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Episode: 0442
Title: The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter
(adapted from the Ambrose Bierce story)
Air Dates: First Run - March 4, 1976
Repeat - July 23, 1976
Repeat - October 20, 1979
Plot: Friar Ambrosius and another young monk, Friar Romanus, of the order of St. Francis, are sent by their superior to the monastery in Berchtesgaden, high in the Bavarian Alps. There, Ambrosius meets and feels great pity for the beautiful Benedicta, despised by all because she is the hangman's daughter. Soon Ambrosius is also scorned by the populace, most of all by the son of the village's most powerful man who wants Benedicta for himself -- not as a wife, but as a mistress.
Actors: Evie Juster
Kristoffer Tabori
Arnold Moss
Russell Horton
Writer: Arnold/Stella Moss