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Episode: 0413
Title: The Stolen White Elephant
(adapted from the Mark Twain classic)
Air Dates: First Run - January 10, 1976
Repeat - November 20, 1976
Repeat - October 13, 1979
Plot: Inspector Blunt of the New York City police force is informed by Brititsh Major Smathers that the sacred white elephant he was entrusted to deliver to Queen Victoria has been stolen. Certain that badman Barge Crisswell is the thief, Blunt orders 100 men to storm his home only to discover that Crisswell has been dead for 15 years -- hanged as a result of brilliant detective work by none other than Blunt himself.
Actors: Bryna Raeburn
Ian Martin
Peter Donald
Robert Dryden
Writer: Sam Dann