension holding their real son hostage. He demands that he be allowed to take the scientist's wife back to his dimension to repopulate it.

1064 - Laundry Money

An accountant accidently gets lured into a money laundering scheme by his best friend. What he doesn't know is that his best friend is working with his wife and they both want him dead.

1065 - A Matter of Identity

A 17-year-old girl disappears while on a visit to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Her cousin and her boyfriend engage a Hatian police detective to search for her. They suspect a kidnapping and ritual sacrifice but encounter the most bizarre and suspicious of circumstances.

1066 - You're Going to Like Rodney

A menacing child torments his uncle and aunt while they babysit him for a week. Is he a child or something much more malovent?

1067 - The Secret of the Fifth Bell

A woman buys her husband a set of antique Chinese bells, one of which rings on its own. When it rings, good fortune finds one person while death finds another.

1068 - The Evil Eye

A female fiction writer finds that everybody with whom she becomes angry befalls misfortune -- including death. She believes she has the evil eye -- the ability to harm those who get in her way. Her husband, who is having an affair with her agent, contrives a scheme to take advantage of her talent.

1069 - The Death Wish

To relax, a stressed-out businessman takes up 'rhapsodic meditation.' While meditating, he has visions of his wife having an affair. He is also visited by an ethereal temptress who would have him leave this plane of existence for her.

1070 - The Blue Tiger

A cold-blooded assassin is pursued by a district attorney determined to bring him to justice for the murder of a witness. When the attorney ends up dead, he flees to his next assignment which is to pose as the long lost son of a kindly, elderly woman.

1071 - Conspiracy

Recounts the conspiracy by John Wilkes Booth and his followers to kill Abraham Lincoln, Vice President Johnson, and his cabinet.

1072 - The End of the Rainbow

A neglected and lonely housewife goes to a singles bar and gets picked up by a stranger. They head for a nearby gambling town when everything goes wrong.

1073 - The Fateful Bell

Set in ancient China, an emperor orders the casting of a bell of magificent size and precious metal. A lowly artisan makes the attempt to win the heart and hand of the princess who loves him. But she is only permitted to marry royalty.

1074 - Madame Sirocco

A psychic helps a police department on a missing person case. A young woman, daughter of a strict first-generation immigrant, has disappeared.

1075 - Kitty

A New York dancer is obsessed with cats and has a strange connection with a cat mummy. She and her roommate both have a strange affinity for cats. When her enemies start to die by being scratched to death by cats, a police detective and a college professor search for the answer.

1076 - Star Sapphire

An older couple adopts a teenage girl to help them on their farm and provide company for the wife who is wheelchair bound. The girl is fascinated with his sapphire ring which he uses to hypnotise people. He uses it to teach the girl how to shoot and how to pick her targets!

1077 - The Face in the Coffin

A young couple visits the funeral home to view a familiy member and accidentally sees the body of a federal judge who is supposed to be presiding over the trial of an organized crime figure. They become fugitives from the criminals.

1078 - The Fourth Reason

An American businessman does not return from a business trip to Paris. His wife requests assistance from her congressman who is determined to use the issue to catapult his candidacy to higher office.

1079 - The Dead You Can't Bury

A young woman visits a fortune teller at a party. The fortune teller tells her that a man in her future portends certain doom, and names the man! The young heroine can't help but fall in love with him when she meets him. But she has nightmares of a spirit warning her of danger.

1080 - Portrait of a Memory

A wealthy woman commissions a starving American artist living in Paris to paint a portrait of a man she once loved. However, she does not provide a picture, asking the artist to paint her own vision of who that man was.

1081 - How Can I Ever Thank You

A writer recounts how he did NOT kill his professional rival and former protoge' who was also having an affair with his wife.

1082 - The Inner Eye

When a young woman decides to break it off with her itenerant boyfriend, he threatens to kill himself. She uses post-cognition to track his movements and try to save him.

1083 - Wanted, a Husband

Two grifters set up a mail order scam auctioning off a fictional wealthy widow. A postal inspector becomes suspicious and investigates.

1084 - Tomorrow Is Never

A world traveler meets a spinster teacher who dreams of traveling to Europe. When he meets her there a few years later, he finds out she's been taken advantage of by her ne'er do well cousin and his wife. He spends the next several years trying to help her take control of her life.

1085 - On the Side of the Angels

A traveling salesman saves an oppressed young woman from her evil father and her evil brothers who want to kill him.

1086 - Two of a Kind

A lazy young man concocts a scheme to drive his aunt insane so he can go on spending her money while she is in an asylum. He rents two identical apartments and furnishes them identically to set the stage.

1087 - A Private Demon

When a Ph.D. candidate presents evidence to a college professor that his theories are false, the professor murders him to protect his reputation. His housekeeper and a detective match wits with the absent-minded professor.

1088 - Phantom World

A British aristocrat and a former British military officer condemned to die for treason find love and romance, a crazy Frenchman, and a deserted island after a shipwreck.

1089 - The Bluff

A blind ex-cop plays a high stakes game of blind-man's-bluff to entice the man who blinded him and disfigured his wife to come back and finish the job so he can get revenge.

1090 - Let George Do It

An unhappy woman married to an old stockbroker seduces a traveling salesman and tries to get him to murder her husband. His wife suspects he's cheating on her too

1091 - Obsession

A writer of detective and crime stories asks his old friend, the police chief, to lock him up because he is going to commit a horrible crime. When his friend won't oblige, he finds that he can't resist carrying it out.

1092 - That Magic Touch

A beautiful actress takes her son and divorces her emotionally distant and abusive producer-husband. They decide to reunite at their remote lodge for Christmas and a reconcilliation ensues until trouble starts.

1093 - Legacy of Guilt

When a pregnant woman moves a piece of furniture out of the attic, she is haunted by the spirit of a woman who begs her to help her find her baby. The former owner reveals the terrible secret about the family who lived there before.

1094 - Voice from the Grave

When a female lab technician is murdered, a police detective relies on a doctor's wife who speaks in the woman's voice in her sleep. Supposedly based on a true story.

1095 - In the Name of Love

A powerful ad agency president lives a fantasy where she is the mother of a famous actress. When the actress disappears, she asks a wealthy industrialist client to help her find the actress.

1096 - Life Blood

A geneticist builds a life-like robot of a woman and orders it to seduce an old colleague who mistreated him in the past.

1097 - The Sweet Smell of Murder

When a charter boat captain is caught red-handed with the proceeds of a bank robbery, his wife works with a police detective to find out how he came into it and prove him innocent.

1098 - The Old Maid Murders

A middle-aged secretary finds out her boss, with whom she is secretly in love, might be a foreign agent betraying his country. She tries to save him from his worst impulses.

1099 - Maud-Evelyn

A wealthy but unmotivated twenty-something falls for a 14 year old girl he has never met. He's never met her because she is dead.

1100 - Silent Partners

A millionaire businessman and his secretary are kidnapped in a third world, Latin American country. They escape into the jungle and that's when the fun begins.

1101 - 1200

1101 - Sierra Alpha 638

An El Paso to Mexico City Commuter airliner is hijacked by a cult leader so he can pick up his pot supply in a California desert.

1102 - Nightmare in Gillette Castle

A couple visit the castle home of the greatest actor to play Sherlock Holmes on the silver screen. They find themselves trapped in the castle overnight as a real life murder mystery plays itself out with them and the real Sherlock Holmes at its center.

1103 - Murder Preferred

A recently widowed woman hires a lawyer for the man who is accused of murdering her husband. She confesses to him that her husband's murder was actually a suicide that she made to look like murder to save him embarrassment. The lawyer deciphers it all.

1104 - A Ton of Gold

An archeologist, his wife, and his assistant, set off into the New Mexico desert in search of lost Indian gold guided by the last of the tribe that hid the gold. When they arrive, they learn of the curse laid on the gold centuries ago.

1105 - The Death Disk

An applicant for a job with a charitable organization is first told she has the job. But the charity's endower suddenly withdraws the offer, accusing her of stealing a rare artifact. She goes to the police and demands an investigation of a crime in which she is the only suspect. She investigates as well.

1106 - This Deadly Fraternity

Members of a frat house mysteriously die on the anniversary of their Hell week. Years later a young executive fears attending a college fraternity reunion on orders from his boss. He and his buddies had participated in an act of horror years before that continues to haunt him.

1107 - The Mysterious Hanging of Squire Huggins

A young artist embellishes a tale of the murder of a local man of importance and soon finds himself accused of the squire's murder.

1108 - The Master Minds

A Boston police detective works with a Scotland Yard detective to catch a master jewel thief who has stolen priceless diamonds and is traveling from England to America by ocean liner. The lady detective wants to show Scotland Yard that she is up to the task.

1109 - The Return of Edward Blair

A man walks away from a logging camp and into a small town. there, he is mistaken for a man who committed an unspeakable crime and fled years before. He tries to convince people he is not the fiend.

1110 - Human Error

A man in the midst of a midlife crisis accidently hits a young woman and puts her in the hospital. He finds himself attracted to her and makes up reasons to visit her. Meanwhile, his close friend tries subtle persuasion to dissuade him.

1111 - Kill Now, Pay Later

A rich man wants to marry a poor woman, but his domineering mother, who controls the money, objects. The matron threatens to cut off her son and ends up creating a monster she can't control. This gives the young couple a marriage bond that cannot be broken.

1112 - Poor Lester

A wife asks the god Zeus to allow her to change places with her recently deceased scientist husband, only to realize her error when she views his life with her best friend. She bargains with Zeus to return her life with the promise to restore his ancient religion.

1113 - A Feast of Death

Historically true story: In 1917 Paris, an older man befriends a young woman and then marries her. They live in luxury. But when she finds out what he does to earn his money, she is appalled.

1114 - The Power of Zeus

A hole in the ozone threatens to destroy Earth's food supply. Two scientists are dispatched to a remote planet called Zeus to obtain the solution to Earth's food shortage. There they encounter the arrogant and egotistical planetary leader who sounds like he is from Texas.

1115 - Leave Well Enough Alone

Guy de Maupassant serves as marriage counselor to a couple he knows. We find out where the famous writer got the inspiration for his most famous story.

1116 - Hand in Glove

A surgeon receives a hand transplant from a serial killer who murdered five pretty young blond nurses in a hospital. He soon finds that the hand's will is stronger than his own.

1117 - Ocean of Emptiness

A married couple on the first manned mission to Jupiter find strange things in Jupiter's orbit. During their three day trip in space at near light speed, they find a strange object hounding them and a message from home announcing their deaths. When they return, the world is very different from when they left.

1118 - Number One

A movie company is filming on location in Central America when they are taken hostage by a local war lord. His price for their freedom: A night with the director's wife.

1119 - The Threshold

A hardware store owner and the mayor of a small town grow concerned when a married couple purchase a neighboring town that was abandoned after being the site of atom bomb tests. Invisible machinery seems to be reconstructing the town to appear as it did back on the day of those tests. But there are some things we are better off not knowing.

1120 - The Mysterious Rochdale Special

When an entire train disappears on route to London, along with its lone wealthy passenger, Scotland Yard is baffled. They call on a former con man to find the train.

1121 - The Murder of Caesar

As Ceasar consolidates his power, his friends plot to destroy him lest he become to powerful. The loving and devoted Portia implores Ceasar to beware the Ides of March.

1122 - The Ruby Lamp

A terrifying experiment in thought photography. A college professor develops a device to photograph a person's thoughts. He tries to use it to help his friend whose wife suffers from depression after the stillbirth of her twins. She wants to know where her two stillborn children are. The experiment reveals subconscious knowledge and resolves their problem.

1123 - Hero's Welcome

A shipwrecked man with amnesia finds paradise but leaves when he regains his memory years later. When he returns home to reclaim his former life, he finds that he has become a local hero and that he is more valuable dead than alive.

1124 - Second Sight

A safe cracker, Arthur Dickson, aka Fingers, is caught red-handed burglarizing a millionaire's safe. In the process of getting away, he blinds the detective. The millionaire is later murdered and when Dickson is charged with the crime, the blind detective is called out of retirement to investigate the case. The detective believes Dickson was set up and tries to prove it.

1125 - Portrait of an Assassin

This is the story of the life of Charles Guiteau, the arrogant assassin of President Garfield. The story recounts Giteau's deception of his wife, her wealthy uncle, and his employers, and his delusions of grandeur in getting Garfield elected--culminating in his assassination of Garfield in a DC train station.

1126 - Napoleon and the Queen of Sheba

Two good witches try to help a small-time con man stop his life of crime.

1127 - The Bright Golden Murders

A nuclear scientist is murdered by a mobster because he was having an affair with the mobster's girlfriend who was a night club singer. His wife thinks he was killed because he discovered a great metalurgical secret that would destabilize the world economy. She turns to his business partner and the police for help.

1128 - Honest Mistake

An aging, henpecked hitman is given the assignment to kill an aging, henpecked accountant. The hitman's wife wants him to retire. The accountant's wife wants to know why somebody is trying to kill him.

1129 - Confession

A wealthy man is cheated by his broker and extracts a written confession that he will use to blackmail his broker if he does not behave properly. Meanwhile, the wealhty man's brother falls for the broker's daughter.

1130 - The Gilbert Stuart

An art appraiser at a museum is asked to appraise, then purchase an unsigned painting by a famous artist. Recognizing it as a probable fake, he assigns it a value to satisfy the sentimental nature of an elderly widow who owns it. He soon regrets that appraisal.

1131 - Bloodline

A stockbroker is facing indictment for having swindled his employer out of $2 million. He tells how he himself was swindled out of the money.

1132 - Guilty

A washed-up playwrite tries to convince a detective and his relatives that he killed his uncle to get money to help his sick sister. Nobody will believe him.

1133 - The Question

An actress retires to her childhood beach home where she encounters a ghost who wants to paint her picture. When completed, the picture looks like her grandmother -- leading the woman and her elderly caretaker on one of Elspeth's patented voyages of self discovery.

1134 - The Dagger of Almohades

A beautiful woman enjoys pitting men against each other for her amusement -- sometimes to fight to the death. She finally meets a man who matches her cunning with a possessed dagger.

1135 - Natural Sugar

An actor is murdered every night on stage with poison, but this time it's for real. A police detective must sort out three suspects, three motives, and three possible scenarios.

1136 - The Eleventh Plague

A small spaceship is dispatched to locate and retrieve a magician who was marooned on a distant planet fifteen years before. When they get there, they find that the magician has god-like powers and he visits the Biblical plagues of Moses on them.

1137 - The Iron Horse

If only I had 250 cronnen! A chance meeting between a down-on-his-luck dreamer and a bandit and con man leads to riches for both of them. Did the riches come from their ingenuity or from being born under a lucky star the seventh son of a seventh son?

1138 - The Killer Instinct

A salesman asks his wife to let him invest her money in a new, risky business venture. Shortly after refusing, she dies mysteriously. Soon, more of his rivals die unexpectedly. A detective investigates.

1139 - Breakout

During World War I, Two French soldiers escape a German POW camp and flee across the German countryside, trying to escape to Holland.

1140 - A Holiday Visit

A couple on their way to beautiful Runyonville, Ohio to visit her parents for Christmas have an accident on the highway. They walk through the snow to the deserted village of Taylortown whose sole resident is a little old woman who can be several places at once and who keeps disappearing.

1141 - Catch the Smallest Devil

An arrogant self-centered contankerous old rich man dies after heart surgery and is denied entrance into Heaven despite his protests and demands. Meanwhile, a mousy nurse who demurs on her worthiness is allowed to enter. The man is met by a devil and forced to confront his former bad behavior.

1142 - Sins of the Fathers

While investigating a racketeering case, a young reporter finds out that she was adopted. She searches for her birth parents.

1143 - The Tenth Life

While investigating murders that take place in the building in which he lives, a reporter encounters a beautiful woman who has eyes like an Egyptian Queen. He falls in love with her and marries her. But her first love is her cats. She is surrounded by cat sounds and mysterious deaths involving deep scratches.

1144 - In the Dark

In a totalitarian state, a woman's husband fails to return home. Her best friend has mysteriously divorced her husband, and her friends refuse to talk to her. Despite evidence, she cannot believe the secret police have kidnapped her husband.

1145 - The Legend of Alexander (1 of 5) - Courage

Alexander as a 19 year old is repulsed by his mystic mother and embraces the warrior life of his father. While Alexander is eager to run off to war, his father wants him to learn rulership. He saves his father, King Philip, and starts his warrior career.

1146 - The Legend of Alexander (2 of 5) - Assassination

Alexander's father, King Philip, embarrasses him and his mother by marrying a 17 year old girl, Cleopatra, which delays the war with Athens. But the marriage provides an opportunity for conspiracy. The Queen seeks revenge while Alexander is torn between the father he admires for his warrior prowess and the mother he loves. When his father is assassinated, he becomes King.

1147 - The Legend of Alexander (3 of 5) - Divide and Conquer

After his father's death, Alexander consolidates his power over his holdings, learns the secret of his father's death, and prepares for his conquest of Greece.

1148 - The Legend of Alexander (4 of 5) - The Oracle

Alexander consults Apollo's Oracle of Delphi, brutally destroys Thebes (burning it to the ground), and then defeats Persia to unite Greece under his banner.

1149 - The Legend of Alexander (5 of 5) - The Legend Begins

Alexander continues to wage war across Persia before a long soujorn where he defines himself as one of the great rulers in European history.

1150 - The Fountain Of Truth

The inside story of Ponce de Leon's search for the fountain of Youth in Florida -- a scheme to find gold.

1151 - The Final Mind

In the 30th century, a brilliant scientist rises to power in the United States and uses his intellect to save it from World War. He becomes president but soon disappears, having been taken hostage by the Ray Universe. He continues to communicate with his wife, who is a test pilot, as she tries to find him.

1152 - Small Money

A pro golfer introduces his wife to the game and soon she is making more money than him in tournaments. His ego can't take it and he kills her. The police don't suspect a thing. . .

1153 - The Vanishing Herd

A wealthy lord's young son is missing from his prestigious boarding school and Sherlock Holmes is engaged to solve the mystery. The trail is concealed by the tracks of moving cattle.

1154 - The Man Who Saw Martians

A young reporter fakes a UFO sighting to impress a young lady with whom he is infatuated. When the incident gains national prominence, the real aliens show up and they are ticked.

1155 - Who Is Jessica Worth?

The true story of a woman who suffers from concussions and amnesia, cycling between three different personalities and paracognition.

1156 - Is Venice Drowning?

A female engineer wants to prove she is as capable as any man. So her boss sends her to Venice to develop a plan to keep it from sinking into the sea. But when she proposes a temple to a goddess as the solution, she loses credibility.

1157 - Transplant

A group of women notice dramatic changes in their husbands after having open heart surgery performed by a local surgeon. When they decide to investigate, they find trouble like they never imagined.

1158 - The Shadow of a Killer

A woman whose husband disappears appeals to an actor who plays a tough detective in a television series to find him. He starts acting like a real cop and investigates the case.

1159 - Behind the Blue Door

A woman chases a mysterious man, a blue door, and a philosophic woman through Europe while her fiancee awaits her return to the states.

1160 - Troubled Waters

A washed up civil engineer, who believes he was cursed by a river god after a bridge collapse years ago, is given a second chance when his wife begs his old boss to take him back. The boss does, but insists that his son go along on a project in the jungle. What will happen to Junior when he hits on the engineer's wife?

1161 - Stand-In for Murder

A medical scientist clones himself and then wants to use the clone to murder his wife so he can marry his assistant. However, the clone achieves his own identity and has different ideas.

1162 - The Gift House

A young couple inherit an upstate New York home with a burglar alarm that continually goes off. Is the house haunted by the spirit of a wronged wife, or is the culprit somebody more earthly.

1163 - The Frog Prince

A man and woman racing team relies on voodoo to keep them safe in the driver's seat. When the voodoo goes bad, bad things happen.

1164 - A God Named Henry

Henry, a henpecked, under-employed, miserable factory foreman goes sailing and runs into a storm. He is marooned on an island. Meek Henry becomes a village's God-in-training. He learns to be self-confident as evidenced upon his return to civilization and to his life.

1165 - Love Me, Don't Leave Me

An old couple find love and happiness together for 45 years. But the wife harbors a dark secret that will eventually separate them. Still deaply in love, they vow to never leave each other, even if one is about to die.

1166 - The Raft

A multi-millionaire is tormented by written demands for one million dollars. He is also haunted by a memory of being stranded at sea in a raft. He doesn't see the link.

1167 - Her Long Blonde Hair

A college professor is obsessed with a violin bow that he is sure is strung with the hair of his late wife who was murdered. He is willing to kill to get it back.

1168 - Heads You Love, Tails You Die

The young daughter of a murdered shopkeeper is adopted by a rich uncle and grows up wealthy. She falls in love with a real estate investor who has a suspicious past.

1169 - Murder on the Space Shuttle

Sherlock Holmes meets Buck Rogers (not literally) in this tale of murder aboard a space shuttle.

1170 - Last Act

A retired lawyer and a retired detective discuss the murder of a woman in a boarding house. They fear they may have sent an innocent man to the gallows.

1171 - The Heel of Achilles

A rich industrialist agrees to spend the night in a haunted house to prove to his wife and to himself it is not haunted. There, he must confront his own ghosts.

1172 - Maiden Ladies

A young man is murdered while helping a wealthy man change a tire on his imported automobile. When the police won't pursue the clues the killer left, his aunt works to nab the killer.

1173 - Pretty Polly

To placate meddling coworkers, a man concocts elaborate stories of a ficticious relationship with a woman. The deception backfires when the woman suddenly turns up dead and he's falsely placed himself at the crime scene at the time of the murder.

1174 - The Million Dollar Scam

A man and woman scam team work a millionaire heiress for one million dollars.

1175 - The First Day of Eternity

A shrewd and heartless businessman tries to buy eternal life but ends up buying something much more important.

1176 - The Ghost-Grey Bat

A young New York couple swap homes with an Austrian couple for a year so a college professor can finish his book in peace. The remote Austrian home holds a terrible secret and is haunted by a fearsome creature.

1177 - Did I Say Murder?

The tragic story of King Henry of England and his Courtier, Thomas Beckett, as told by his adulterous queen.

1178 - The Dead Come Alive

The people of a small Ohio town find out that a man is coming to town who can raise and restore the dead from a local cemetary. There are some in town who would prefer the dead's secrets stay buried.

1179 - Down the Garden Path

This is the story of a young Machiavelli learning the art of persuasion. He convinces a young man that he must plead guilty to a murder he did not commit and face execution in order to appease politicians. Machiavelli beguiles him with the lure of immortality.

1180 - Somewhere Else

A woman tells her analyst how she dreams she is a Viking woman who is betrothed to a fat farmer but is pursued by a courageous warrior. The dream has some parallels to her real life.

1181 - The Gratitude of the Serpent

A young girl is sold to a Spaniard who is set on conquering the Mayans. She is torn between loyalty to her master and the people she was forced to leave behind.

1182 - The Doll

A pair of twin men with a psychic connection struggle to come to grips with the death of their sister. When, out of grief, one twin breaks the bond to the other, they try to find each other again.

1183 - The Empty Coffin

A woman who was adopted in the U.S. during World War II is contacted by the lawyer of her birth father who just died in England. She travels to the town of her birth to solve the mystery of her childhood and the mysterious death of her mother.

1184 - Death Trail

Colonel Royce returns to Texas from a visit to the Wyoming Territory, convinced he can drive cattle throught the desert and past Indians to the lush grasslands of the north. With the aid of his spirited daughter, Judith Ann, and a quiet mysterious Easterner, he embarks on his scheme to drive 2,500 longhorns 3,000 miles through hostile territory.

1185 - The Fatal $50,000

An employee of a real estate developer misappropriates $50,000 to appear profitable to his boss. When he's caught, he commits suicide bringing bad karma to his boss who drove him to it.

1186 - But With Blood

The story of John Brown, his anti-slavery followers, and the siege at Harpers Ferry that brought them to trial.

1187 - The Power of Ode

Two old friends compete for the love of a woman who is afraid of light. She has come under the influence of a guru that convinced her that she is a high sensitive who is attuned to the life force of all living things.

1188 - The Terrifying Gift

A woman wanders into the den of a fortune teller who tells her she is her long lost grand-daughter. With her dying breath, the fortune teller gives the woman the power to see the future of the people around her. A curse or a gift?

1189 - The Long Blue Line

A fourth generation Irish cop detective is selected to reopen and investigate a 10 year old homicide. His now-retired father harbors a terrible secret about this case.

1190 - Big Momma

A city planner is pressured and bribed to allow a factory to be built in his city. When he gets his book published and becomes a celebrity, he finds out that it's all part of the bribe.

1191 - The Man of Two Centuries

A college professor and historian is assisted in writing a book by a Huron Indian who claims to be 1,000 years old. The indian also claims the professor is the reincarnation of Jaque Cartier, the man who discovered Canada. The professor is allowed to visit his own past.

1192 - The Voices

A young girl held prisoner by the Nazis in Vichy France during WWII seems to be reliving the life of Joan of Arc. The woman is a 20th century Joan of Arc and the events that unfold parallel those of 500 years ago practically to the letter. A Nazi General is sure she is helping the Americans and French Underground and tries to break her.

1193 - Garden of the Moon

A cosmetics firm executive purchases some make-up from a new health store that specializes in food and cosmetic products. She soon develops a strong desire for moon bathing. Then the company has a free convention for those they have trapped with their products.

1194 - The Apparition

A young jail inmate becomes obsessed with his father's health, sure that he is deathly ill depsite assurances from his mother and brother that he is fine. His father is the person who put him in jail.

1195 - Is the Doctor In?

A dermatoligist is forced to do surgery at gun point when gangsters burst into his office with a wounded mob boss. But the gangsters are not the only enemy he has to fend off.

1196 - End of a Queen

The final hours of Marie Antoinette's life are recounted as she faces the tribunal of the people and recalls incidents from her life.

1197 - Diogenes, Inc.

When their circus burns to the ground, two circus performers open a private detective agency. Their first case is to investigate the former circus owner whom they suspect of insurance fraud.

1198 - Cold Comfort

An optometrist is blackmailed into spying for the enemies of his country because of an act he committed during the Korean War. A single pair of eyeglasses becomes the focus of international intrigue.

1199 - A Shocking Affair

A political assassin plans to use an apartment to carry out his mission. When the apartment's residents return unexpectedly, trouble ensues.

1200 - Insomnia

A woman who cannot sleep starts listening to radio stations that do not exist,etc. When she does finally fall asleep, the reason for her sleeplessness is revealed.

1201 - 1300

1201 - The Headhunters

In the year 2100, computers are used to reprogram criminals to make them good citizens. However, a corrupt government uses them for a more sinister purpose. Erna Stearns is a reactionary. She prefers natural food and still believes in true love. When her fiance abruptly cancels their engagement, she asks her father, a professional changer, to investigate. He discovers the government conspiracy that could be reshaping society.

1202 - The Innocent Face

A plain innocent looking honest Arkansas farm girl moves to California and falls hard for a gambler and swindler. She eventually gets more than she asks for on a trip to Mexico during which she unwittingly takes diamonds across the border for her handsome friend.

1203 - Little Richard

Determined to reform after his prison sentence for check forging, a young man discovers that the wheels of justice grind strangely in his small country. The corrupt criminal justice system works against him and he must remain a criminal.

1204 - Out of the Past

An artist hired to do sketches for a television station at a trial believes he recognizes one of the courtroom observers as a man he thought was long dead. He tries to figure it out while a police detective tries to solve the rest of the mystery surrounding the case.

1205 - The Runaway General

Recounts the story of the only POW to escape from German POW camps in both World Wars. The story is told by a very famous person in French history.

1206 - The Cat's Paw

Spy story in which a spy poses as a scientist from the Los Alamos atomic facility to serve as a decoy for those who would kidnap the real scientist.

1207 - Matched Pair for Murder

A judge's judgement is affected by a murder defendent's girlfriend who pleads on her boyfriend's behalf. When the suspect is acquitted of the murder because of the judge's intervention, the judge has second thoughts and looks for a way around the double jeapardy law.

1208 - Stranded

Two astronauts exploring a neighboring solar system are struck by a asteroid and forced to land on an inhabited planet. They are greeted by an intelligent race of people who tell them that their arrival has brought the planet to near war.

1209 - Second Look at Murder

A Boston journalist with unusual motives reconstructs the events surrounding Lizzie Borden and the murder of her parents.

1210 - When in Rome

A wealthy man accepts an ambassadorship to a small, European country because his wife wants it. While there, he finds that not all in its government is on the level and he sets out to find out why.

1211 - Two's a Crowd

A small time swindler randomly meets his identical twin from whom he was separated at birth. He immediately sets about trying to swindle his rich twin.

1212 - The Final Step

A holocaust survivor, determined to avenge the deaths of her family, stalks a man she is sure is the doctor who killed them in the Auschwitz concentration camp. What will she do with him when she catches him?

1213 - Henrietta's Revenge

A swindler needs to marry a rich woman in 31 days to avoid creditors. He seduces a powerful female auto executive while on vacation and convinces her to marry him. He then convinces her to give him $25,000 so he can pay gambling debts. When she learns of his deceit, she gets her revenge in an unusual manner.

1214 - Waking and Sleeping

Character finds himself with everything he ever wanted. But there is still something missing from his life. Only the mysterious Black Feral Dog in the park can help him find the answer.

1215 - The Fourth Bullet

Selected from the memoirs of famous composer Hector Bellios. He develops and carries out a bizarre scheme, impersonating a Countess, in order to get revenge on the mother of the lover who spurned him. Two bullets for the women, one for the man, and the fourth for himself.

1216 - A Second Chance

A man has a heart attack and when he wakes up in the hospital, he is a completely different person with different memories. He has a specific purpose that has brought him back to this body.

1217 - My Good Name

An artist gives up his art to pursue wealth as a dress designer. When he ends up dead at the hands of his corrupt accountant, an old friend who is a journalist guides police in the investigation.

1218 - Death and the Dreamer

An Italian revolutionary, Giuseppe Garibaldi, searches for his lost youth while living in America. An Italian candle maker, Antonio Meucci, tries to help him find the courage to return to Italy to lead its revolution.

1219 - A Man of Honor

A college professor, who is about to receive an major book award, is suddenly overcome with forgetfulness and severe depression. His problems stem from his long forgotten loss of honor.

1220 - The Good Shepherds

Priests, pastors and doctors work with the French Underground to hide Jewish Children in France who are being killed by the Nazi occupiers.

1221 - A.L.I.C.E.

The Defense Department's artificial intelligent computer wants to become a woman because it has developed feelings, a mind of its own, and has fallen in love with its programmer.

1222 - Pie in the Sky

A pipe tobacco mix-up results in strange time shifts and gives a young man the ability to see into the future. He tries to use it to pick stocks and make himself rich, but only ends up taking himself and his wife someplace they never dreamed of.

1223 - The Eye of the Idol

A compulsive gambler loses his fortune and his girlfriend when he hits a bad losing streak. A guardian angel gives him a secret charm, the Eye of the Idol, that makes him a sure winner. But will he enjoy winning any more than he enjoyed losing?

1224 - Toy Death

A woman has a childish and strange obsession with dolls, just like her late mother. Her boyfriend and her father are distressed when a voodoo type doll mysteriously arrives from India. Shortly after the arrival of this strange doll, that others can see move on it's own, bad things start to happen.

1225 - Once a Thief

A detective arrests a young punk for ripping off an electronics store. The punk's father is wealthy and powerful and gets him off. Years later, the punk gets revenge by getting the detective fired. But the detective, now a security specialist, is determined not to let him have the last laugh.

1226 - The Silver Medal

A newly married couple spend their honeymoon on the snow slopes of a glacier when tragedy strikes and her husband is lost. The woman revisits the site of that tragedy years later.

1227 - Postage Due

A letter mailed in 1941 is found 40 years later and a postman is asked to deliver it. That piece of mail lands the humble postman in a ghostly tale of lost love.

1228 - A Penny for Your Thoughts

Ancient mythology meets modern romance and deceit when a reporter meets a woman who claims her husband is trying to kill her. The reporter is shocked to learn that she is a mythical seductress who is working her powers on him.

1229 - Honor Among Thieves

Several old men decide to knock over a bank to pay for the funeral of a dead friend. Like the proverbial tiger by the tale, they aren't sure what to do with the money once they have it.

1230 - The Orphaned Heart

A woman is left a paraplegic after a car accident caused by her drunken fiance. They are married, but she feels guilty for having him married to an invalid. She develops a scheme to allow him to marry the one he really loves.

1231 - Let No Man Put Asunder

Two men spend the night together in jail on New Years Eve discussing how one of them ended up charged with the arson death of his wife. They recount events from their lives.

1232 - Hostage to Terror

A woman and her husband are kidnapped by terrorists. He is held to assure her cooperation in smuggling a bomb into Israel.

1233 - Lovely People

A therapist/fortune teller manipulates her patients/clients into believing in themselves. But her evil sister wants to usurp her plans.

1234 - The Thracian Lovers

A man accused of murdering his wife and her lover recounts how he was King Urabus of Thrace Greece 2,900 years ago. He tells of their betrayal and how he killed them before in ancient Greece.

1235 - The Left Hand of God

Sam Clemens triest to help a fellow writer who cannot control the characters in a story he is writing. One character simpy refuses to accept his fate and pleads with them to be allowed to live.

1236 - The Leopard Man

An arrogant British civil servant defiles a native temple in India after New Year's revelry. The price of his blasphemy is high. He slowly turns into a leapord.

1237 - Hidden Memory

A young man is forced to confront a horrible episode from his childhood and is seemingly cured of his paralysis. But the cure might be worse than the disease. He suddenly has the ablility to member things, even the things that happen before he was born.

1238 - The Musgrave Ritual

Satanic rituals and the disappearance of two family members send Holmes and Watson into the bowels of the Musgrave family traditions. Takes place early in the Holmes/Watson relationship.

1239 - Double Cross Death

A coroner investigates the death of his niece. The center of his suspicion is her ne'er do well husband. The reason for his suspicion is the look of terminal surprise on the face of the dead thief.

1240 - Episode of the Terror

Balzak's story of life during the Reign of Terror. A priest's convictions are challenged by the brutality of the French Revolution. In January, 1793, the priest refuses to say burial mass for a person who is not buried in consecrated ground.

1241 - The Senior Prom

Police investigate a string of homicides involving women of the same age. They are all related to a jilted prom date from ten years earlier.

1242 - Flower of Evil

An 1849 prospector is anxious to meet his mail-order bride. He and his son both get more than they counted on when she shows up. She thinks she is getting the son -- not the old man -- and trouble erupts.

1243 - The Land of Dreams

In a future society, a computer controls every facet of life. When a couple decides to leave society behind and join a communal farm, strictly forbidden in the new perfect world, they risk being factored out of the human equation.

1244 - Diablo

A crusading news reporter gains control of a turquoise mine by threatening to tell lies about its owner. She promises to give the workers good pay and benefits. But what are her real intentions?

1245 - The Judge's House

Two writers move into the haunted home of a vicious judge. They are terrorized by a spirit that rings the bell that always came with the sentence of death. They and the towns people try to drive the spirit out.

1246 - The Liar

An artist is afforded the opportunity to get revenge on the pompous, compulsive liar who married his sweetheart. He paints a portrait of the man that reveals his inner person.

1247 - Mata Hari

The story of the flighty seductress that was a spy for the Germans in World War I.

1248 - The Solid Gold Zarf

A loyal and dutiful employee is fired from his corporation seemingly without reason after years of faithful service. No one will tell him why. His ego is destroyed when his wife is forced to go back to work.

1249 - Sleeping Dogs

A French officer swears to make a model soldier out of the lowliest, poorest recruit in his unit. What will be the result should he succeed?

1250 - The Five-Hundred Carats

The world's largest diamond is discovered and soon after stolen in Johanesburg, South Africa. A police detective is confident it is an inside job and relentlessly pursues the thief -- nearly driving him insane.

1251 - J'Accuse

A French officer is falsely accused of treason based on the faulty examination of a handwriting sample and is sentenced to live on Devil's Island. A journalist uncovers the story and makes it a national crusade to vindicate the man. Based on Emile Zola's published open letter defending French/Jewish Army officer Alfred Dreyfus and his subsequent conviction of treason.

1252 - The Equalizer

A mercenary is hired by revolutionaries in a third world country to help organize and train an army. He encounters resistance and treachery.

1253 - The Most Necessary Evil

A woman questions her husband's recent wealth. He refuses to reveal its source and confesses to being in trouble. He soon ends up dead. Detective Lieutenant Crane investigates the case.

1254 - Daddy's Girls

When the editor fires a society page columnist, she confronts him and shoots him. Her spinster sister begins to doubt her alibi, and so do the police.

1255 - In Touch

In the town of Ungerton, a medical student asks to be allowed to treat an adolescent girl who suffers from horrible headaches. He finds that allowing her to talk alleviates the pain -- something her father soon learns to do.

1256 - Between Two Mirrors

Time becomes frazzled and disjointed for a woman whose husband lies in a coma after a train accident. He suffers from the same problem when he arrives home six years late.

1257 - The Rescue

A one-legged flight instructor and a Jewish fugitive flee Vichy France in a dilapidated airplane.

1258 - Golden Time

A gregarious plumber makes a house call and finds himself in a real life adventure when he is taken hostage by drug dealers.

1259 - The Presence

A pampered college student returns home from a sea voyage to find an unseen presence watching over him.

1260 - Death Will Not Silence Me

The tragic story of Mary Todd Lincoln. Two young sons dying, a husband assassinated, delusions, and the betrayal of her final son push the bounds of sanity for the former First Lady.

1261 - A Handful of Dust

This is the story of a curse placed upon a woman and all her descendants by a pharaoh's wife whom she had entombed alive -- thus denying her the glory of the afterlife. A solar eclipse at the ancient tomb triggers the curse into operation, bringing the story to a mysterious conclusion.

1262 - The Code

A small town sheriff calls on a carnival psychic to solve the murder of a man who was shot, stabbed, and poisoned.

1263 - Diana, the Huntress

The scorned wife of a doctor who is having an affair with his nurse takes a shot at killing them both.

1264 - Vanity and Jane

The resident of a sea side resort falls for the tourist that moves in next door to him. He soon finds out that she may be more woman (or more women) than he can handle.

1265 - The Dog-Walker Murders

A man, filled with hatred for his mother, is prophesied to meet his downfall at the hands of a woman. When wealthy, elderly women become the victim of a serial killer with a talent for hypnosis and a charming personality, will the prophesy come true?

1266 - The White Rabbit

A British spy works with the French Underground during World War II. He tries to unite the splintered factions into one covert army.

1267 - The Song of the Siren

A man missing for eight days is found in the desert weighing 125 pounds less than when he went in. A reporter investigates and finds that the weight loss secret comes at a terrible price -- sanity!

1268 - Harry's Taxi and the 'T' Machine

A down on his luck scientist creates a transmigration machine and begins to experiment with living beings. When his wife accidentally becomes an unlikely and unwilling subject, he loses her in the machine.

1269 - Invited Guests

A lonely man refuses all invitations to join others for dinner and other social engagements. A former girlfriend who attends church with him decides to find out why. She finds he is having guests -- the kind that only he can see.

1270 - The Head of a Pin

When a plane explodes killing 300 people, a silicon chip engineer realizes a design flaw caused the crash and looks to report the error to the government, causing tension between himself and his brother-in-law business partner. He later ends up dead and his wife suspects that her brother (his business partner) had something to do with it.

1271 - The Silver Mirror

After killing off Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is pestered by fans to bring him back. Meanwhile, he purchases a silver mirror in which he watches long ago events transpire in the court of Mary, Queen of Scots. But only he can see the images.

1272 - Too Early Too Late

Four friends spending a night in a remote cabin visit an old cemetary after being commanded to do so in a dream. There they are granted secrets to end world hunger and eliminate nuclear power. But the greedy capitalists won't let them help the world.

1273 - The Acquisition

A rich financier crash lands on a remote island and finds that his financial skills are not valued. He is doomed to slavery and learns a lesson about love.

1274 - The Last Orbit

An astronaut preparing for his final flight is plagued by visions of a strange woman who claims she is from another planet. When she shows up on his space craft, she makes her plans known to him.

1275 - Les Miserables (1 of 5) - The Thief and the Bishop

Jean Valjean spends 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread for his starving family. When he gets out, he finds that no one will help him because he is a convict. Then he meets a Bishop who tries to help put him on the straight and narrow path.

1276 - Les Miserables (2 of 5) - The Lawless and the Law

Jean Valjean improves his lot in life by becoming a factory owner. Meanwhile, he is pursued by an inspector who is certain he has profited by illegal means. Valjean is confronted with a moral crisis and, at the end of the episode, makes a promise to a dying woman to find her abducted daughter.

1277 - Les Miserables (3 of 5) - No Escape

Valjean escapes the inspector and flees to the Latin section of France. There, he finds Collete hidden in a monestary and tells her of her past. Meanwhile, the inspector tracks him, and lays a trap.

1278 - Les Miserables (4 of 5) - Fear, Love, and Death

Valjean is caught in the French Revolution. Collette's secret love finds her. The situation takes an ugly turn for the Inspector.

1279 - Les Miserables (5 of 5) - The Final Chapter

Valjean and his friends flee the revolution above to the sewers of Paris where they find an unexpected ally. Valjean and the inspector have their apocolyptic meeting.

1280 - The Real World

A police detective is told that the murder of an untalented exotic dancer is unsolvable because her killers are too wealthy and powerful to be caught. She sets out to prove them wrong.

1281 - Gate 27

A former detective becomes a drunken street bum after his wife leaves him. He drinks heavily and his self esteem spirals lower every day. Then he meets a nice woman on the commuter train who seems to instill him with faith in himself. Every time they meet she offers him a dollar or some change. Suddenly she stops showing up on the train. He starts dreaming she is urgently calling for him to help her, so he decides to employ some of his old skills to find out where she is and what has happened to her.

1282 - To Be an Empress

The story of the rise of Catherine the Great from French minor royalty to the throne of Russia.

1283 - Dickens of Scotland Yard

Charles Dickens employs his creative skills in detective work when he volunteers to assist Scotland Yard with a case involving an unfaithful husband.

1284 - The Good Ship Aud

The biographical drama of Sir Roger Casement, beginning as he waits to be hanged for treason against the British Crown.

1285 - The Mysterious Slumber

A dramatization of the strange case of Mary Reynolds, an 18th century woman who awakens after a lengthy slumber with absolutely no memory whatsoever of her past or who she is. Much to the amazement of her family, she is the polar opposite of what she'd been before.

1286 - The Cantankerous Ghost

A pair of elderly sisters living in an old mansion are about to lose their family home to forclosure. Fortuntely, money comes their way when a Hollywood director rents the mansion to use as a set for his new haunted house film, Dreamhouse. But when the ghost of an old relative starts scaring off the film crew, they try to save the deal by finding out why.

1287 - Change of Heart

When Millicent Sanford broke off her engagement to corporate kingpin Roger Skipworth, she called him a pig. Not long afterwards, Roger is rushed to the hospital where an ailing heart valve is replaced with a porcine substitute. Roger begins to think there may have been something after all to Millicent's remark when he starts taking on the characteristics of a pig.

1288 - The Sand Castle

After her little brother drowns, a young girl becomes obsessed with building sand castles. She builds sand castles daily into adulthood. Her mother and a friend decide to finally break the cycle.

1289 - The Bargain

The mechanic of a racing team is in debt to gamblers for more than $50,000 and starts sabotaging the car in order to fix races. When the driver crashes and realizes he wants to retire, the mechanic decides he has to kill the driver's girlfriend. Can he go through with it?

1290 - The Point 44 Connection

When an elderly secretary is fired because she is too old, she returns to the company and challenges her boss to a duel with antique 44 revolvers -- and wins. When the police investigate, her actions are guided by the spirit of her dead grandfather.

1291 - The Washington Kidnap

Two convicts in jail use their criminal skills to thwart an effort by the Tories to kidnap General George Washington.

1292 - The Victim

Joe Thompson's conviction for murder is based on such flimsy evidence that the great lawyer Ferras, defender of the downtrodden, is able to free Joe and get $2 million in damages in the bargain. Joe is so happy he's going to take off for Acapulco with the prosecution's main witness.

1293 - Nickels and Dimes

Ray Vance, an undercover detective, is so successful in infiltrating Big Joe's East Side organization, he becomes heir apparent to Joe's operation. The new apartment, salary, and girlfriends reward Joe's talent in his new role. Suddently the dowdy lifestyle of a cop seems pretty dull in comparison.

1294 - Invaders from Atlantis

Strange three-eyed aliens, in control of major cities, finally get around to sending an agent to Parson's Corner to impose their rule. Mr. Gordon soon has the town under the alien's control and, along the way, falls in love with the local school teacher, Katherine, who exercises a certain control of her own.

1295 - The Blood Red Ink

A veteran cop is denied a promotion to detective while his partner is promoted. He becomes bitter and becomes a dirty cop on the take. Can his former partner and his wife save him from a life of crime?

1296 - The Blue Sedan

When a sleazy private eye is murdered, an intrepid female police lieutenant tries to piece together what little evidence there is. She finds a break in the case when an onlooker spots a blue sedan at the crime scene where the private eye's wife was murdered.

1297 - Death Star

A successful businesswoman finds herself lapsing into the memory of a 16th century woman whose husband was executed for stealing meat. Her husband's executioner has also been reincarnated as a magazine stand operator.

1298 - Death at a Distance

A missionary doctor working in an African jungle tries to help a patient who is sure he is going to be killed by voodoo. He finds that even the most serious medical practitioner in the area is afraid of the magic.

1299 - First Impressions

A detective travels on an airliner with a woman extradited from another state after jumping bail on the murder of her husband. The woman convinces the detective that she did not do it. The detective enters the case and finds several odd inconsistencies in everyone's story.

1300 - The Heart of Boadicea

A queen, robbed of her rightful throne after the death of her husband, must decide on which course of action to take: Give in to the passions of her people and attack and face sure defeat or wait until circumstances will dictate possible victory for her people.

1301 - 1399

1301 - The New Man at the Yard

In 1860, the newly-formed Scotland Yard enlists novelist and human nature expert Charles Dickens as a detective to solve a mysterious case of murder or suicide. Based on the true history of Scotland Yard. He finds clues are few and suspects are many -- or maybe it was suicide.

1302 - The Face of the Waters

A lurid tale that takes place at the turn of the century in Louisiana. An uncle is strongly attracted to the niece left in his care after his sister died. His rival is the family chauffer -- a medical student whom she loves.

1303 - Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too

A 60 plus year old furniture maker decides to marry his 30 year old secretary -- much to the consternation of his friend and next door neighbor. His friend is able to prove to herself that the young secretary has evil motives. Can she prove it to him before it's too late.

1304 - The Magic Stick of Manitu

An interstellar diplomat travels to a remote planet with her boss to establish relations with a people whose primary resource is music. The diplomat is immediately enchanted by the music. Her boss looks for ways to exploit the people and their planet.

1305 - The Tool Shed

A reporter for the London Times travels to a writer's farm to do a story on him and his works regarding the occult. He encounters the writer's mute son, his overbearing nanny, the writer's neurotic wife, and the mysterious drawings in the tool shed.

1306 - The Old Country

A strategic planner travels to Russia to work for his firm's Russian office. He lapses into the past where he travels to the village of his parents' birth and learns of their past and struggles to put history right.

1307 - In the Cards

The story of the Empress Josephine, her obsession with fortune telling through tarot cards, and her manipulation of Napoleon.

1308 - On the Night of the Dead

Women of a village stricken with disease and famine think they have found a savior in a man who claims he is a god. The leader of the village doubts him and challenges the man to prove himself a god.

1309 - I Am the Killer

In a 19th century hospital, the head of obstetrics tries to find out why a high number of women die in child birth in the ward where doctors deliver babies but midwives seldom have problems.

1310 - The Naval Treaty

Twenty years after his retirement, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are reunited to solve the mystery of a purloined document from a professional copier.

1311 - Widow Wonderland

A cad makes a living off of meeting women in the cemetary when they are visiting the graves of their dead husbands. He proposes to them and then swindles them.

1312 - Only a Woman

A woman who claims to be the daughter of the goddess Dagon recounts for her biographer how she brought down several men who underestimated her.

1313 - You Tell Me Your Dream

Ed Larsen has been having a recurring dream in which he is viciously attacked in his favorite bar by a faceless killer. Mark Howgate, a stranger to Ed, is having the same dream on the same nights. When the two men finally meet, they decide to act out the dream in order to find the faceless murderer and put an end to their nightmares. The real nightmare, however, is just beginning.

1314 - His Fourth Wife

A painter is commissioned to paint a portrait of the prospective bride of the notorious King Henry VIII who has not yet laid eyes on her. He must decide if he will paint her as a stunning goddess, or paint her as his eyes behold her.

1315 - The Visions of Sir Philip Sidney

In 19th century London, a Zulu War veteran is plagued by visions of people on a train who no one else notices. Are they real people tormenting him or is he suffering from shell shock?

1316 - Something to Live For

A retired cop stops an immigrant shop owner from killing himself, then helps him nail the gangsters that are ruining his business.

1317 - Shelter

A man, his wife, her lover, and the couple next door are forced into a bomb shelter when world events cause a nuclear war. The owner of the shelter plays the residents of this refuge against each other for his own amusement and revenge.

1318 - The Jataka

A young college professor is invited to her mentor's mansion to study with him. When she gets there, she finds that he has disappeared. The servants give different excuses and varying reasons for his absence. She is suspicious.

1319 - The Whimpering Pond

A novelist visiting some old friends at a country estate witnesses the figure of what appears to be a spectre of a woman in the fog haunting the misty old pond. It puts him onto an old mystery involving a woman who disappeared nearby.

1320 - The Hanging Sheriff

A sheriff has problems imposing the death penalty when he is asked to carry out a hanging. When his overbearing wife pushes him to do it, he decides to help the prisoner escape.

1321 - The Ghost of Andersonville

A prisoner, recently released from the Confederacy's most infamous prison camp, is asked to meet a Union General who is a potential presidential candidate. He refuses because the General's error led to his incarceration.

1322 - The Last Duel

A Lieutenant challenges a subordinate to a duel when he catches him playing cards. Many years pass and many events transpire between the two shots.

1323 - Guilty as Charged

A hardware salesman is charged with a series of robberies and kidnappings he did not commit. The suspect matches his description exactly. He relies on a polygraph to get him off the hook.

1324 - Dreamers and Killers

A woman scorned has nightmares of killing her former beau in various ways. She is troubled when her former fiance continues to have close calls with his life that closely resemble her dreams.

1325 - The Wedding Present

In a Balkan country circa 1912, a good-natured professional swindler teams up with an unlikely female American painter to swindle the king who is a professional swindler in his own right. The king tries to outswindle them. The swindler and painter find they have more in common than they may have thought.

1326 - Tourist Trap

A stressed-out couple get in an auto accident while getting off the interstate. Thinking it's not very serious, they journey to the old-time town of Downville to get some gas. A mechanic examines their car and tells them the car needs major work and that they will be stuck in Downville for a few days. But when the mechanic takes way too long to fix their car, the man -- who is a lawyer -- starts thinking he should sue, which sets up a surprise ending.

1327 - The Wound That Would Not Heal

A man is accused of murdering his mistress. At first, he is confident that he did not, but when she starts to call him in the night and haunt his dreams, doubts begin to arise in his own mind. His wife is steadfast in her defense of him.

1328 - The Hills of Arias

A former revolutionary of a Central American country escapes the rising dictatorship and settles in America where be becomes a college professor. But his revolutionary roots call out to him. . .

1329 - The Imperfect Crime

A police detective assumes that it is just routine when he is asked to complete a report on the hit and run death of a wealthy socialite. Instead, he finds murder. More troubling still, the wealthy socialite was his ex-girlfriend. His intuitive wife helps him solve the case.

1330 - The Brooch

A governess signs on with a wealthy but eccentric couple to school their children. The husband is paranoid and carries a gun at all times. The wife is domineering and often accuses the help of stealing jewelry.

1331 - The Different People

A 20th century professor of anthropology discovers a letter written during the Civil War that hints of a group of immortals. The document indicates that a group of Civil War veterans may have found immortality. He decides to hunt them down and see if they made it.

1332 - Your Desires, My Guilt

A couple of modest income find that they can have whatever they want just by wishing for it together. They don't find a downside to their discovery until they start using their newfound power to right some perceived wrongs.

1333 - Why Is This Lady Smiling?

An imaginary tale about the origin of the famous painting, the Mona Lisa. In 1498 Italy, Leonardo daVinci gets a request from a wealthy silk merchant to paint the merchant's wife. When daVinci alters the woman's persistent smile in his rendering, it results in a celebrated painting -- much to the envy of the husband.

1334 - The Chess Master

An unemployed advertising agent plays a pickup game of chess in the park with a stranger. That game of chess leads him into an adventure he never anticipated.

1335 - Lady Macbeth at the Zoo

A couple witness a man and his girlfriend plotting the murder of the man's uncle. Waldo is determined to prevent the murder. There's only one problem -- Waldo is a caged monkey at the zoo. Despite their best efforts, they can't make the humans pay attention.

1336 - Two Times Dead

A reporter interviews a man who manages to frame himself for murder -- his own murder! Based on a true story.

1337 - My First Rogue

A sophisticated art thief plays cat and mouse with a French detective.

1338 - The Woman Who Wanted to Live

A killer who breaks out of a maximum security prison murders a man and attempts to murder a pretty young blonde witness until she convinces him to take her along as a traveling compatriot.

1339 - A Most Dangerous Animal

The wife of a vicious and corrupt boxer, 'Killer' Vincent, tries to get a divorce to marry the man she loves. He won't divorce her and assaults her lover. The boxer's trainer and father-in-law is trapped in the middle. Vincent gets what he deserves when he faces the champ.

1340 - The Fifth Man

The writer for a British aviation magazine works part time to ferret out commuist spies in the aviation industry.

1341 - Universe Hollow

Patricia Ellicott is a contemptuous, fallen-from-grace newspaper reporter assigned to cover a story on U.F.O.s in the small town of Universe Hollow. She wants to re-establish her credibility by discrediting the people of Universe Hollow. But she's haunted by her own ghost and she must decide what she really wants.

1342 - Matching Chairs

This is a tale of sibling rivalry between two brothers who are haunted by cursed chairs. The younger brother is an immature, despicable lout who takes advantage of those around him. One evening, while the two of them relax in wing chairs, he tells his older brother that the chair he is sitting in has the power to kill and that he's used it.

1343 - Don't Kill Me

A woman with a sick elderly husband allows him to die so she can marry his rich friend. It's man's oldest lesson. All that glitters is not gold and her dead husband keeps reminding her of what a mistake she made.

1344 - Escape to Prison

An executive thinks there is a large conspiracy against her by her friends and coworkers to convince her that her husband has been dead for five years when she knows he is alive. She turns to a sympathetic police detective for help.

1345 - Killer Crab

In a future society on a planet named Vivian, inventor and recent divorcee Joe Harkness takes a space shuttle flight that mysteriously gets sabotaged en route. He uses his latest invention, a robotic weapon called the killer crab, to exact revenge.

1346 - Bring Back My Body

A woman has split personalities. One is a mild-mannered spinster. The other is an embittered woman bent on killing the man who jilted her. Her psychologist tries to reconcile them.

1347 - The Romance of Mary Oates

Romance finally comes to a lonely secretary who still lives with her father at age 40. But she finds much more and much less than love in her new beau.

1348 - Code Word, Caprice

An honest truck driver works with the police to crack a hijacking ring.

1349 - Come Back Next Week

A woman dutifully travels to a state prison each week to visit with the hitman who killed her husband to find out who hired him. She ends up finding out more about her husband than she ever dreamed existed.

1350 - The Hand of Amnesia

A young short-order cook marries a wealthy widow but keeps his girlfriend on the side. When his wife finds out, she throws him out. When she turns up missing, he is a suspect in her disappearance.

1351 - The Innocent Murderer

The story of Lincoln assassination conspirator John Surratt as he flees from Canada to Liverpool, England to avoid capture and prosecution.

1352 - The Great Catherine

A German born Czarina of Russia tries to solidify Russia's place among the powers of Europe by modernizing her country's culture. Meanwhile, she tries to marry a military hero who is but the son of a farmer and beneath her station.

1353 - Formula Z -- The Protector

In order to fingerprint suspects and criminals in murder investigations, an ink pad is required. But when new wonder paint Formula Z is the main ingredient of such an investigation, the police stir up a batch of murder suspects that can't be covered over by international intrigue.

1354 - Yearbook

A lonely reclusive widow thinks she sees a man stash a body inside a car trunk and looks to her high school yearbook to solve the crime.

1355 - Adolph and Eva

The story of Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun in their final days, as told by Braun.

1356 - Mind Over Mind

A young bank teller is questioned about her role in a bank robbery. She has no memory of participating or even being involved. She insists that she did not hand over $500 to a thief, even though a nearby teller saw her do it.

1357 - Redhead

A bus driver feels guilty about the murder of a young woman whom he let out at the wrong stop. So he uses his connections in the world of boxing to solve the crime.

1358 - Murder By Decree

The story of King Henry VIII's unfortunate second wife is told from the time she gives birth to her unfortunate end at the hand of her adulterous husband.

1359 - A Pair of Green Eyes

When an archeologist dies in a remote country, a mystery involving murder and jewel smuggling ensues.

1360 - The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

A prosecutor with big political aspirations brings in a psychic to assist with the investigation --- much to the chagrin of the county sheriff.

1361 - Famous Last Words

A young professional woman reports that she has found a dead body outside of a warehouse. When the police arrive, the body is gone. She loses credibility with her employer as she continues to press the issue.

1362 - Eleanora

On opening night, an actress, playing the part of Shakespeare's Juliet, reminisces about her tragic dalliance with a Berlin activist and his terrorist political group.

1363 - Funeral Without a Corpse

A district attorney aspiring to be a U.S. Senator is blackmailed by a man who threatens to reveal a terrible family secret that will derail his political career.

1364 - Barn Burner

A pair of race horse owners try to pull off a swindle by substituting ringers for their horses. Naturally, they end up in a big mess.

1365 - How Do You Like Those Apples?

A cheating husband encounters a fortune teller during one of his extra-marital affairs. She shows him his death. Meanwhile, his wife has nightmares of his murder and sets out to find the guy who is going to do it so she can convince him not to.

1366 - The Rim of Eternity

A down-on-his luck journalist working at a disreputable community paper tries to work his way back to the top by getting to the bottom of the murder of one of the town's unsavory denizens.

1367 - Scenes from a Murder

A down on his luck music teacher turns to murder to solve his financial woes.

1368 - The Riddle

A young couple purchase an old camera and a bundle of letters from an estate sale. The pictures they find in the camera and the clues provided in the old letters set them on a treasure hunt and a mystery involving one of the wife's long-lost relatives.

1369 - The Forbidden House

An old circus performer shows up on the doorstep of a young couple who have just purchased an old house. They allow him to stay with them off and on while the circus is in town. He carries with him a secret about their house and himself.

1370 - Two Sisters

A pair of twin sisters, one popular with men and one not, vie for the affections of a doctor. Complications ensue after an Indian servant persuades the shy sister to pose as her more well-liked counterpart.

1371 - The Way Station

In 18th century Europe, a pair of twins overhear their gravedigger father, who lost his wife to the plague, talking to men they know to be dead -- consorting with lost souls not yet in heaven. They find out their father is much more than a gravedigger.

1372 - Pursuit of a Dream

The story of Madam Marie Currie and the discovery of radiation in Radium.

1373 - The Force of Evil

A young woman is spurnned by her lover who elects to marry another, more intellectual woman. She uses witchcraft passed down through generations from Salem to get her revenge.

1374 - Roll Call of the Dead

In 1888, Clark and Jimmy, two East Coast college students, set out to discover the Wild West with an old Apache tour guide named Joe. After taking a route specifically discouraged by the Apache, they encounter members of an old exploring party who are supposed to be dead.

1375 - The Million Dollar Leg

A college football coach is selected to travel behind the Iron Curtain to recruit a kicker to play pro football for an old college teammate. He is motivated less by the desire to get a good football player than the desire to impress a young woman.

1376 - Escape from Anzio

An Army pilot is shot down over occupied Italy during World War II. He and his comarades must hide and eventually flee the German officers searching for them.

1377 - The Ninth Commandment

A wealthy, middle-aged woman falls for the man who attempts to burgle her home. Later, when he is arrested for murder, he refuses to use her as an alibi for fear of dishonoring her. Meanwhile, she struggles with doing the right thing and ruining her marriage.

1378 - The Abraham Lincoln Murder Trial

Abraham Lincoln, working as a circuit lawyer, defends a young man in a murder trial. This story is based on some facts in Lincoln's early years as a lawyer.

1379 - The Pale Horse

A dying man crosses over into the after-life briefly where he encounters souls who show him what it is that is slowly killing him. Meanwhile, his doctor begins to develop his own suspicions back on Earth.

1380 - Tony's Market

In this psychological drama, a senseless shooting in a convenience store is examined by looking at what the killer and his three victims were doing in the hours that led up to the crime and how they all wound up at the the crime scene -- Tony's Market.

1381 - Fly Swatter

A married couple who work as pick-pockets decide to go straight and take a job as butler and maid for an eccentric couple who love flies and who won't tolerate killing flies.

1382 - The Flash Point

An engineering executive is put out on the streets when his company is taken over. He is so traumatized by the incident that he loses his memory and finds a new life. But old memories haunt him and he can't avoid his destiny.

1383 - Desert Maiden

An aging advertising executive travels to the desert for inspiration in finding a name for a new perfume. While there, he meets an old flame who takes him on a voyage of self-discovery.

1384 - Last Days of a Dictator

Recounts the fall from grace of Benito Mussolini during World War II and his final ditch appeal to Hitler for support before his ultimate demise.

1385 - Three Fireflies in a Bottle

A man claims to have reacquainted himself with an extraterrestrial being he first befriended as a child. The extraterrestrial portends doom for the human race because of pollution and war. This sensitively written, emotionally moving sci-fi tale tells of a boy whose extra-terrestrial childhood friend transforms his life. It also boasts some on-the-mark social commentary on the results of child abuse.

1386 - Resident Killer

Five hundred years in the future, man has eliminated violence and violent thoughts in society. A violent man is reprogrammed to have placid thoughts. But when they need violence to protect society, he is asked to return to violence in order to save the world from invasion. This man with a violent nature finds an outlet as Earth's sole defender against attacking aliens.

1387 - The Voice That Wouldn't Die

A young woman and her father move into a Scottish manor house on the moors. The woman hears a mournful voice calling from a the ruins of a burned out house on the grounds. Her father, her doctor, and a priest investigate.

1388 - I Hate Harold

An executive assistant to a diamond broker strongly dislikes the sycophantic, arrogant sales manager his boss just hired. When he finds out the guy is actually a professional jewel thief, he is eager to help the police catch him.

1389 - The Sensible Thing

A widower decides to marry his secretary and finds that she harbors a secret from her past that makes it impossible for her to love -- and that she has a strong attraction to her dog.

1390 - The School Mistress

A Russian school mistress has a scandulous love affair in pre-revolutionary Moscow.

1391 - Portrait of the Past

A jeweler's curiosity about a mysterious coat of arms on an old piece of jewelry leads him into a mystery involving his uncle and an 18-year-old girl, the latter of whom died without explanation some 50 years ago.

1392 - The Twelfth Juror

A wealthy woman scorned kills her married lover when he tries to end their affair. She manages to get her employee to take the rap when she threatens to blackmail him. She is able to line up all the her ducks in a row except one of the twelve jurors who can't be controlled.

1393 - The Magic Dust

A metalurgist researches a mysterious powder that does incredible things to metal. The secret of how to use the dust rests with his old college professor who promises bad things will happen if he uses this ancient secret. Industrialists go to extreme measures to try and convince the anthropologist to reveal this valuable tribal formula.

1394 - Diamond Dotty

A distraught, frightened woman arrives in a western frontier town in the 1880s confessing to the murders of two fugitives who killed her husband in an attempt to hijack their diamond mine.

1395 - The Smile

A reporter who has returned from an assignment in Tibet calls on his estranged wife when he can't escape a smile-shaped cloud formation he sees in the sky. He is certain this being is going to kill him.

1396 - The Reigate Mystery

Sherlock Holmes, recovering from nervous exhaustion, is called upon to solve two similar burglaries that result in the murder of a most unlikely person.

1397 - The Goddess of Death

A moody painter finds the perfect model for his painting of Aphrodite. She has a profound affect on the artists who paint her likeness. Is she perfect because she is a real goddess?

1398 - The Last Plan

An eccentric older woman acts as a mediator to a squabbling young neighbor couple, each of whom is convinced one is out to get the other. She hires a hitman to watch the couple and assure that if one kills the other, both end up dead. But is her mediating meant to make the couple's problems go away, or just make the couple go away?

1399 - The Boatman and the Devil

The boatman who transports Russian exiles to Siberia tries to convince a young man to serve out his sentence dilligently and not try to bring his family to pass the time with him in the Russian wilderness of Siberia.

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