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Duplicate Titles

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There are some episodes that have identical titles even though the story and the actors are completely different. Other episodes have titles that are similiar enough to be confusing. This page lists such episodes as an attempt to clarify any confusion that may exist.


1071 - Conspiracy

Recounts the conspiracy by John Wilkes Booth and his followers to kill Abraham Lincoln, Vice President Johnson, and his cabinet.

0918 - The Conspiracy

A model conspires to embarrass and torment her former boyfriend who abandoned her. He had been her first photographer and her first love. She demonstrates a special talent to him when she poses for him.

Death Trail

1184 - Death Trail

Colonel Royce returns to Texas from a visit to the Wyoming Territory, convinced he can drive cattle throught the desert and past Indians to the lush grasslands of the north. With the aid of his spirited daughter, Judith Ann, and a quiet mysterious Easterner, he embarks on his scheme to drive 2,500 longhorns 3,000 miles through hostile territory.

0440 - The Death Trail

Wayne Prescott, president of a small bank in Crystal City, Texas in the late 1860s, is given $200,000 by Col. Chambers, his former commanding officer, who asks Prescott to invest the money in cattle. Prescott is about to marry Sheriff Benson's daughter Abby, but neither she, her father, nor the colonel have the slightest inkling that Prescott is a member of the pre-Civil War Gunnysack Gang who killed people they robbed. Prescott has no intention of investing the money.

Death Wish

0224 - The Death Wish

A man invites the son of a friend to stay with him, his wife, and three daughters. The young man turns out to be a power most malovent.

1069 - The Death Wish

To relax, a stressed-out businessman takes up 'rhapsodic meditation.' While meditating, he has visions of his wife having an affair. He is also visited by an ethereal temptress who would have him leave this plane of existence for her.


0159 - The Doll

A professor uses a voodoo doll to win the affection of the young woman of his desires. The young woman is his niece whom he helped raise.

1182 - The Doll

A pair of twin men with a psychic connection struggle to come to grips with the death of their sister. When, out of grief, one twin breaks the bond to the other, they try to find each other again.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr(s). Hyde

0107 - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

A doctor and his alter ego created by an experiment gone awry.

0852 - Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

A sheriff is asked by a defense attorney to recount how he solved a case involving blackmail and disappearance. He tells a tale of a twisted marriage between twisted souls.


0333 - The Eavesdropper

A couple is hired to spy on a scientist and his wife vacationing in a manor house in the Pennsylvania Poconos.

0883 - The Eavesdropper

Myrtle Chapman, married for eight years to a man who pays little attention to her but likes to read, eavesdrops on his phone conversation with another woman. Their conversation was about Hermes... She finds the answers to the questions in her life in a statue in a bar.

Flash Point

0887 - Flash Point

A photographer shooting a steel mill has an affair with the wife of a steel worker. Trouble begins when the steel worker takes him on a tour of the mill.

1382 - The Flash Point

An engineering executive is put out on the streets when his company is taken over. He is so traumatized by the incident that he loses his memory and finds a new life. But old memories haunt him and he can't avoid his destiny.


0304 - Guilty

A college professor is accused of assaulting a female acquaintance. He volunteers to take a lie detector test and fails. The rest of the plot deals with his self-doubt and a philosophical analysis of the role of machines in our society.

1132 - Guilty

A washed-up playwrite tries to convince a detective and his relatives that he killed his uncle to get money to help his sick sister. Nobody will believe him.


0898 - The Headhunters

Newlyweds Tim and Mary Lang return to their native Phillipine island to find that Tim's grandmother, Lola, is determined to have him avenge the murder of her husband, Tali, by beheading Mary's grandfather, Dondoc. Claiming that Tali's spirit will be condemned to wander until Dondoc's skull is buried in Tali's grave, Lola summons her voodoo powers to force Tim into beheading Dondoc. When Tim refuses, Tali's ghost threatens to harm the baby Mary is expecting.

1201 - The Headhunters

In the year 2100, computers are used to reprogram criminals to make them good citizens. However, a corrupt government uses them for a more sinister purpose. Erna Stearns is a reactionary. She prefers natural food and still believes in true love. When her fiance abruptly cancels their engagement, she asks her father, a professional changer, to investigate. He discovers the government conspiracy that could be reshaping society.


0458 - The Intruders

A woman is haunted by ghosts who refuse to acknowledge her presence. As she watches them play out their ghostly lives in her home, she becomes attached to them.

1063 - The Intruder

A scientist's son comes home from college on spring break and discloses that he is actually an alien from another dimension holding their real son hostage. He demands that he be allowed to take the scientist's wife back to his dimension to repopulate it.

License to Kill

0403 - License to Kill

A woman successfully frees her husband who is in a hospital for the criminally insane for murder. She says her motives are altruistic, but her boyfriend and she have a scheme to swindle him out of his money.

0590 - License to Kill

Billy (Chappie) Chapman, a six-foot, 260-pound defensive end, is cut from the football squad because he lacks the killer instinct. But when his wife is seriously injured in an auto accident and the medical bills start piling up, Chappie asks the coach for another chance. The coach gives him that chance, renames him 'The Chopper,' and tells him to go out on the field ready to chop down and kill the quarterback. Unfortunately, Chappie takes his coach -- and screaming fans -- literally.

Living Corpse

0368 - A Living Corpse

A hypnotist cons a young man into hypnotizing him on his death bed to try to forestall death. His real plan is to possess the young man's wife.

0535 - The Living Corpse

Henry Girard Flower Peabody VI, a member of Philadelphia society by birth and breeding, has always felt there was an element inside him that did not fit his sober side. As a young man, he kept his crazy, fun-loving girlfriend, Megan, a secret from his other friends and his strict but ailing mother. But when Megan suggests that Henry end his mother's lingering life or else, Henry realizes he can no longer lead a double life and must kill one of them.

Loser Take(s) All

0788 - Loser Take All

A young man plays second fiddle to a friend who is seemingly better than him at everything. But our young hero has a plan to put himself ahead in at least one arena.

0496 - Loser Takes All

When Jake Alexander, who considers himself the world's top theatrical agent, meets Delphi Carr, in his eyes the world's most beautiful woman, he tries his best to become her agent. He would also like her to become his wife. But before he can achieve his first wish, she gets married and suggests that Jake take her actor husband, Deke Roberts, as a client. Jake agrees, only because it will provide him with more opportunities to murder Deke, or have someone else do it. Deke is murdered by being pushed in front of a train.

Point (in/of) Time

0536 - A Point in Time

Two hikers encounter a strange town in the mountains that is stuck in the 1920s. The inhabitants have a reason for their seclusion.

0741 - A Point of Time

In the year 2057, the North American continent is a totalitarian state run by a vicious leader. An elderly scientist and his sister concoct a plan to change the leader's past and make him a humane man by sending an official to the past.

Portrait of Death

0077 - A Portrait of Death

A man suddenly becomes a great painter, except everything and everyone he paints dies. That worries his step brother because the man intends to paint his wife next.

0337 - Portrait of Death

An American couple travels to Venice for their honeymoon. The woman wants to view a rare painting she had seen when she was a student studying art there years before. When they get there, they find the painting is replaced by a fake. They set out to find the original and the woman's former teacher.

Question of Identity

0551 - A Question of Identity

Hillary Cummings, on her way to work as a court stenographer, is kidnapped and taken to a country mansion where a U.S. government intelligence agent demands that she identify her ex-husband, Bob Christie, from among three spies posing as Bob. She ultimately agrees (the nation's security is involved), but there are two problems: Bob has undergone radical facial surgery and she hasn't seen him for twelve years. She has to question each one -- bringing back bad memories.

0731 - A Question of Identity

A young jewel trader awakens in a hotel room to find out his identity has been stolen. He is sure that he has been duped as part of a conspiracy to steal the fortune's worth of valuable diamonds he was carrying.

Second Sight

0789 - Second Sight

A drifter named Larry Millard is found guilty of a murder he didn't commit. Evil businessman Glen Paxton, the real killer, needs an eye transplant and will receive Millard's eyes after his execution. Strange things happen to Paxton after he gets Millard's eyes which give him a new perspective on life.

0915 - Second Sight

A grounded pilot who sees things in the sky that others can't see is told by a psychiatrist to take up painting to help him relax. He draws three pictures, all of death and murder. The next day, they all come true.

1124 - Second Sight

A safe cracker, Arthur Dickson, aka Fingers, is caught red-handed burglarizing a millionaire's safe. In the process of getting away, he blinds the detective. The millionaire is later murdered and when Dickson is charged with the crime, the blind detective is called out of retirement to investigate the case. The detective believes Dickson was set up and tries to prove it.

Sleeping Dogs

0465 - Sleeping Dogs

The widow of a French Resistance fighter searches for the identity of the man who betrayed her husband to the Nazis. Her new husband and her dead husband's comrades warn her to leave history alone.

1249 - Sleeping Dogs

A French officer swears to make a model soldier out of the lowliest, poorest recruit in his unit. What will be the result should he succeed?

Voice(s) of Death

0342 - The Voice of Death

A washed up ventroliquist finds the perfect dummy. However, the builder of the dummy has his own agenda -- to destroy the ventroliquist and possess his soul.

0271 - The Voices of Death

A radio manufacturing executive discovers an old crystal set of his own design at a garage sale. Through the set, he hears a man and a woman discussing the ultimate fate of mankind, with the woman begging for just one more day for the human race. He sets out to convince humanity to change its wicked ways.

0091 - Voices of Death

Actor Jason Phillips can hardly believe that every time he turns on his television, the apparition of Peter Truro, a recently deceased producer, appears and suggests that Phillips kill his wife, Claire. After consulting a medium and a psychiatrist, Phillips is inclined to believe that Truro's ghost is real enough and he must use all his wiles to avoid killing Claire every time Truro sets up a situation to make it possible.

You Tell Me Your Dream

0791 - You Tell Me Your Dream

A psychiatrist tries to help a wealthy businessman cope with his repetitive dreams of death. She soon finds herself afflicted with her own death dream and turns to a colleague who is not as sympathetic as she would like.

1313 - You Tell Me Your Dream

Ed Larsen has been having a recurring dream in which he is viciously attacked in his favorite bar by a faceless killer. Mark Howgate, a stranger to Ed, is having the same dream on the same nights. When the two men finally meet, they decide to act out the dream in order to find the faceless murderer and put an end to their nightmares. The real nightmare, however, is just beginning.

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