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"Guadalcanal is not a name but an emotion, recalling desperate fights in the air, furious night naval battles, frantic work at supply or construction, savage fighting in the sodden jungle, nights broken by screaming bombs and deafening explosions of naval shells...."
-- Adm. Samuel Elliot Morison

  • A Picture of the Original Diary

  • Exciting Excerpt - Bombers Coming In Over Iron Bottom Bay

    Diary Entries for the Month of August, 1942

  • August 7, 1942 - Marines Land on Guadalcanal
  • August 9, 1942 - Battle of Iron Bottom Bay
  • August 19, 1942 - Col. Goetgge's Patrol Ambushed
  • August 21, 1942 - Battle of the Teneru
  • August 23, 1942 - Battle of the Eastern Solomons

    Diary Entries for the Month of September, 1942

  • September 13 - 15, 1942 - Edson's Battle of Bloody Ridge
  • September 15, 1942 - Japanese Throws Grenade at Us
  • September 23 - A Japanese Inflitrates Our lines

    Diary Entries for the Month of October, 1942

  • October 3, 1942 - Sgt. Kruse Shoots Down Zero with Machine Gun
  • October 15, 1942 - Marines on Guadalcanal Endure Worse Shelling of WW II
  • October 25 - 27, 1942 - Battle of the Matanikou
  • October 25, 1942 - 'Chesty' Puller calls in the 11th Artillery
  • October 29, 1942 - A Tree Falls on Our Tent
  • October 31, 1942 - Sgt. Kruse is Killed by 'Washing Machine Charley'

    Diary Entries for the Month of November, 1942

  • November 12, 1942 - Japanese Bombers Fly in Low Over Iron Bottom Bay
  • November 13, 1942 - First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
  • November 14, 1942 - Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
  • November 28, 1942 - Battle of Tassafaronga Point

  • Final Statistics

    Special Features!

    Chapter Added! Portrait

    The Diary of Genjirou Inui:
    Japanese Veteran of Guadalcanal

    Photo Album:
    Official USMC Photos -- some never before published

    Japanese Guadalcanal:Then and Now by Peter Flahavin

    Griff In Remembrance:
    Dedicated to the Men of C Battery, 1st Special Weapons Battalion

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    The Letters and Photos of Tony Cooke

  • Guadalcanal Today... Part One

  • Guadalcanal Today...Part Two

  • Guadalcanal Today...Henderson Field


    The History

    "Guadalcanal can be a sinkhole for enemy air power and can be consolidated, expanded, and exploited to the enemy's mortal hurt." -Adm John S. McCain

    The Men

    Less than half returned...Click on Photo for roster

  • Marine Reunion in 1990 - Rube Garrett is Kneeling in Front

  • Author and Son

  • Rube Garrett with Mitchel Paige

  • Portrait of Rube Garrett

  • Rube Garrett (behind flag) and 'Foxhole Buddies' - Ballarat

  • John Basilone - Italian-American Marine Hero

  • Medal of Honor Winner Sgt. Mitchell Paige

  • Medal of Honor Winner Cpl. Anthony Casamento

  • USMC Commandant - Gen. Archer Vandegriff

  • Marine Hero - Al Schmid

  • The Pride of the Marines-The Story of Al Schmid

  • Medal of Honor Winner Capt. Joe Foss - Marine Aviator

  • Medal of Honor Winner Col. Harold Bauer - Marine Aviator

  • Admiral Callaghan and the Heavy Cruiser San Francisco

  • Japanese Naval Officers

  • The Ships

  • USS North Carolina

  • Imperial Japanese Carrier Ryujo

  • Imperial Japanese Battleship Kongo

  • Imperial Japanese Battleship Haruna

  • Imperial Japanese Battleship Kirishima

  • Imperial Japanese Navy Page

  • The Planes

  • Burning F4F on Henderson Field

  • Restored F4F of the Confederate Air Force (color)

  • Restored Japanese Zero of the Confederate Air Force (color)

  • Japanese Betty Bombers Come in Low Over Iron Bottom Sound

  • Combat Photos (full size images)

  • Artist's Rendering of the Battle of Bloody Ridge

  • Communications Building Destroyed by Shelling

  • The Pagoda - Scene of Cactus Air Force Briefings

  • Arial View of Bloody Ridge and Henderson Field

  • Machine Gun Position Along the Ridge

  • Burned Out Tanks Which Tried to Cross the Matanikou

  • Dead Japanese After the Battle of the Matanikou

  • 'Here Lies a Devil Dog'

  • A Japanese Sailor - One of Rube Garrett's Souvenirs

  • 1st Marine Division Honors

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