Palm Rules Badminton - History

Just like any other family, our family is inundated with useless stuff every Christmas. One year, a badminton set was found under the tree. My younger brothers, teens at the time, set it up and played a while.

It didn't take long for them to get frustrated with the rules. They would argue about whether a shot was in or out, whether someone reached over the net, etc., etc. These are the kind of guys that say "Well, if we don't like the rules, we'll change 'em." In a very short amount of time, Palm Rules Badminton was born -- and the set was destroyed.

It is hard to get "into" a sport when you can only play it for an hour or so before having to go out and buy replacement equipment. The game was only played a few hours per year for a while. A couple more sets were purchased, including a few more Christmas and Birthday presents, until finally enough adequately durable equipment was collected that a game could be held on any day other than the day after Christmas. It is for this reason that it is recommended that one read the section on equipment before purchasing.

The game is now an established sport at the Palm residence in Lutz, Florida, also known as the "The Lutz All-Lawn Badminton and Volleyball Club". A fully lit court provides for nighttime play. This site will forever be known as the point of origin for Palm Rules Badminton.

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