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Episode: 0440
Title: The Death Trail
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Air Dates: First Run - March 1, 1976
Repeat - July 20, 1976
Plot: Wayne Prescott, president of a small bank in Crystal City, Texas in the late 1860s, is given $200,000 by Col. Chambers, his former commanding officer, who asks Prescott to invest the money in cattle. Prescott is about to marry Sheriff Benson's daughter Abby, but neither she, her father, nor the colonel have the slightest inkling that Prescott is a member of the pre-Civil War Gunnysack Gang who killed people they robbed. Prescott has no intention of investing the money.
Actors: Robert Kaliban
Robert Dryden
Marian Seldes
Russell Horton
Ralph Bell
Writer: Ian Martin