Kirby Palm's Home Page

Welcome to my humble home page. There are various topics here which are totally unrelated to each other:

First, there is a brief introduction of who I am.

If you share my interest in Jaguar XJ-S automobiles, please visit my Jaguar page.

I present an essay on keeping automobile windshields clear; note that this is largely addressed to the designers of automobile HVAC systems, who seem in dire need of some guidance in this area.

I present my experience with a governor failure on a Tecumseh mower engine.

I offer a guideline for preventing mold growth in your home.

For those interested in bicycling, I present a formula for selecting the correct length crankset.  Also, just because people keep asking me and I'm tired of answering individually, I present a treatise on making a bicycle fit.

If you're into letterboxing -- or not -- I present some rubber stamp carving tips.

And for sports fans, I present a unique game that has been developed by members of my family and their friends: Palm Rules Badminton.  I also present an idea for another game, Dogball.

You can study our fishie hi-rise, a unique way of torturing our pond fish.

As a service to the public, I offer some tips on buying good products:
        smartphones and tablets
        garbage disposal
        hair trimmer
        garden hose
        pistol grip nozzle for a garden hose.
        ceiling fans

I present some tips on assembling a 2x4basics picnic table.

I provide some tips regarding the Helical vs. Orbital transmissions in a Maytag washing machine, and I offer some insight into the installation and operation of the brake on a Maytag / Whirlpool washing machine.

I'll give you the hard truth about knives, eyeglasses, kitchen cleansers, etc.

I list a bunch of products that I wish were on the market.

If you want opinions, I'll give you opinions.

I will even tell you why your ol' lady thinks you're a slob! (For men only)

I have been awarded a patent, number 5,314,366. After considerable time and expense getting it, it has proven to be worthless, but I'm kinda proud of it anyway. You can check it out at WikiPatents.

If you have questions or comments, you are welcome to send e-mail to me at  "palmk at nettally dot com".