Palm Rules Badminton!

People generally have an image of badminton that involves ladies wearing petticoats and holding a parasol in one hand and gently tapping the birdie back and forth with the other. However, those who play Palm Rules Badminton have a completely different, and possibly even diametrically opposite, concept of the game.

Badminton is actually an excellent game, as played by the official rules. There are areas of the world where it is taken very seriously -- but here in Florida in the US, it is not. It is generally thought of as a kids' game, with little interest for anyone who either wants serious competition or a good physical workout.

Palm Rules Badminton is another story. It is incredibly fun to play for men and women of all ages, and will usually provide more of a workout than just about any other activity.

A brief rundown of the rules will also serve as a description of the game itself.

Of course, you'll wanna know about scoring.

I will also add a few comments about equipment.

For those interested, I will give a brief history of how this game was developed.

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And one bizarre variation: TriMinton!

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