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Episode: 0585
Title: Cherchez la Femme
(adapted from the O. Henry classic)
Air Dates: First Run - January 15, 1977
Repeat - August 6, 1977
Repeat - April 14, 1979
Plot: The owner of a French Quarter restaurant hires a Private Eye to track down the $10,000 she gave to an old and long time customer to invest for her just before he died. As the title suggests, the detective's attitude is 'follow the money' and 'there is always a woman involved.' With these axioms in mind, his search takes him through the shadier side of New Orleans to New York City and back again, only to find his query right in front of him all along.
Actors: Robert Dryden
Bryna Raeburn
Ian Martin
William Griffis
Writer: Sam Dann