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Episode: 0448
Title: The Aliens
Air Dates: First Run - March 15, 1976
Repeat - July 31, 1976
Plot: Secret agents for the United States and the Soviet Union meet and discover they are facing the same problem: fear that what they are doing will destroy all mankind. John Carpenter, whose cover is that of a stockbroker, and Ivan Ivanovich Plohtnik, whose cover is a journalist, are drawn together through something called psychic communication -- a secret project both of their governments are working on. The two fear for mankind's future if the project, which neither understands, is successful, and both realize there is very little they can do to stop it -- nobody in the upper echelons will listen to either of them.
Actors: Paul Hecht
Marie Cheatham
Robert Dryden
Mandel Kramer
Writer: Sam Dann