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Episode: 0898
Title: The Headhunters
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Air Dates: First Run - September 27, 1978
Repeat - March 30, 1979
Plot: Newlyweds Tim and Mary Lang return to their native Phillipine island to find that Tim's grandmother, Lola, is determined to have him avenge the murder of her husband, Tali, by beheading Mary's grandfather, Dondoc. Claiming that Tali's spirit will be condemned to wander until Dondoc's skull is buried in Tali's grave, Lola summons her voodoo powers to force Tim into beheading Dondoc. When Tim refuses, Tali's ghost threatens to harm the baby Mary is expecting.
Actors: Mary Jane Higby
Tony Roberts
Evie Juster
Ian Martin
Writer: Ian Martin