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Episode: 0446
Title: Pandora
Air Dates: First Run - March 11, 1976
Repeat - July 28, 1976
Plot: Hundreds of thousands of years in the future, in a society where there is only love and happiness, a woman, like Pandora, threatens to inflict her sorrow on others. In Paradise, Mara is not happy just to gratify her desires, to be beautiful, and talented, and to live forever. Her unhappiness and her desire to love Willis and their baby exlusively threaten to destroy the entire society, so she is condemned to death. At the last moment she is sent instead to the past, where she suprisingly finds that hard work, possessive love, and a short life are no more satisfying.
Actors: Patricia Elliott
Norman Rose
Don Scardino
Joan Lovejoy
Writer: Sam Dann