Palm Rules Badminton - Scoring

There are actually several ways to keep score in Palm Rules Badminton. However, it should not be overlooked that the game is quite entertaining without keeping score. In fact, quite often the warmup volleys will last the entire session, with nobody ever deciding to begin to keep score.

For those who insist on winning or losing, the most basic method of keeping score is exactly the same way as official badminton.

For those who are just beginning, it is remarkably entertaining to keep track of the longest volley. In this game, the two sides actually work together. While it sounds like it might get boring, it is amazing how often someone will blunder an easy shot, and both sides will have to scramble to keep the volley going.

For a pleasant alternative, sometimes a score is determined by keeping track of the number of "stinging welts" imposed upon players of the opposing team. This method of scoring results in remarkably slight variations in the style of play, with the most notable difference being the occasional look of stark terror on the face of a player who knows he's about to lose a point. For this game, protective eyewear is recommended.

For players of exceptional skill and accuracy, the above can be changed to scoring stinging welts only on particular parts of the body. This is a particularly gruesome concept when applied to coed games.

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