Recent Updates

Non-Gaming Pages

09 May 2008

Uploaded the final pages of the FW character sheet, and made some minor modifications to some existing ones.

06 May 2008

Uploaded the Norse gods cheat sheet for for FW.

05 May 2008

Uploaded the saints and angels cheat sheet for for FW.

30 April 2008

Added a page for recruiting new players to the game, including a list of RPGs and board games that I’d like to try.

18 March 2008

Completed a tidying and tightening of the HTML and CSS. While no content changed, this should make the site much more easily viewable in IE, particularly IE 7.

08-09 March 2008

minor corrections to the FW pages

added links to the Gaming links

07 March 2008

Web site online

Fantasy Wargaming pages went up

Gaming links page went up.